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Playstation 2 Article 10

Laven writes "Final Fantasy Online has this new article about the Playstation 2, including scans from Chinese gaming magazines and the three movies from Sony's PSX2 demo in Tokyo. " The movies look impressive.
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Playstation 2 Article

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  • Posted by Mudokon23:

    Having seen the high quality of Dreamcast games it seems likely that Sony may be concerned about its appearance as well as emulators, all this threatens the success of ps2. In the same way they destroyed N64 by huge price cuts for the console.
  • I'm not sure this is a valid point, after all, the specs of the NGPS are beyond anything that a current PC is capable of. Certainly you won't see PCs with the raw speed to emulate an NGPS for a few years, and the NGPS is backwardly compatible, according to Edge magazine.

    IMHO, Sony are just panicking over emulation because it makes piracy so much easier.
  • there's a pic of the developers at work on the page. a little thumbnail that's linked. i thought it'd link to a blow-up.. but it doesn't... :(

    i was hoping to see the linux development enviroment that they're supposed to be using, some other time i gues..
  • While polygon counts do tend to be BS, it's true that the PSX does push more flat polygons per second than the N64. However, the superior effects available on the N64 make the graphics look nicer with less/similar numbers of polygons. That's why you'll see plenty of comparison tables where the Playstation seems to do remarkably well, but a footnote warns 'no comparable effects'.

    As for the article itself, it seems to be based pretty much entirely on the standard set of rumours that are doing the rounds: some of the information is even out of date/misleading.
  • This is the second ng PSX story lately thats just been a rehash of old stuff.
    Those movies are nice, but all this came out ages ago.
    As for that old PSX2 mockup picture...

  • ...why Sony is prosecuting Playstation emulators so vigorously.

    They are afraid that a permanent hardware-independent platform for playing Playstation1 games would cannibalize sales of the Playstation2 and its new games, which will surely be more expensive.

    This is bad nooze for all of us would would gladly play Playstation games in emulation until a Playstation2 emulator comes out.

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