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Arcade Stick For Soul Calibur II Announced 26

Thanks to IGN Cube for their article on the Universal Soul Calibur II Arcade Stick, which is being released by Nuby and Namco on August 31st, just after the launch of the ravenously-awaited Namco fighting game sequel for PS2/Xbox/GameCube. IGN explains: "The interesting detail about the arcade stick is that it works with all three consoles - no extra assembly required. All gamers need do is plug the appropriate end into the console of their choice and they'll be up and running." So you can use the same joystick to play Link, Heihachi, and Spawn, if you're insane enough to buy Soul Calibur II for all three platforms, as well as repurposing the stick for any other famous fighting games that take your fancy.
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Arcade Stick For Soul Calibur II Announced

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  • Re: Frozen Bubble (Score:3, Informative)

    by muirhead ( 698086 ) on Thursday August 14, 2003 @05:16AM (#6693406) Homepage
    ...load up linux[] and play frozen bubble[].

    I agree it's a great looking accessory, but $200 for playstation linux is outrageous.
    Stick with your PC and use a PS2 to USB adapter []. It'll be cheaper, easier and, (if you happen to swing both ways,) you can also use the joystick to play Windows games.

  • Namco (Score:4, Interesting)

    by gazbo ( 517111 ) on Thursday August 14, 2003 @05:31AM (#6693432)
    It's good to see Namco are managing to continue to do so well, as they are one of the few truly innovative games companies out there. For example, they created an extremely exciting rivalry-based game called "Pinpoint Shot" which got virtually no exposure in the mainstream games press, but is available in a number of arcades if you search for it.

    One of the things that was innovative in the game was known as a "focus-point" where the game could use sophisticated AI to tell if a player was off-form, and stop them. This pause was used to give the player who was below the chance to fully concentrste on the target, resulting in an altogether fairer game.

    It's a shame the game was mostly ignored, as its innovations could have benefitted many arcade games.

    • I think I've heard of this game somewhere, maybe a small piece in Wired or something??. I believe it also introduced the dead-space concept and, due the cabinet sparsity, had a unique player-attraction mechanism.

      It is truly an excellent game which you should play if you find it in your local arcades. I wouldn't recommend playing it with your friends, as intense rivalries may soon develop!

  • It looks a bit like the joysticks I have for my Commodore 64. I always thought they were better than what you get with your average game console nowadays. Those tiny buttons may be much cheaper to make but they do not add much more to gameplay than a keyboard does.
  • This will probably get me to buy many more fighting games for my GameCube, which has a pretty crappy controller design for fighting games. I have bloody Roar: Primal Fury for the system, and it works OK, but still feels very wierd compared to the PSX controller.
  • by Mantrid ( 250133 ) on Thursday August 14, 2003 @08:43AM (#6694057) Journal
    A few years ago (okay so a lot of years ago now) when Battle Arena Toshinden, Tekken, or Soul Blade were out I would've loved to have one of these..but after years of console fighting games, I think I actually do better with a gamepad now! Sad, but true!
  • I bought the SNES Advantage when I was a chittlin' so that I could train in Street Fighter II:Turbo at home for the arcade. That is one nice looking stick Namco is putting out. Very ergonamic. They will probably hook me, because I can use the stick with the PS2 as well, but I alread found [] my gaming solution. There is just something about the way of the game pad, and the SNEW game pad is still the best IMHO.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    You could use the PSX to Dreamcast [] controller adapter to play the wonderful dreamcast version of the original Soul Calibur in style.
  • I many not buy this game, but I'll certianly rent it. The controller, however, it looks like it won't help in other games, since it lacks a C stick and the directional pad. So, Zelda and metriod are out. BUt, it still looks cool. I think I'll stick to the wavebird for now.
    • it's a fighter stick, it's made only for playing fighting games, why do you think you should be able to use it to play metroid (an fps) or zelda (an action rpg)?

      This is like complaining that you can't use a keyboard to play Time Crisis 2.
  • you mean my NES Advantage won't work?
  • Anyone care to purchase a specialized arcade cabinet (or kit) that fits an XBox and two or three of these things?

    Given the construction quality of these sticks is good enough, that would be a nice little setup.
  • Namco do the sweetest console peripherals ever. The Negcon, PSone arcade stick, G-Con and G-Con 2 were all wonders to behold - particularly the arcade stick which I'd say was even better than the official Dreamcast arcade stick.

    This one looks kinda like them giving into to "way funky cool industrial design!" but I wouldn't mind a universal arcade stick by Namco.

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