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Star Wars Galaxies Console Versions On Hold 15

Thanks to an anonymous reader for pointing to a Gamespot news story indicating that the console (PS2 and Xbox) versions of Star Wars Galaxies are now on hold. Although they were announced at E3 in 2002, and may appear eventually, a Lucasarts spokesman said of the MMORPG: "We are currently focusing all of our efforts on the successful launch of the PC version of Star Wars Galaxies." Meanwhile, the Star Wars Galaxies official site at its publisher, Sony, has links to some new mini-previews and E3-released gameplay movies from this title, which also has a thorough fanpage at RPGPlanet.
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Star Wars Galaxies Console Versions On Hold

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  • Good Move (Score:2, Insightful)

    by suineg ( 647189 )
    I think this is a very good move considering how many problems the PC version has right now. Then they will have to figure out whether console players will be on the same server etc.
  • First, how are the two going to communicate. I won't go further keeping in mind that keyboards for the consoles aren't out yet and not everyone wants to hear a whiny 9-13 year old kid's voice through their speakers/headphones. Second and more importantly, how is the user interface going to work? History has shown that computer interfaces are usually overly complex for controllers while console interfaces tend to be unappealing and dull to PC users.
  • by ArmorFiend ( 151674 ) on Friday May 23, 2003 @12:05AM (#6021310) Homepage Journal
    I feel a sudden disturbance in the force ... As if millions of consumers cried out in longing, and were suddenly silenced.
  • Gating measure (Score:1, Flamebait)

    by Dachannien ( 617929 )
    The availability of games only on PC is a gating measure which keeps those of obviously insufficient age (say, single-digits) out of situations for which they are socially and emotionally not ready. Grade-school kids thrive on console games, and the inclusion of them in the wider MMOG community would in many cases create significant customer support problems.

    I can only hope that this ends up being permanent, but since there's money to be made, that obviously won't be the case.

  • Unfortunately, programming console games is a real pain. (I have yet to try writing anything complex, but believe me, even a simple Test Drive 2 clone can be a real pain in the a*s.) Targeting PC's is easier not only because of superior hardware quality and better performance, but also (or maybe should I say, first of all) because of cryptic APIs and subtle differences between platforms, while with PC you have just one target, you only have to master DirectX (which can be hard sometimes, of course, but ther

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