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Scorched3D Takes Classic Series Crossplatform 36

Dave_B93 writes "Scorched3d (a Scorched Earth clone that features a 3D Environment, plus LAN and Internet play) has just released an update, to Build 35. It's now cross-platform (Win32, Linux, Solaris), and includes Server side bots, batteries, fuel, napalm, sand hogs, diggers and leapfrogs in addition to all the previous weapons. It's also been open-sourced under the GPL. You can find the SourceForge project here (Scorched3d was mentioned previously in this article.)"
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Scorched3D Takes Classic Series Crossplatform

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  • Why Gnome (Score:1, Flamebait)

    From the SourceForge page:-
    Environment: Win32 (MS Windows), Gnome
    Why does it need a bloated desktop environment like either of these two?
    I'm not touching it until it runs on either sawfish or a text console using aalib.
    • Re:Why Gnome (Score:3, Informative)

      by AndyBusch ( 160585 )
      I'll grant that sometimes people link to the GNOME libraries when they don't need to (e.g. grip only uses a couple calls from GNOME libs). But, it's not like you have to *run* the environment to use programs like this. I run straight Sawfish, but use GNOME apps all the time, just having the libraries and whatnot installed.

      I have a larger problem with the odd KDE app I want to run, as they often start up the session management, and all sorts of odds and ends that slow me down.
    • Then don't touch it. See if the developers care. *boggle* I mean, it isn't as though people using sawfish/aalib that reject Gnome are anywhere near to being a majority.

      Bitch all you want, it won't make a single bit of difference.

      Q: How many of you does it take to change a lightbulb?
      A: None, because you won't change anything.
      • Better Yet, why don't you help [] code it so that it can run on sawfish? it is opensource ;-)

        Disclaimer: I'll freely admit I don't know how much work would be involved with that, or even what sawfish is really ;-)

  • by nickos ( 91443 )
    I'd much rather know if anyone plans to write a port of the classic Amiga game "Worms" which was based on scorched tanks but taken much further.

    Oh, and NiL (NiL Isn't Liero) doesn't count.
    • Ahh - just like Scorched3d, the guys behind Worms are bringing out a 3d version called (surprise!) Worms 3D []. A Linux port looks doubtful however :(
    • Worms has been on the PC for years.
      • It's one of my alltime favorite lan party games btw.. way too much fun.
    • Do you seriously lack a single device that can play Worms, then? Its been onto everything from the Gameboy Color to the Dreamcast, along with DOS and Windows.

      Apart from anything else, if you really do only have a Linux machine why not emulate the original in UAE? Its far better than most of the sequels and conversions.

  • Scorched Earth was the most amazing MS-DOS game and it got me through many a high school IPT (information processing technology) class.

    mmm those state-of-the-art plasma nuke graphics.

  • game over (Score:4, Funny)

    by darkmayo ( 251580 ) on Friday August 01, 2003 @07:39AM (#6586663)

    90degree + full power + deaths head = friends who are going to slug you in the arm for killing everyone.

    • With or without rebounding walls? ^_^

      Sometimes that wind carries the death head just far enough out of your way... and into the 5 tank cluster of your friends who just finished napalming each other

  • I'm getting all nostalgic now.
    I used to play this game for hours and hours with my friends.
    I tried out this one a few months ago before it was as near to completion, and I had a blast. Just hopping into a multiplayer game and blowing up some tanks is great. The only problem I've found is with AFK players, sometimes you're sitting for a half hour waiting for them to timeout.
    • AFK problems are now fixed, Servers can have a timeout on moves. If you don't choose to fire during your move, you don't fire. Simple as that. ;-)
  • Full version (Score:2, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward
    A bit offtopic, but does anyone know where you can get the *full* version of scorched earth 1.5? I know you can get the shareware version..but I want to be able to use the tank that shoots 3 missiles!
  • by Anonymous Coward
    How about renaming it Scorch3d
  • I'm stoked. I really loved this game as a kid. But has anyone managed to get it compiled on Linux yet? Are there any binaries available? I'm gung-ho enough to roll my own, but I haven't had any success yet.
    • Just tried, but I'm getting messages like: error: possibly undefined macro: AM_PATH_SDL error: possibly undefined macro: AM_OPTIONS_WXCONFIG error: possibly undefined macro: AM_PATH_WXCONFIG WTF?
  • Very nice! (Score:3, Interesting)

    by madmaxx ( 32372 ) <mx.warpedvisions@org> on Friday August 01, 2003 @01:26PM (#6589619) Homepage
    Holy crap batman, it's scorched earth ... but in 3d. All of the old weapons are there, as is the collab play. It even plays like the old game, mostly. Now I have to convince some ppl to install tonight, and I'll kick their collective asses.

    I remember looking at this project a year ago, and it was closed (afair), and not very far along. But now ...

    It relies on 3d accell (read binary NV drivers for X folk), WxWindows, and SDL, but it builds on my two recent systems fine. It runs well at 1280x1024@24 on my P3-667 + NV G4mx.

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