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DOOM Port for Digita OS Digital Cameras 79

Greg Hackmann writes "Those nuts behind the MAME and MESS ports for the Kodak Digita cameras have done it again. Now DOOM has been ported to the Kodak Digita OS, which powers a number of digital cameras. You can pick it up at the MAMED homepage if you're so inclined. Now, I like DOOM as much as anybody else, but I think this is just a little bit insane." I gotta get one of these cameras. I don't want to take any pictures, I just want to play.
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DOOM Port for Digita OS Digital Cameras

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  • So, you're saying that everyone is ethically obligated to not only do good things, but to do the best things they could possibly do?

    By that logic, we should probably be spending all our time helping fight disease in Africa, saving the whales, and doing other incredibly useful things, but spend no time writing posts on slashdot. So, you don't seem to be following your own philosophy :).

    But the real problem with that, imho, is that it's not easy to figure out what's the best thing to do. Porting doom to a camera gives valuable experience to the developers (which can be used later for beneficial software), and shows off the capacities of the camera, which can have many positive effects.

    Also, you gave the example of OS design as something more useful. But the vast majority of free OSes are used by no one, and are no more useful than the doom port.

  • The good programmers do what they want. If I'm interested in something, the code is a few orders of magnitude more brilliant than it would be otherwise. If I'm not interested in something, and I'm doing it anyways.. well, I'm probably being paid, and even if the great problems have a bounty, its probably not worth it financially or mentally to put myself through attempting it if I don't find the problem intriguing and fun to solve.

    Besides, some people just aren't capable of doing a good job coding certain things. Just because they can port an app from one OS to another doesn't mean they could even understand the algorithms behind (insert "Great Programming Problems" here) let alone implement them. There are reasons that they're unsolved.

    Lets put it this way. Suppose teen pop music is the top seller right now, and that more people listen to (or at least tolerate) it over anything else. Does that mean that Techno or Jazz or whatever else should be shunned upon and the artists should be involved with teen pop instead? No! Does it mean that Fatboy Slim could compose an Opera, or the Eagles could do Drum & Bass? No again, its just not their thing.

    Go watch good will hunting or something, maybe then you'd at least come close to thinking about possibly understanding something like this. I'd be amazed if you were actually a programmer, let alone a good one.

  • the fact that the doom source has been availible for a long time... I asume it was ported :)
  • There's a psion port of a cut-down doom. www.palmtop.nl/encore.html [palmtop.nl]
  • NO! Talent is NOT a "responsibility" to provide for society. If you are able to do something, and nobody else is, and you don't do it, the other person is no worse off than before. Claiming that private ability is only justified if placed in the service of "society" is savage. It sounds like Marx's "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need."

  • ... they crash! We used one (dc260) at a conference to continously take pictures of the speaker's slides and what do you know. It crashed a few times. Now where's Ctrl-Alt-Del when you need it? Fastest way to reboot: have it running solely on AC: power down, unplug, plug in, power up, punch in your settings (no flash, blah), reload USB modules on laptop, "ks -d /dev/kodak00 shoot". whew, only missed 2 slides, yay!

    I'm all for nifty toys, but please make the basic work solidly before taking leaps and bounds to put a DOOM-capable OS on the camera.

    Kinda like the guy on TV: "imagine JINI in your washing machine... it (the washer) will call you on the cell phone if it's flooding your basement. Now isn't that cool?" Now cool would be a washer that doesn't overflow in the first place!!! You would think that they could build that, if they can connect it to the net, wouldn't you??? But noooo...


  • Imagine how much better the world would be if God had given you talent instead of arrogance. You go off and fight crime, I'll port video games. OK, superhero?
  • Jpeg eats cycles.
  • sounds like my 11th grade Java programming class.. I think we looked at any actual information on java once.. the rest of the time was spent playing unreal, tribes, or starcraft..

    ahh, those were the days ;)

    of course, the next year, the network was restricted to the point that all we could play was tetrinet.. but it all worked out ;)
  • Hmmm.... Interesting to see what you deem not being wasteful

    A better video Editor for Linux.
    How many people do really care for that? Not too many, obviously - otherwise some company would be going for that market. Or somebody would write it. Might it be you need one and you don't want to pay for it?

