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Rock Band 3 Officially Announced For Holiday 2010 76 76

An anonymous reader writes "Philippe Dauman, Viacom CEO and President, announced today that Harmonix is currently working on the next Rock Band game, Rock Band 3, due for release Holiday 2010. 'The company is pursuing the game in spite of an industry-weakening decline in the once-booming genre of peripheral-equipped music games. Although the franchise has generated over $1 billion to date, the category in general saw sales contract by as much as half throughout 2009. MTV Games parent Viacom also saw Rock Band declines drag on its balance sheet in its last fiscal quarter, and expressed a need to refocus away from pricey peripherals in favor of software. It also said that due to royalties it would need to be more "selective" about track listings, and that it needs more support from the music industry in that department.'"
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Rock Band 3 Officially Announced For Holiday 2010

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  • by twoallbeefpatties (615632) on Wednesday March 10, 2010 @10:02AM (#31425528)
    And along that point, it's worth reminding people that the Rock Band Network just launched, making it even easier for those bands to get on there. The downside being that you'll have to rely on community rating to show up among the crowd of other bands on there - there were a 100 tracks released on launch of the network, with supposedly another 300 in the pipe. And while there's a glut of unknown indie bands on the network who are desperate for the publicity, there's also a number of... maybe you'd call them "third tier" bands, groups that have a strong following but don't get much radio airplay. I picked up tracks by Flogging Molly, Steve Vai, and KMFDM on launch day.

    When they say that they're going to be more "selective" with the music they pick up, I'm guessing that's the direction they'll go in. It doesn't necessarily mean they'll be using worse bands or less good music - it more likely means that you'll be seeing less of Metallica in favor of more Mastodon, things along that line. And I wouldn't have a huge issue with that.
  • Re:Simon (Score:1, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday March 10, 2010 @11:29AM (#31426592)

    It's basically how that experiences meshes up with the fact that the gems are synched to the actual notes in the song, for the most part.

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