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Sony Handhelds Portables (Games)

Sony Reportedly Ends PSP Go Production 47

Posted by Soulskill
from the no-use-throwing-good-money-after-bad dept.
Sony's PSP Go launched in late 2009 to mixed reviews and tepid sales. A little over a year later, Sony announced the portable console's successor, the NGP, leading to speculation about how long the PSP Go would last. Now, a report out of Japan suggests production on the device is winding down. Sony responded to inquiries about the report with vague PR-speak, but a UK retailer confirmed that they wouldn't be receiving replacements once their current stock ran out.
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Sony Reportedly Ends PSP Go Production

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday April 20, 2011 @05:21AM (#35878208)

    I could never see the rationale behind the PSP Go; why pay extra for a version of a handheld console that actually offered less functionality than the original?

    It all makes perfect sense. The PSP Go is Sony in a nutshell, combining their two favorite activities - over-charging for hardware and stripping out functionality.

  • by Immostlyharmless (1311531) on Wednesday April 20, 2011 @06:01AM (#35878374)
    Subject says it all. The fact that one of my friends managed to break his Sony TV today just mounting it to the wall is proof enough that their hardware is cheap shit, not withstanding my 2 PS 2s that died within 100 days of release and the fact that they didn't stand behind them. Ever since I've stopped being a Sony fanboi sucking on SCEAs tit, my (electronic) life has improved immeasurably, Fuck Sony, I hope the company as a whole will quickly die a horrible, shitty death and I will watch the satisfaction of watching their stock price sink lower and lower until it hits 0 as they continuously fuck over their consumer base until nothing is left .

    Oh btw, did I mention?

    Fuck Sony.

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