    Sega CD Emulator
    Now THAT's a worthy thing to do. WE NEED IT NOW! &lt/SARCASM&gt

    Seti@HOME/RSA cracks
    Yep. Right. We don't want to think. We just want to run software. And don't forget all those cool screen savers that could be running on your machine, instead of a stupid editor.!

    I almost agree with you that talented people should be using that talent in a responsible manner... let me just rephrase it a bit. They should not use it in an irresponsible manner. That's a bit different, isn't it? And people can now (GASP!) choose on their own what they want to do - without needing your guidance. (Thank you for trying, though)

    Apart from that - if you'd be following open source discussions at all, you should've seen the explanation what makes open source happening about a million times. I refuse to repeat it - go look for 'an itch to scratch' on your favorite search engine.

    And if you want people to act responsible with their talents - give an example! Don't waste your time on /.

  • I had a very good friend, who, a genius programmer, once wrote pong in DOS Batch. This was far far far more useless than porting DOOM to a digital camera. ;)
  • See, this is all well and good, and as for the earlier argument about these people wasting thier time, I think any project thats interesting and complicated is never a waste of time, because you're most likely learning something that you can apply elsewhere. But, what I *REALLY* want to know is how well does the camera function as a controller (placement of buttons, etc) and how playable it really is.
  • One more small note to agree with just about everyone in this thread.

    I went through the entire website linked to from this article. I didn't see any indication that this is the ONLY thing Mr. Surine does with his time! For all you know, this man could be spending his days raising money for Greenpeace, or EVEN programming this Linux software you think would be such a boon. Of course, even if this is how he is spending all his time, who's to say it is not of benefit to society?

    Many of us have talents that we either don't use or use in an "irresponsible" fashion. In most cases, excepting talents in criminimal activity, this doesn't hurt society at all. In high school, I was pretty good at math, understood the physics I was taught, enjoyed history - heck, I enjoyed and was pretty good at just about every subject. Does that mean that I have some sort of responsibility to society to get degrees in every subject I have talent in and then work in all those fields?

    The talent of people to entertain (this includes programmers of entertaining software, as well as actors, comedians, etc.), even in the most nonsensical and light-hearted ways, is something precious. The willingness to spend a lot of time to give people smiles and fun is a sign of dedication. Based on these criteria, porting Doom for use on digital cameras is not just justifiable, but it is serving the needs of those who are going to have fun playing with it.

    Keep on keepin' on, entertainers. Without you, my job would rule my life, and NOBODY needs that!

  • Heheheh, Grade 13 computer programming class of Westdale Secondary School - 1998 - Descent, Warcraft II, and Duke Nukem 3d. Damn that was fun.

    'ocourse, now that the network is restricted, they all just play Liero.
  • I want to hear him reply to this so I can see him work "post-Columbine" into another article ;-)
  • I suppose we wouldn't call them "cameras" anymore, then, huh?
  • I was just thinking that (avoided a -1 redundant, nice!). I have one of the other ones, a DC210 plus, and battery life isn't all that even with solid extra-capacity NiCad rechargeables. You've got to be nuts to waste your battery power on this thing. It's so cool, you wonder why they don't run Digital OS on other stuff that might actually be useful to play games on.
  • You are absolutely right, programmers aren't allowed to have fun with what they are doing!
    In stead they should be doing something usefull, like improving speed and accuracy of hi-tech mass distruction weapons (purely for defence offcourse), or improve these meaningfull things like SETI so that the government gets more raw power to unraffel more of our earthly secrets..
    Or do impressive work on a 3.10.xx kernel, which
    will be obsolete after 18 months...

    And certainly programmers shouldn't waste any time
    either on those peculiar species called females, pure a waste of time, I say..

