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GPL First Person Shooter Released 70

Posted by Zonk
from the tux-with-a-gun dept.
Lisandro writes "Nexuiz v1.0, an fast paced deathmatch FPS, has been released under the GPL. It uses a heavily modified version of the Quake 1 engine, with real time lighting/shadowing, improved particle effects and more. It looks really good and it's available for Windows and Linux, with a Mac version said to be coming soon."
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GPL First Person Shooter Released

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  • by Mad Merlin (837387) on Friday June 03, 2005 @01:55AM (#12711853) Homepage
    But "This website was designed for Internet Explorer 6 and higher"!?
  • Mac version (Score:4, Interesting)

    by daeley (126313) on Friday June 03, 2005 @01:58AM (#12711863) Homepage
    According to a post on their forum [], there is a Mac app in the download, but it is non-functional out of the box -- they are working on including some libraries with the download that will alleviate the need to compile anything. They "expect the patch to be out within a week", so that's cool.
  • by Seumas (6865)
    It looks pretty good (for a free game). Of course, the real test is how many peopel will play it. There are a lot of "would-be-good" games that fall by the wayside because there's nobody to play with if you just want to jump online from home.

    On the other hand, a good community can make a good game legendary. BZFlag, for example
    • Re:Not bad. (Score:3, Insightful)

      by Baloo Ursidae (29355)
      Of course, the real test is how many peopel will play it.

      No, the real test is how many people will play it and like it enough to become developers for it.

    • Its got one major advantage(warez scene aside) its free (libre and gratis) .
      If its good enough, it will take off , and if development keeps on improving it I see no reason why it would not succeed.

      People do love a free meal , and hopefully if they like it enough they will start to contribute , The community can make FPS games with mods and maps
  • BLOOOOOOM! (Score:2, Informative)

    by Galaga88 (148206)
    If by "Looks really good" you mean "Looks like they tried to recreate Unreal Tournament with the Quake engine and turned the bloom up to eleven" then sure. I'll wait until I can find a server with a good ping before I judge the netcode.

    Seriously, it's not really bad. It's basically just Quake with enhanced graphics support and awful weapon models, but having everything be GPL is nice in theory for mods. However, I could see people not wanting to release their mod to the world under GPL and thus giving this
    • Come on, it does look significantly better than Quake and the engine is pretty far from the original Quake one at this point.

      Unreal Tournament 2004 is basically just Unreal with enhanced graphics etc. It's true since the engine has evolved from the original AFAIK.

      Compared to Quake, Nexuiz has completely different physics, netcode, renderer, uses different map and model format, all the content is new and so on and so on.
      • Compare it to current quake1, not original quake1. Q1 has been enhanced a ton since the original days. Compared to the original winquake/dos quake, sure this looks great. Compared to the duel I had earlier on dm6, it looks about on par. I'm judging only by screenshots of course, I'm about to play it now. One thing that looks especially nice is I think I saw md3 player models. Q1 is capable of this in its current moddified form, but noone uses it as it breaks netplay compatability.

        Forking a new game like th
    • Everything you have said is right. It plays more like UT than Quake 3, but is wow, it is definately on par with both in terms of graphics. Ok, so we're about 2 years behind in graphics at the moment. BUT! Its a very good start.

      I had to chmod the executables (the download is a zip), but once running them, everything seemed to have that polish you'd come to expect from a professional game.

      Two minor screwy issues though:
      @ The scrollbar on the input controls is backward. Scrolling the mouse up makes the scrol
      • I fail to see that polish. I recon this is free and very well done for it's (non-existant) price, but it's not even up to par with the original UT if you ask me.

        Simple things like the trail effect a minigun has in UT lack and I can't even see whether I'm being shot at in Nexuiz. You have to rely on the sound effects.

        I don't think the weapon balance is all that good either, personally. The rocket launcher (or whatever it's called) is pretty darn overpowered.

        But I agree that this is a very, very good start
  • Cube? (Score:2, Interesting)

    by Je-Tze (877130) do y'all think it compares with Cube? []
    • Re:Cube? (Score:5, Informative)

      by Lisandro (799651) on Friday June 03, 2005 @02:56AM (#12712066)
      I like Cube, but it's a slower game, and more oriented to single player as far as i've tried it (never played it online; all servers i've found are outside my country and ping kills me). However, it has nice (yet basic, a bit cartoony, but quite likeable IMHO) graphics and an interesting engine which lets you do things like editing levels while playing the game.

      Nexuiz is quite more fast paced; think of it being Quake 3 and Cube being Serious Sam, and you'll get a basic idea. It boils down to personal taste :) The downloadeable clips give a good idea of how Nexuiz plays, IMHO.
    • From the website, Cube looks like a pretty shameless ripoff of Serious Sam, from the look of the maps, to the look of the enemies, to the way the graphics engine works. (That whole "outdoor optimized engine rendering indoor scenes" thing looks exactly like what the Serious Sam engine is doing.

