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Enemy Territory Fortress Mod Arrives 138

Rogerpq3 writes "Enemy Territory Fortress (ETF), a port of the Quake3 mod Q3F is now available for Enemy Territory players. ETF is based off the Team Fortress concept: 10 unique classes and a ton of very cool weapons along with some killer maps. The mod includes many game types like CTF, Reverse CTF, Single Flag, Capture & Hold, Assault, King of the Hill and Duel. To play the mod, all people need to do is download Enemy Territory and the latest patch which are both free. You can find a list of download mirrors for ETF here."
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Enemy Territory Fortress Mod Arrives

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  • by tayhimself (791184) on Saturday January 15, 2005 @06:23PM (#11375840) hash=1ddbd7b24f92b287cc4ab386b83d2bbed18d128d [] Not sure why this mod got posted up on slashdot considering it really isnt big news but at least its not a repeat. Check out ETF related stuff here []
  • by astebbin (836820) on Saturday January 15, 2005 @06:29PM (#11375867)
    For all those interested in free online FPS's, there is a free game similar to Counter-Strike called "Americas Army: Special Forces" which is put out as a srecruiting tool by the US military, and can be downloaded here: []

    AA:SF is great fun, and Linux and Mac clients are on the official site as well. The graphical quality on most missions is not as good as HL2, but still decent nonetheless.
    • I remember the good 'ol days of AA. (only 3 years ago for me)

      I really loved that game. But in my opinion they committed such an atrocity that I couldn't play it any longer. They censored the word "camping".
      Surprisingly it took me a couple of weeks to figure this out, but once I did I stopped playing the game immediatly. No true hardcore gamer will stand for this.
      At heart I guess I always knew that this was just America's propaganda and attempt to entice the youth to join the army. But I never expected th
    • by Anonymous Coward
      Just don't get caught cheating otherwise the Feds will kick down your door [] and step on your pet turtle.
    • I prefer True Combat: ELite (, which is a counter-terrorism mod for ET. It's quite realistic, you have to aim using the iron sights of your gun, it's a rather sneaky gameplay compared to the bunny-hopping-rocket-fireing-grenade jumping gameplay of ETF. TC:E is still only available as a test version, but be sure to give it a try.
    • Americas army is not like counter strike at all! americas army has much more tactics involved.
    • "Some of you (and clearly the bad guys are among them) don't always remember
      that this game, and all accounts and derivative products, are the property
      of the United States Army. When you tamper with the game, not only are
      you breaking the EULA you're misusing Army property - and, worse, you're
      misusing US Army computer programs and equipment.

      Tampering with software and servers owned or used by the Army is cyber

      In the early 1940's, Japan learned an important lesson - "let the sleeping
      giant lie." We may
  • Server is down. Anyone have a link to the patch on SplashDamage?
    • Re:/.ed... (Score:2, Informative)

      by teh_dg (800496)

      both ET and the patches are on the id FTP, and about all of the usual download sites (and plenty others too). Try activision's rtcw site [], and click the Enemy Territory tab at the top, there are several mirrors for both ET and the patch listed there.

      A better (IMO) list of mirrors for ETF is here at PlanetETF [], also including the torrents which have been posted already.

      ET is about 260mb, and ETF is just over 200mb. Not an awful lot to download for essentially two completely free multiplayer FPS games.

  • Gross (Score:1, Interesting)

    by TheBadger (131644)
    Has anyone actually clicked the Wikipedia link?

    Not pleasant and totally off topic!
    • It was actually a very detailed and well written article on the game.
    • Re:Gross (Score:1, Funny)

      by TelJanin (784836)
      I got a page about the game Enemy Territory. What on earth did you get?
      • Re:Gross (Score:2, Informative)

        by WoBIX (819410)
        Check the revisions of the page.

        Someone edited the Wiki page to say "Slashdot Sux" and put some hand drawn porn on it.

        But it being a Wiki, it was quickly reverted to the original content :)
    • Wikipediadot (Score:3, Insightful)

      by BlastM (663010)
      Luckily someone managed to revert [] the Wikipedia article before too many people saw it.