    Yep, you are absolutely right..
    Strange that more people use 10 year old Doom nowadays than, let say Linux 0.0.1.. really strange
  • Now, how the hell am I supposed to type "IDDQD" or "IDKFA" on a digital camera?

    Back OT, I think stuff like this is great. Just shows how close we really are to a totally intigrated world. Kinda makes me wonder how many other gizmos are capable of such things. So, lets check the score, Linux on iOpener, hacks on the TiVo, Doom on digital cams... the list goes on. I'd like to see perhaps all of these such devices connected together. Bring your digital cam to grandma's, upload the pics to her iOpener, play a quick game of Doom or 2 while you're connected to it, and set the TiVo at home to record "Hackers" because you just saw a preview for it and you didn't know it was going to be on. Ah yes, I can't wait. Now, who said ports like this are useless?

  • We all need a little fun, and these people have chosen this as theirs. Sure, they could be doing something 'constructive', but so could we all. I'm wasting my time posting here on SlashDot for example, when I could be trying to cure cancer. One nice thing about living in a free society is that we can make these choices (and we can also lament them, as is your perfect right as well).
  • wonder, if we can have digital cameras with processors that can run Doom, and lots of RAM to store images, why can't we have a PDA with the same power?

    I don't have experience with the Kodak Digita camera, but if it's anything like my Kodak DC260, the batteries have a lifespan measured in minutes if you use the display screen. I don't think you'd enjoy having to lug around a car battery to power your PDA for a full day.
  • When will they start porting Commander Keen?

    Whay about porting emulation of some of the 8-bit consoles... a camera might handle that...
  • by Azog ( 20907 ) on Sunday August 20, 2000 @08:33PM (#842552) Homepage
    You are painfully ignorant of the history of Linux and BSD, and are blaming Linus for something that is not his fault.

    See A Brief History of FreeBSD [freebsd.org] for some of the gory details of how FreeBSD got started, out of personal and legal fights over the old 386BSD code in 1993. FreeBSD didn't get fully clear of the legal problems until December 1994.

    Meanwhile, Linus started writing Linux in 1991 [topo.auth.gr], and he did so because there was no freely available Unix-like operating system for x86. For heavens sake, Red Hat had already been founded by the time FreeBSD had a clear legal status!

    So don't blame Linus for not working on BSD. He did NOT fail us miserably. (By the way, I have nothing against BSD - I use FreeBSD at work, and have an OpenBSD machine at home.)

    And what's with your attitude that people should do what's best for the community? What community? Who decides what's best for the community? You? A system like that really would deserve the label "communism" that Free Software has been unjustly stuck with.

    Free Software has historically been about people writing software that "scratches their own itch". If somebody's itch is to play DOOM on their camera, who the hell gives anyone else the right to say they should be doing something else?

    God forbid that we end up with an "Open Source Community" that tells people what to do.

    Torrey Hoffman (Azog)
  • Opinions suck. Save it for springer.
  • That's because the iPAC HW has screwed up the buttons, you cannot detect multiple buttons at the same time making diagonals and firing while moving impossible.
  • Those are benchmarks for pacman running on MAME aren't they? Are there any benchmarks for Doom at all anywhere?
    Jonathan Hunt
  • as a last note, the sega cd was so horribly unpopular, why would you ever want to attempt to emulate it? isn't that a bit hipocritical of yourself to knock porting one of the most popular games of all time to a camera, and then support the production of an emulator of one of the largest flops in console gaming (barring the neo geo and assorted color handhelds of the early 90's)

    There are some cool games on Sega CD, which does not include Trivial pursuit. On my Genesis (2nd gen) with SegaCD (2nd gen) the answer was ALWAYS "true". No word on whether that's normal.

    What I'm more upset about is the lack of a playable saturn emulator. The Sega Saturn was a kick-ass system, though it is considerably more complex than SegaCD. Then again, I have a chipped Saturn hooked up to my 25" trinitron, so I guess I'll do okay.

