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Game Closure "DevKit" For Mobile HTML5 Games Is Open Source 37

Posted by timothy
from the sense-of dept.
First time accepted submitter Chris Taylor writes "Silicon Valley startup Game Closure has open-sourced their HTML5 game development toolkit. The trailer video showcases some interesting new technology. It allows game developers to write code in JavaScript on Windows, Mac and Linux desktops to rapidly create and then deploy new games on the Internet, Android, and on iOS cellphones. The source code for the entire stack is available on GitHub, including the changes to Google V8 and Mozilla SpiderMonkey."
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Game Closure "DevKit" For Mobile HTML5 Games Is Open Source

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  • by All_One_Mind (945389) on Thursday February 14, 2013 @07:55PM (#42903671) Homepage Journal
    I've been developing on enchant.js which is licensed under MIT license: []

    It's written by 3 Japanese developers I believe, so some of the documentation is not in English, but of all the HTML5/JS engines out there, this one seems to be the best. You really got to dig around for documentation, but when you do find it, almost everything is laid out and it has everything you need for Android/iOS/Desktop based games. It also doesn't require node.js or other dependencies, which is one reason why I dismissed DevKit here almost immediately, aside from the GPL3 license you pointed out.

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