      Perhaps before posting a story with a link to a Wikipedia article, the Slashdot editors could e-mail the Wikipeople to place a temporary lock on the mentioned article. That would be the best compromise between allowing anonymous, open group collaboration whilst countering the trolls.

      As the great philosopher John Gabriel theorises [], the large audience and relative anonymity of the internet can make good people do bad t
  • by ultrabot (200914) on Saturday January 15, 2005 @06:47PM (#11375957)
    With this and True Combat: Elite (very playable even if still at testing stage), it appears that ET is the "sweet" platform to write mods to. The mod automatically gets the largest posible audience, including people who don't want to pay to play the mod and people who run Linux.

    Not that ET itself is outdated, of course; it's still as addictive and as ass-kickin' as ever.
    • [] link to true combat: elite
    • Yes and Urban Terror is coming as well. There is a problem in that there is no Mac client, though. []
      • True. At least two people have offered to give it a go (IIRC, some guy from Aspyr in his free time, and an author of one of ET's biggest mods, ETPro), however either id or Activision isn't giving them the code they need in order to do it, which is kind of understandable since they'd need to give them all of it.
        • Since RTCW and RCTW Eenmy Territory are (AFAIK) essentially a modified Quake 3 engine, once the source code to that engine is released, there is a lot less reason for ID to hold back releasing the source code to RCTW and RCTW:ET.
    • "The mod automatically gets the largest possible audience, including people who don't want to pay to play the mod and people who run Linux."

      As far as I know, people with a Mac can't run ETF (or ET for that matter)

    • Actually, the original Quake would be that platform as it runs on old and new hardware, PCs, Macs, Linux, Solaris, Xbox, etc... You also get to play the real Team Fortress, as opposed to some clone.
      • The original Team Fortress was really a horrible hack. A great mod, yes, but a horrible hack anyway. Quake could barely handle some of the maps, like canalzon. It's also quite ugly without doing some serious engine customizations, and it's open to hacks and cheats. Furthermore, the Quake engine itself is clunky. I still play custom Quake maps, but there are some really bizarre problems: try strafing while moving forward, for example. I prefer TFC to ETF and Q3F, though. It just feels more profession
        • Uh, what's the problem with strafing and moving forward?

          BTW isn't ETF/Q3 open to hacks and cheats too? Autoaim ruins most of these games anyway - even if people don't use it to aim - they can use it to find enemies.
          • Yeah, the movement physics in Quake and especially Quakeworld are wonderful! They are no where near realistic, but that isn't the point, they are very fun. You can do all sorts of movement tricks, to gain speed or help dodge things. It adds an element to the game that is missing from other FPS games. The most dedicated group TF players are the Quakeworld TeamFortress players. They have been playing TF longer than anybody else.

            Take a look at some of their frag/trick videos. Great stunts, great frags,
    • Not that ET itself is outdated, of course; it's still as addictive and as ass-kickin' as ever.

      Agreed, IMHO ET is far more interesting than counterstrike: I like the complex missions, the different classes, and how you earn new capabilities (Akimbo colts anyone?). I hope that there will be an successor to that, free or not.

  • and with the ice storm outside, i don't really feel like going anywhere. what better excuse to play games?
  • Screenshots? (Score:3, Interesting)

    by British (51765) <> on Saturday January 15, 2005 @07:29PM (#11376135) Homepage Journal
    WIth all those links in the story, there were no ones to screenshots.

    C'mon, screenshots!
    • Re:Screenshots? (Score:3, Informative)

      by teh_dg (800496)

      There is loads on the website but it was giving up even before the release, with all the people refreshing the page or whatever.

      But anyway I cobbled some together from what I already had on-site from news-postings etc - ETF screenshots [].

  • Although ET is free and this mod looks pretty cool (the game is damn fun on it's own anyway), I've always hated Quake 3's netcode. Now, granted I'm usually playing it on dial-up, but it's the only FPS engine doesn't ever seem to run playably. I ping around 220 in most games, and that's perfectly fine to me, but with Q3 based games I stay above 300 AND I get the connection problem icon in the upper corner 90% of the time.
    • I would not necessarily say quake 3 netcode is the problem. Call of Duty is based off the same netcode and my lag is not extreme as wolf:et. CoD is playable, while Wolf:ET is not. Wolf:ET only game that gets major lag through dialup even if you change your settings to 56k and decrease the 'rate' to '1000'. I think the punkbuster client might be the issue, but I don't know.
    • If you are talking about ET, try tweaking the fuck out of the .cfg files.