  • There is a device like this today which will take a frontal 3d shot of something about the size of a head, create a polygonal model out of it, and texture map it. IIRC it's only about $2000.

  • The Lynx is fairly gutless, and doesn't have the CPU power to run any but the most rudimentary arcade games in emulation. Ports of the games would be another story.

  • And I thought at one time it was a crime to play Mario Brothers on my TI-86 in English class. The things people will do to play their games.
  • by Wakko Warner ( 324 ) on Saturday August 19, 2000 @06:38PM (#842560) Homepage Journal
    ...I don't want to store food and keep it fresh and cold. I want to play Quake on the little 320x200 LCD screen on the front of it.

    - A.P.

    "One World, one Web, one Program" - Microsoft promotional ad

  • taking pictures of a historically important event in human history or playing doom?

    tough choice...

    now where are those plasma cells?
  • My father recently asked me to look into finding a good digital camera for the family... I might just steer him toward a Kodak Digita device... ;)
    But the question is, when will they port NetHack? Hmmm?
  • I could never get text quake to work. Is there a maximum system requirement? :P


  • by Citrix ( 14447 )
    Is it me or are these camera grossly over powered?

    http://Leknor.com/ [leknor.com]
    (need to change my sig)
    http://Leknor.com [leknor.com]

  • by dolo666 ( 195584 ) on Saturday August 19, 2000 @06:42PM (#842565) Journal
    Now we can take pictures of horrid murderous acts in schools AND get to play the games that caused them at the same time! {/sarcasm}

    I fully expect to hear about some legal or moral action group against the use of Doom with digital cameras.

    It would be more important than the paper vs. bidet battle of the late 20's.


  • I just got my TI-83+ for my math class and thats pretty much all we do. Top games for the freshmen class of 2000 are DopeWars (sell drugs, make money) and SuperPimp (sell women, make money).

  • PFfft. That's nothing. Once they port Doom to my 35mm camera--*then* I'll be impressed. (Hey, if they can do text-mode quake [mr.net]...)
  • I find that these kind of things are part of a natural cycle. First, there is the prototypes, with little features at all. Then, there is the gizmo stage where all the companies put bells and whistles out, and people hack together completely unrelated items to be used with a given peice of hardware (this is where cameras are today). The third stage, is simplification, in which complicated features are hidden or removed, which is the stage PCs are in right now (*cough* netappliances *cough* emachines).
  • As I line up my next system, with a 19" monitor, I ponder not only why someone would port these games to a tiny screen, but why? How long can one play something like this before serious eyestrain sets in?

    Next hazard to driving: People who can barely focus on the road after bugging their eyes out, playing Doom for 2 hours.

    Vote [dragonswest.com] Naked 2000
  • by Barbarian ( 9467 ) on Saturday August 19, 2000 @06:52PM (#842570)
    Benchmarks for the various cameras are here [mame.net]
    HP C500 Photosmart is best -- 33 fps!

    You know, this kind of makes the 486 that I had 5 years ago seem really obsolete.

  • I just bought A Kodak DC290.. Overpowered? Nah.. It has a 66Mhz PowerPC in it.. Works Perfect under USB under linux.. The only problem is I wouldn't suggest running DOOM under it... The LCD screen tends to eat batteries like mad.
  • by Barbarian ( 9467 ) on Saturday August 19, 2000 @06:54PM (#842572)
    I wonder, if we can have digital cameras with processors that can run Doom, and lots of RAM to store images, why can't we have a PDA with the same power?

  • It's sad to see how many great programmers are throwing away their time working on completely useless projects. Getting DOOM running on a digital camera is quite an impressive feat, but I can't imagine anyone actually wanting to play the game that way -- given how the tiny the screen is (and how obsolete DOOM is), is anybody actually going to play DOOM on a digital camera?

    Look at how many great programming problems remain unsolved. People are dying for better graphics and video capabilities (particularly a video editor) for Linux, which is certainly a much more popular OS than Digita! Even in the realm of entertainment, there's a lot of better things to do (we still don't have a working Sega CD emulator!). And there's always distributed projects like SETI@Home, the hunt for prime numbers, and the RSA cracks.