      Now, it does look better graphics-wise than this "Nexuiz," but I'd prefer to see more originality. (Not to say that Nexuiz is more original-- I haven't played it yet-- but if it is a ripoff, at least it's less blate
      • Cube _is_ original. It is the only FPS that allows you to edit the map in the game itself. Don't judge Cube by the screens, play it.

        And the online gameplay of Cube is very fast. The fastest I have played to far.
        • I'm a Tribes and MechWarrior man. I don't like fast games, I like some strategy.

          But if they're original, they should work on making their art as original as the gameplay, because I bet most people (who have played Serious Sam) had the exact same first impression that I had.
      • Ney-schwa, perhaps.
      • I think Nexuis is supposed to mean "Next you is" as in Next to die. Anyway, just by comparing screenshots I would have to say that Nexuis seems more asthetically pleasing than Cube. Maybe its that the characters seem less ugly artistically.
  • The game looks and feels good, but I couldn't get hardware acceleration to work out of the box, so it ran too slow for me to actually play it.

    From what I did see, however, it doesn't look like you can reload. Personally, I think half the fun of a good FPS is reloading. ;)

    As it stands, Cube [] is my favorite open source 3D FPS. It's very entertaining, and multiplayer can be a blast with the right people. The game is simple, but the graphics are gorgeous in spite of this. It has a sort of surreal and cart

  • As long as there are people to play online, I'm game.. i'm waiting for the mac patch to come out so i can try it... i'm to lazy to custom-compile shit... the more mac games, the better :) especially a gpl
  • Farm Team? (Score:3, Informative)

    by hey! (33014) on Friday June 03, 2005 @05:13AM (#12712442) Homepage Journal
    If it's reasonably fun to play and gets enough attention, I can see this project attracting contributors looking into an alternative to modding as a way to break into professional game development.

    I wonder though whether people programming cheats will undermine its attractiveness for network play? Maybe people working on this should be aiming for careers at RSA instead of EA?
  • Looks Interesting (Score:3, Interesting)

    by miyako (632510) <miyako AT gmail DOT com> on Friday June 03, 2005 @05:25AM (#12712468) Homepage Journal
    The game looks interesting, though the artwork looks like it could use some work (maybe after the summer of code is over with I'll contribute some artwork), too bad I'm not really a big fan of first-person shooters.
  • The screenshots are amazing! It looks like Unreal Tournament. It certainly looks promising.

    For those interested, here's the Dark Places [] engine.

    My favorite FPS so far is ETF []. It's a mod for Wolfenstein:Enemy Territory [](free as in beer).
    Cube [] is not bad either.
    • I couldn't stant ETF for more than 5 minutes... I went straight back to Enemy Territory and I'm enjoying it thoroughly after playing for over a year. 2003 graphics? Who cares!

      A new map by Splash Damage would be cool though... there are a few very good and very popular user-made maps but none has the playability of the original 6.
  • by WWWWolf (2428)

    Not bad at all! The only thing that distinguishes this from other modern games is that the models are a bit worse - not much worse, just could use a bit of touchup and this might pass for a commercial game. I particularly liked the werewolf player model. Game-wise, this seems just as fun as Q3A.

    And any deathmatch game that includes a remake of Q1DM6 has to be good. =) (and one of those maps definitely rang bell. One of the Half-Life DM maps, right? Not really touched HL in years so I can't really tell, bu

    • A bit worse....ummmm....the heads on some of the models are freaking triangles. I'm sorry but if you think this game passes as a decent fps game I feel sorry for you. The wall textures are flat and low rez, the gun models are horrid, and there don't seem to be any distiguishing features that differentiate the game from being a q1/ut clone. And why use the q1 engine when the Id has also released the source code for the q2 engine to the general public (I'm 99% certain they have but could be wrong)
  • by Puggs (562473)
    Bah, /. you killed it

    Use the torrent: []
  • but the website appears to be slashdotted.
  • randomly people will just start running around with just a gun model visable. really annoying when one goes to pick up a gun it moves and shoots you becouse it was a player whos model glitched out.
  • It would be a great addition to TuxRacer in various Linux distributions.

    The developers are not focusing on bot support at this moment. If they could add some bot support in the next patch it would be really nice. Anyone played it with one of those plugable bot mods (Frikbot)?

  • ....I'm there.

    (everyone loves a kamakaze engie with a hot EMP) :-D

    lol..and slashdot is bugged this morning:

    "Slashdot requires you to wait 2 minutes between each successful posting of a comment to allow everyone a fair chance at posting a comment.

    It's been 14 minutes since you last successfully posted a comment"

  • mac port, good stuff, but what i'm REALLY interested in, when does a version for a modded xbox come out?

    not that i have one, or anything... but playing that with a controller would be so nice, and over the internet with Win/Linux/Mac players...

    i haven't played it yet, as i'm waiting for the mac version, but it seems great, esp. considering it is open source and community driven!

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