      It made a big difference in my game experence.

    • Q3 has the finest netcode of any game I've played. Granted it's more friendly towards broadband connections, but it's the only game you can confidently snipe with the railgun at a moving target two pixels wide at the other end of the map.

      As for UTxxxx's netcode, all I can say is that it's very suspect at times which is a shame as they are all good games, even the best players moan about the netcode and how they missed what they thought was a sure shot.
      • I'd just like more configurable netcode. Q3 is probably the most reliable (well, next to Q1, But considering the added complexity of the models its understandable).
        CounterStrike is pretty much unplayable if someone on the other team is on a bad connection. They skip around very hard to hit, yet can still kill you all the same. As someone who even relied on the sv_unlag that allows dialup players to play for years, I say get rid of supporting dialup users. Its not fun to play on dialup. Its not fun to play
      • My netcode rankings:
        Classic QW is #1, period
        Q3 is second, behind by quite a bit

        UTxxx is waaaaay behind both of them.
  • by HanB (774214) on Saturday January 15, 2005 @07:36PM (#11376178)
    What I am waiting for is the []port to ET. I've been playing the UT mod for quake3 for ages now and it's the best playing mod of all times. Those guys don't really care about how good it looks. They just want it to play great. And in the end that's all that matters.
    • Have to agree. When I stopped playing UT, I wasn't exactly tired of it (just moved to other games). It'd be nice if someone actually ported it to the ET engine.
    • Totally! UT Rocked! I friggin loved that mod! It played so damn well, the maps were decent, the weapons were rad... the gunsight feature was totally damn cool... I always liked UT a lot more than CounterStrike.
    • They don't care how good it looks? But still, it looks pretty damn good =)

      Yup. Urban Terror rules. The only bad thing about Urban Terror was that last summer, every time I went playing Q3A, everyone was playing UT and no one was playing Q3F. I hope ETF will have more players.

      But I wasn't complaining. Urban Terror's popularity is completely justified. Really great playability.

  • by grolschie (610666) on Saturday January 15, 2005 @07:54PM (#11376253)
    Sure it don't look as flash as COD, but the gameplay is primo! Plenty of awesome maps to download. TC:Elite mod is coming along nicely, and now this? Excellent. :-)
  • by Agret (752467) <> on Saturday January 15, 2005 @08:13PM (#11376334) Homepage Journal
    Here are some Australian mirrors:

    Enemy Territory

    Enemy Territory v1.2 Patch

    ETF Mirror List (Not Australian but linked to for the list)
  • by Anonymous Coward
    ...for urgent maintenance. Normal service will resume as soon as possible. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

    Looks like the server got Slashfragged.

  • The game source is available, but has anybody tried making it linux build friendly like the q3a game source?
  • Screenshots (Score:5, Informative)

    by J_Omega (709711) on Saturday January 15, 2005 @09:25PM (#11376668)
    are available there [] for the classes [], weapons [], and levels [].

    It looks like took these links off of the homepage, probably because they're serving the 200MB mod as well.
  • plug an upcoming mappack in the making ;

    I am currently working on a selection of maps, to be used in conjunction with ETF which focuses on several minigames instead of CTF/duel and is meant for small playerloads (2-4 players) :

    A quickish-thrown-together flash-vid showing off some of the maps can be found here : _ Teaser.htm []

  • by Anonymous Coward
  • whoot.. (Score:2, Interesting)

    by Roland (61)

    as someone who was "forced" to give up on qwtf and play q3f, I'll have to say,, this is much more like qwtf.. and that is good.

    come to,, even..

    believe me, becasue my uid is 61.
  • I don't know why there is no direct link for ETF Linux installer on /., as I guess there is a lot of Linux users here.
    Though, the mirrors page shtml []
    and torrent hash=b8d4a22cce906b1ad88b58ba4433af725807ba4a [] are available.

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