    It's sad that the most talented people are often the least willing to contribute to society. I hate to see brilliant kids behind hacks like this fritter away their time instead of committing to the important stuff. Imagine if Linus had spent his time porting Bubble Bobble to his digital calculator instead of coding the Linux kernel.

    One of the responsibilities that comes along with being talented is using that talent in a responsible manner -- and this is a good example of a good way of not using talent to help people. No, there' nothing specifically wrong with porting DOOM to Digita OS, but it's hardly a project that's going to benefit anyone. It's like those old superhero comics, where Spiderman or the X-Men realize they can't ignore the powers they've been given and decide to fight crime.

  • Upgrade the lens to a multispectral scanner. Give it some advanced analisis capabilitys. Port Linux.

    Put it in a nice hansom leather carrying case with a strap... put the sensor in a portable RF probe so you can wave it around as it scanns..

    Make software for medical analisis and scientific analisis...

    Just so people won't be confused.. call them tricorders instead of camras....
  • How about porting MAME over to the devoted handheld units, like the Atari Lynx?

    Something strange here. There's better resolution on these digital camera screens(and color) than on a typical PalmPilot, and they play games better.

    Then again we have candy with artificial flavors, but Pledge with REAL lemon juice.
  • I laugh at this, and at the same time am slightly angered at this post;

    I can't imagine anyone actually wanting to play the game that way

    apparently you have never had the joy of being able to play tetris, or mario brothers on a graphing calculator durring the middle of class, or were lucky enough to have a friend in elementary school with a calculator watch. My friend had a watch that had a built in universal remote/calculator. We had an infinite amount of fun being able to do things like that, especially randomly turning on and off the TV in class. Playing Doom on a digital camera is fun in the respect that it's somthing new, and it's yet another cool feature of a toy you bought. You go on to say that talents could be used in other ways. Yes, they probably could, but people usually end up doing things using their abilites for their own benifit, or recognition (somtimes they end up being the same thing). If these people were to go and help with the coding/development of BSD, or another major project, they would be lost in the crowd of other people who worked on BSD, which isn't much credit given in the end scheme of things. Instead, they choose to do their own projects and create somthing that hasn't been done before, and they end up getting mucho credit for it (being slashdotted).

    as a last note, the sega cd was so horribly unpopular, why would you ever want to attempt to emulate it? isn't that a bit hipocritical of yourself to knock porting one of the most popular games of all time to a camera, and then support the production of an emulator of one of the largest flops in console gaming (barring the neo geo and assorted color handhelds of the early 90's)

  • You have a lot of nerve to tell someone what they should be spending their time on. I could imagine people saying to Leonardo, "Hey, why are you painting that smiling lady when you could be doing so much more..." OK, perhaps we shouldn't compare this Doom port to the Mona Lisa, but I think it's wrong to try to tell an artist what to "create." Funny that you don't say: "Sigh, these guys could be working for Microsoft and making Windows better," but rather assume the computing projects that warrant these creative, talented developer's time are "coding the Linux kernel" and creating video editors for Linux... sheesh, if you want to have these kids make a real difference, have them work on an OS that gets used by more people than Linux... their hard work would be enjoyed by more people, after all...
  • Your Web site is down, JJJ, as of 12:15 AM PST...
  • Hmm, i'm guessing in another 5-6 years we'll have cameras that will not only take a pciture of a building/room, but it will bounce radar/lasers off the surfaces of the room/area to creat polygons and create fully 3-d pictures and/or 3-d maps for games of some sort. It could also be used to make bad assed models/skins of people/charicters for what 1st person shooters turn into in 6 years. Once that comes out, having that, you could load an "old" FPS like Q3A on there and play that via bluetooth with sombody else's cd camera.
  • No, you'd only be fighting disease in africa if that was what you were skilled in (that is, you were a doctor). Of course, there is plenty of people needing medical treatment right here in the good ole US of A, so you wouldn't even have to leave your home.

