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Lik Sang On Nintendo Piracy Judgment 16

Thanks to several readers for pointing to the official statement over at Lik-Sang.com's website, regarding Nintendo's $600,000 anti-piracy court case judgment against their GameBoy and GameBoy Advance 'backup' devices, which we covered a couple of days ago. The Lik-Sang.com statement claims that the current Lik Sang site is not involved in this court case, but goes on to reference the official statement of Lik Sang International, posted as a comment on the original Slashdot story. The statement says that LSI are appealing the decision, and further argues that "..the very same hardware under attack is used by thousands of hobbyist users and even professional developers for legitimate purpose. Very embarrassing for Nintendo: even the large publisher[s].. bought hundreds and hundreds of Flash Cartridges from my company for beta testing."
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Lik Sang On Nintendo Piracy Judgment

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  • by Anonymous Coward
    Isn't it a granted right that I can backup every software I paid money for? Ok, in this case "piracy" might be involved. But Lik-Sang is hardly to blame for it like a car manufacturer is hardly to blame for how many people were killed in accidents. I hope this is clear... or.. nah I doubt it is clear since still many people who probably do not even RTFA keep saying that the opposite is the case. However, backup units ARE/WERE(?) great development devices. But that is over now for the sake of.. nothing?
  • by Anonymous Coward on Sunday June 22, 2003 @09:52AM (#6266684)
    IMO the 3rd party GBA dev units ARE NOT illegal in any way. Just as Alex from lik-sang said in his
    comment, just because you CAN use something to dump/pirate stuff doesnt mean you automaticly do.
    I can break thousands of laws with many "legal" items such as cd-burners, scanners, computers(!!),
    video recorders etc etc etc. However, only because Nintendo has a monpoly in making GBA
    cartridges they seem to think these units can be banned.
    But really Nintendo, wouldnt the fair thing be to cut the crap and let anyone and everyone make GBA
    games and produce the carts at the gba cart manufacturer of their choice?

    Nintendo, maybe if you made some kind of reasonable priced development setup for amateur
    developers THEN you could claim that these units are basicly used only for piracy, but NOT before
    then! It would still be a monpoly BUT at least you wouldnt go around claiming that these units
    are only used for piracy. A very good example of this would be www.gbadev.org [gbadev.org]!
    They use these units and still you go around calling them pirates!?! Some of them make better
    games at home then official games available in the stores.
    • "wouldnt the fair thing be to cut the crap and let anyone and everyone make GBA
      games and produce the carts at the gba cart manufacturer of their choice?"

      It wouldn't be fair on Nintendo if that was how they make their money from the system. It's like saying the food is reasonably priced in a restaurant, but saying you can get the wine from a supermarket for half what they charge. Sure, they could put the price of the wine down, but then they`d have to increase the price of the food.
  • Perhaps Nintendo's primary motiviation is not to stop unauthorised copying of games, but to distance the possibility of developers releasing games without paying Nintendo royaltys.
  • Missing the point? (Score:2, Interesting)

    by specialJay ( 672051 )
    Me thinks the other comments are just missing the point. Nintendo wants control over these devices. They do not want these devices available for just anyone since they can be used for illegal purposes as well as for legitimate development. By going after the source of these so-called "backup units" they are making it more difficult for the casual user to be able to use the GBA ROM files that are pervading the net and eating into the profits of their developers.

    If you're a legitimate developer, there are

    • by Anonymous Coward on Sunday June 22, 2003 @12:54PM (#6267648)
      "If you're a legitimate developer, there are proper channels to go through to obtain these devices to facilitate your development. Nintendo just wants some degree of control over their distribution, and rightly so."

      Licenced developers can get them but if your company needs 200 flash cartridges and 50 flashers,
      would you like to pay 50$/cart for a 3rd party one or several hundred $ / cart for a Nintendo flash cart?
      A big company could easily save 25-50000$usd on buying 3rd party ones. What would you do?

      I myself have both Nintendo flash carts and most of the 3rd party ones and I can tell you that I
      much rather use the 3rd party ones.
      Also, a few years ago when the GBA first came out Nintendo couldnt provide enough of the test units.
      And at that time they cost several thousands of dollars. Not only that but they sent the ones
      they had to the developers in Japan first, so many of us developers in the US and Europe had to wait
      months to actually get them! That is really a good way to show your developers support.

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