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Preview Of Halo For PC Finally Sighted 35

bmnc writes "After nearly a year in development by Gearbox Software, info for the PC version of Halo:Combat Evolved is finally available at, in both single-player and multi-player flavors." This is absolutely a big deal, especially since Bungie have been intelligent enough to use Gearbox, FPS veterans who've been heavily involved with extending the Half-Life franchise in the past with Opposing Force and Blue Shift, to do a definitive PC version of Halo.
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Preview Of Halo For PC Finally Sighted

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  • Mac port? (Score:3, Interesting)

    by Ziktar ( 196669 ) on Tuesday May 13, 2003 @03:50AM (#5942934)
    Hmm... the article was pretty decent in coverage, but has MS officially dropped the Mac port, or will it be another 8 month wait for the followers of Steve?

    Especially given Bungie's solid Mac support, it truly is a shame they sold out...
  • Which would get them more money/kudos?


  • Halo was due in 1999/2000

    Very impressive for Bungie to actually release the game. I doubt that it (Halo) will be as impressive as it would have been if they had released it in 99/00.

    Perhaps it should have stayed vaporware...
    • I have to totally agree. Three years really shifts the meaning of "impressive" and "ground-breaking".

      In my opinion, too little, too late for Halo.

  • "to do a definitive PC version of Halo"

    yeeeeeah. Halo was, as I understand it, ready to ship for the PC, or at least in late beta testing, when microsoft bought out Bungie, three-ish years ago. The only thing to "port" would be maybe some of the 4 player multiplayer maps that they did post-buyout back to the "PC" version, and update the 'generic pc' graphics engine. Insert more whining about microsoft being a crappy company stifiling innovation. This would have been the next half life three years ago. But
  • by solopido ( 163981 ) on Tuesday May 13, 2003 @05:12AM (#5943174)
    Quote from article:

    Will anything be missing? Right now, the only major feature from the Xbox version of Halo in danger of not making it to the PC is the cooperative mode. It may still be included if Gearbox can find an easy way to implement it ("it's high on our list," says Pitchford), but for the moment nothing is guaranteed.

    Now I don't know about you, but if there is no coop mode I will not purchase this. Why? Because that's what my friends and I have had the most fun with on the XBox. We complained that there was no PC version where we could have more than 2 players in coop in fullscreen with mouse look. We get plenty of deathmatch from other games but we had a real blast playing this game with coop. We all said we would buy it just to play coop if it ever came out on PC, otherwise I'll just keep on playing it on the Xbox. This would be a major let down to the Halo fans I believe.

    Sure, there is no longevity in these type of coop games but who cares? When was the last time you remember playing a coop game and had fun, I think mine was Quake2 and it was definately much funner than just playing it single player.

  • by nicky_d ( 92174 ) on Tuesday May 13, 2003 @08:01AM (#5943584) Homepage
    It'll be interesting to see how the gameplay changes with the implementation of mouselook controls - Halo's Xbox control scheme seems to fit the game's style and pace perfectly, whereas many console FPS titles suffer from the move to the smoother, less 'twitchy' control pads. Integrating the vehicles will be another interesting control challenge; a pad switches easily from walking to driving to flying, a mouse perhaps less so. Still, here's hoping a lot more people get to appreciate this great title...
    • Like all other FPS on consoles, I simply cannot control them. Because of this fact, I thought the game totally stunk. I'll be replaying it again on the PC to see if it was the controls that made it that way or if the game really was that bad.
    • All the bitchin' and moaning I heard about how the Xbox controller was too big and how a fps like Halo would never work with a controller turned out to be wrong.

      Halo worked great on the Xbox. It was smooth as silk and precise too. After coming off of UT on the PC, it was a bit of a clash but I soon got used to it. The Xbox controller itself is also very well designed, my hand never cramps after marathon bouts of MechAssault ( and I mean hours and hours).

      I'd rather play Halo from my sofa than a PC based FP
    • You forget that you have a keyboard as well as a mouse. BF1942 has proven that switching from walking to driving to flying can be accomplished using a mouse/keyboard combo. About the only thing you cannot do too well (well enough to compete online at least) is fly with the mouse/keyboard, but switching to joystick/keyboard is pretty easy to do.
      • Yeah,m the keyboard is essential in replicatin all the joypad functions (potentially 20 buttons on the Xbox pad, if you include the d-pad). But the disadvantage is that you lose the Xbox' second analogue stick and analogue buttons - two sticks offer analogue accelleration AND steering, while the buttons allow you to control, say, rate of fire on a machine gun. Halo isn't a flagship for these functions (you probably want to be accellerating and shooting flat out most of the time), but they are there and they
    • --Is there anything like an Xbox-controller-to-USB converter? Truly I would pay $20 for something like that, xbox has the best controllers I've ever used. Not a troll, just my preference.
  • by Universal Nerd ( 579391 ) on Tuesday May 13, 2003 @08:33AM (#5943742)
    Speaking of Halo...