    Basically the author is just saying "don't waste your talent on useless crap." This doesn't seem an unreasonable request to me.

  • I read the site, and they mention several times that ROMs are required to run the emulator... but surely this doesn't apply to Doom. So, my question is, does anyone know did they guy convert Doom to run natively on the cameras processor or is there some sort of thunking layer that coverts x86 opcodes to whatever processor is in one of those cameras?
  • No, the DC280 doesn't have the DigitaOS.

    Otherwise, It IS a kick-ass camera, isn't it? I have one too. ^_^

  • Well, playing games on that tiny LCD screen is kinda useless. Make no mistake- it's extremely cool, but pretty useless from a practical standpoint...

    So what I want to know is this: can you play these games on your TV using the video-out features of the camera??!? Most digital cameras have a TV-out feature. I know my Kodak DC280 does, but it doesn't use the DigitaOS, unfortunately. :-)

  • They do have some muscle to them. It's like holding a 486 in your hands (perfect for DOOM, it gets 30fps on a 486)
  • Maybe not quite as cool but there is a CE version here [jimmysoftware.com] for all you pocket PC guys
  • "Strange how much human accomplishment and progress comes from contemplation of the irrelevant."
    - Scott Kim

  • It must be those l33t h4x0rZ again. They must be stopped at all cost! No one will know how to buy my best-selling games!
  • We can, and we do. They ported Doom to Windows CE a while ago.
  • Linux, and the utilities that accompany it have been almost completely developed based solely on the selfish needs or desires of the various developers. The developers were coding projects that scratched their own personal itch. What made these projects so damn useful to the rest of the world was the fact that the projects were opened to the rest of us to do with as we please.

    Certainly, some things are developed for the issue of inflating the ego of the programmer, so be it.

    Talent is not a community property. The owner of that talent may do with it what he or she wishes.

  • The benefit of the tiny screen might be that the utterly crap resolution of Doom will not be visible. Justice served at last. IMHO the eyestrain sets in when playing Doom on the big screen. When you get up close to enemies they tend to look like theyre made up of Lego's! Still it kicks some real butt a the classic FPS of yesteryear, together with Wolfenstein ofcourse.
  • you NEED that kind of processing power, for the camera. I've got a DC260 at work, and you have to wait a couple seconds for it to process the picture, at the highest resolution. You're converting 1.5 million pixels, into a 400k jpg. that takes power =)
  • Some possible scenarios while taking some pictures.

    1. Hey, you sure look like a Cacodemon..
    1. Holy, I just killed you! Call 911!
    1. Find any reason to play. "Oh, the ocean is so beautiful! I need to take shots!" (just about to beat the Cyberdemon!)
    1. Every one being filmed will be replaced by a DOOM character, all set in a DOOM map of your choice.
    1. Males are converted as Sarges, females as Imps.
    1. Dogs are converted as Demons.
    1. Birds are filmed as Lost Souls.
  • why so many people complain about how useful playing doom on a digital camera when you have a big powerfull computer. Sheesh people it is not like these people had a digital camera and not a computer and needed to play doom. They did it because it was a challenge, because it was interesting, and because they could (some of the same reasons I am building an 80" tall desk that sits next to my bunk bed). I would go so far a to say Geeks in general enjoy doing strange and unexpected things that don't make sense to a "normal" person.
  • Its the nostalgia of the legendary games I grew up with. Doom was the first game that really showed us the potential of an AT type (now they just call it Windows compatible) personal computer. The classic sound effects and vision in the gameplay from that game is what still excites me.

    Thanks for mentioning RSA. I was searching for new CPU's to increase my rate. [distributed.net] :)
  • I have a Kodak DC280 camera. Will the DOOM and MAME ports run on my DC280, or is there some technical difference between the 280 and the 290 that will prevent them from working on my camera?

  • I'm going to slip out of my normal role as the non-judgemental person who believes all opinions have a place on the smorgasbord of life and simply say this is possibly the most assinine thing I have ever heard.

