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Myth 2 Update, Fanbase Keeps Game Alive 12

gomariusnet writes "The Mythdev group has released the 1.4 patch for the game Myth 2:Soulblighter. What is particularly special and unique about this is the circumstances of how this has come about: Mythdev doesn't work for the franchise publisher, they're just fans of the Myth series who have got a hold of the source code (assumedly under NDA), and have continued development of the game four years after its release. Thus far they've added support to Myth 2 for OpenGL, WinXP, Mac OSX carbonisation, fixed bugs, added a virtual Myth 1 mode, increased modding capabilities even further, have undertaken and completed a similarly large undertaking for Myth 3, and set up a server which supports both games to replace the departed server of Myth 2's creator, Bungie. Mythdev is looking for programmers to assist in porting the new, enhanced version Myth 2 to Linux and in further developing the game engine." We noted an earlier Myth 2 patch a couple of months back, and it's good to see projects like this and the unofficial Anachronox patching keeping old titles working and enhanced, years after release.
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Myth 2 Update, Fanbase Keeps Game Alive

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  • by Frac ( 27516 ) on Tuesday June 03, 2003 @05:01PM (#6109226)
    Why aren't we seeing the same for Daikatana?

    Where exactly are fans of Daikatana? Please help make Daikatana better!

    Those mechanical frogs are the best :-( :-( :-(
  • Thinked maybe they'd pass that source code over to someone over at ? I'm sure icculus could have us all a linux port like a day after he had the source. Not that he doesn't already have his hands full with Devastation and MOH...

  • Loki? (Score:4, Informative)

    by molo ( 94384 ) on Tuesday June 03, 2003 @05:16PM (#6109365) Journal
    There *WAS* a linux port of Myth II. It was done by Loki. Hopefully they can use that to work from.

  • by Anonymous Coward
    The poor developers over at Quicksilver are having a hell of a time trying to fix up the mess of MoO3. They have a handful of developers working part-time in an effort to put out the biggest patch I've ever seen--check out the forums at for the hundreds of changes made in the patch--and there is a zealous fanbase that is doing all it can to mod away the bugs.

    As customizable as MoO3 is, the modders can only do so much with the mod interface built into the game, and meanwhile, th
  • The F4UT has been working on Falcon 4 for some time now:

    I haven't checked it out in a while (too much Real Life intruding on my gaming time), but it's a damned good enhancement to a damned good flightsim.
  • ...the current Linux version is still at 1.3, still only supports, and needs SDL 1.1 (thank God Loki shipped it with static SDL too or it would be unplayable on my quite fresh system)...

    Anyways, 1.4 looks excellent on paper, I hope Linux port will follow soon. Playing it on Windows sounds so... dirty... =)

    I'd also be hoping that this mysterious overhaul of Myth III would also produce a Linux port - a nice game too, and excellently pretty, but likewise needs Windows...

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