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Dragon Ball Z Game Creators Quizzed 16

Thanks to GamePro for posting an interview with the producer of the Dragon Ball Z: Budokai fighting games. The original DBZ:Budokai was a surprisingly large hit outside Japan, and with the sequel, in development at Dimps for release by the end of 2003, the sheer amount of characters is an issue - "..adding the characters that debuted in the Buu saga to all the fighters we already had in the last game results in a huge number of characters.. getting all these characters into the game in the limited time we have is probably the hardest part of this project." Oh, and when the producer is asked what the developers of DBZ:Budokai 2 really want, he gets honest: "..they want their own Hyperbolic Time Chamber, or they want Senzu beans to pep them up when they're tired, or they want to go home, or they want a girlfriend..."
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Dragon Ball Z Game Creators Quizzed

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  • How about a PC version? Will it be coming out for the X-Box also?
  • by reaper20 ( 23396 ) on Wednesday June 25, 2003 @11:23PM (#6299923) Homepage
    They should have just put the original anime instead of those horrid cutscenes and saved some development dollars for more fighting features.

    I was kind of disappointed with B1, I hope the second one is better ...

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