    I'm not saying that Doom on Digita is really worth anyone's time, but to claim that the programmer who did this shouldn't have is of a level of arrogrance I have yet to encounter until now. Who is anyone to tell another person how to spend their time and energy?

    I've already read one post about Leonardo Divinci, so I won't reiterate that. One cannot control the passions and whims of creativity and genius. To even begin to try is like herding cats. You will fail. Besides, who is anyone to dictate what is a worthwhile project and not? You may want a video editor, this programmer may have really wanted to play Doom on his/her digital camera. Maybe this programmer wasn't giving a flying fig newton about what anyone else wanted and was doing this to appease his/her own desires.

    Never, ever rain on someone else's parade unless you willingly want to turn over your life to the collective and allow them to dictate how you want to spend your creative energy. But even then, think twice before you say something of this nature is a waste of time. Proving it can be done opens many, many doors.

  • by drwiii ( 434 )
    ..but can you take screenshots with it? (:
  • Is it me or are these camera grossly over powered?

    No it's you who are grossly underpowered ;-)

  • I have a Kodak DC280 camera. Will the DOOM and MAME ports run on my DC280
    You can take excellent pictures but you can't play doom.
    So it's a useless camera.
  • Actually, this is pretty cool, and you can thank the wonderful folks at ID for making insane stuff like this possible. If ID wasn't opensourcing their old code, these guys would be stuck doing pseudo-practical work on these devices.

    I think this one takes a close second to text-mode quake for sheer cheesiness, but I like it. Yea, ID!!!
  • I hate to break this to you, but if you read some of the reasons that linux existed and attracted lots of developers at start came down to this one, single reason:

    "386BSD was going nowhere at the time that linux popped up."

    It's 6 month release cycle also hampered things considerably.

    Coders work what they want to work on, and what motivates them is working on what's going to provide the most use of the code they use.

    386BSD was not providing that, ergo Linux popularity.

    Disclaimer: BSD is not a bad thing, BSD is not a bad project. Linux is no better or worse than BSD, and BSD's license is less restrictive than GPL. BSD has many improvements over Linux's TCP/IP implementation, and handles threads better. BSD is not harder to use, and relatively has the same hardware support. BSD CAN run linux programs, and BSD does run on a intel processor.

    Did I miss anything?

  • "the most use of the code they use."
  • I cannot imagine the battery life is > 1 hour but maybe I am wrong. It is really more practical for _taking pictures_ but it will be hard to convince the /. audience of that. I do think it is nifty that hardware is being exploited beyond its "intended use". Maybe one day all devices will be able to do everything (...wait, that would mean we would only need one device...perhaps with a "Don't Panic" in large-friendly letters on the front).
  • Imagine if Linus had spent his time porting Bubble Bobble to his digital calculator instead of coding the Linux kernel

    Imagine if he had spent his time improving BSD instead of going his own way.

    We'd be so far ahead of where we are now, it makes me sick to think about it. I agree with you. When you can do something useful or something meaningless, you should work on what benefits the community most. Torvalds failed us miserably in that department, leaving Unix far more fragmented than it was before.

    A shame, really. Too many bright young minds, wasting away on dead-end projects when they should be enjoying the sunshine and outdoors.

    -- Floyd
  • is a digital (full motion) video camera, with just the overlay of the doom character that shows up on the digital readout, then I could walk around and BFG anyone I see.

    (Note--this post in no way supports the use of real guns on real people)
    The NRA = The Nation's Republican Asses.
  • I just bought a HP C500 with a Geforce 2 video card and 256 Megs SDRAM... I'm getting 67 FPS on UT...

    ...wait a minute, this thing takes pictures too?
  • by Anonymous Coward
    now i can edit out the red eye in the demons
  • Them Kodak cameras have been running MAME for almost a year now, as reported previously [slashdot.org] here on Slashdot. Good, now they've got the a direct port of the PC/Unix version of Doom.

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