    Episode 6 [] of Red vs Blue came out.
  • I hate consoles, i never use them to play games. Mouse and k'board all the way. I've been waiting for Halo to come out on PC even if i have to use an xbox emu ;)
  • I will expect apologies from everyone who insisted over the past three years that there would never be a PC version on my desk in the morning.
  • This game missed its window of opportunity for the PC. Now that Doom III, Deus Ex 2, Thief 3, Half-Life 2, and Far Cry are on the way, who cares? My reaction when Halo was first announced at Mac World: Whoa! My reaction to this: meh.
    • yeah, i agree that, alone, halo shouldn't be such a big deal now. However, i think that Halo has recived so much hype, that those people that didin't get a chance to play it on xbox, or those that don't like playing fps on consols, will prolly buy it, if for no other reason than to see what all the hype is about. Not the best of reasons, but nevertheless it will happen. I remember some of the games that my roomates and i got suckered into trying, just becuase they were such a big deal.

      Anyways, Halo is a
  • heavily involved with extending the Half-Life franchise

    Anyone else read that as `heavily involved with extending the Half-Life of the Half-Life franchise'? My first thought was, `I didn't know it was undergoing radioactive decay'.

    I swear, my exams are getting to me.

  • Is it just me, or was no one else impressed by Gearbox's efforts for Half-life? Opposing Forces, especially, made me feel like I was playing Half-Life all over again -- not that it was continuing the story or anything like that, but that it was the _same_ game, just not done as well.
  • by peel ( 242881 ) on Tuesday May 13, 2003 @01:14PM (#5946333)
    Back in the day Bungie made some very excellent games for the Mac of all things. Including one of my favorite FPS games/series ever, Marathon. They also reinvented the side-scroller with a game called Abuse. Then they took the 3D third person action game to a new level with Oni, where not only could you blow the crap out of people, a la Quake, but also beat the crap out of people, a la Street Fighter.

    Then they started on something really ambitious... Halo.

    Halo was supposed to be one of the best FPS games of all time. Originally slated for the Mac and later for the PC halo was going to revolutionize the FPS market. It had amazing physics, great texture mapping allowing seamless movement from indoors to outdoors,the ability to use any weapon and vehicle in the game (is this still there?) and, what I think was the coolest, persistent reality (I kill you in room A and when I come back 3 days later your corpse is stll laying there rotting).

    And, as many stories often turn for the worse, along came Microsoft to ruin everyone's fun. Since they needed a flagship game for the Xbox and Bungie wasn't doing so well (but were almost complete with halo form my understanding) Microsoft bought them out. They dumbed down the orignal features of Halo to get it out for the Xbox's launch and assured both the PC and Mac fans who were eagerly awaiting it's arrival that they would get their copy.

    Well it looks like the PC people finally got their copy, although in my opinion a bit too late. And as many Mac people out there probably suspected, they won't be getting theirs any time soon, if ever.

    I held out hope that I might get a version for the Mac but it looks like I'll have to get an Xbox or PC to play it now.

    The first shall be last and the last shall be first. Thank you Microsoft for screwing us again... (Well except for all of the lucky Xbox owners out there...Oh, and the PC folks who are going to buy it) -peel
    • Then they took the 3D third person action game to a new level with Oni, where not only could you blow the crap out of people, a la Quake, but also beat the crap out of people, a la Street Fighter.
      What the hell? Every review I ever read panned it...
      • What the hell? Every review I ever read panned it... Reviews I read varied. Oni was "different". I enjoyed it, but if you were a reviewer who ate Quake or Street Fighter for breakfast, lunch and dinner, I could easily understand you finding Oni on your plate and going "what's this stuff?!".
    • And as many Mac people out there probably suspected, they won't be getting theirs any time soon, if ever.

      The Mac port is coming. See my other comment for details. []

    • Myth??? (Score:2, Interesting)

      You completely left out the Myth series in your history of bungie! IMO Myth is easily the best RTS game I've ever played, focusing more on actual strategy using landforms and unit formations than resource gathering. Numerous mods and complete conversions have been released for Myth II and while Bungie no longer supports the game, popular fan run servers Play Myth [] and Marius Net [] still host mulitiplayer games, and Project Magma [] is still updating the game with bug fixes and enhancments in patches. Bungie act
  • Verant/Sony has beat them to the punch with planetside that plays like halo on seriods so they are pissing in the wind with this and all the feet dragging to get it out.
  • I saw and played Halo for the PC at E3, where it was set up for six-person deathmatches (with t-shirts given away to winners). I heard a Bungie employee joke that the game was shown to convince people that it actually existed.

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