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Biofeedback Game Soothes Minds 14

Thanks to GameSpot for their story trailing the November release of the biofeedback based PC/Mac game, Wild Divine. This previously Slashdot-covered, very unconventional title uses a "biofeedback component [to] measure a player's galvanic skin response (GSR) and heart rate variability", and in a quoted gameplay example, "...a player who's required to lower a floating feather won't be able to do it until moving into a somewhat meditative state." Unfortunately, the newly announced "introductory price of $129.95", including biofeedback hardware, may cause a little muscle tension, but the official site has new info on hands-on demo locations.
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Biofeedback Game Soothes Minds

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  • by fireduck ( 197000 ) on Monday September 15, 2003 @10:47PM (#6971261)
    i can remember way back in the day when i had my atari 800. some computer mag had a program that supposedly monitored your biorythms. so, being the industrious 5th grader i was, i typed the thing in and then went about constructing the necessary hardware. As I recall, the instructions had me disassembling one of the paddle controllers, banana clipping wires somewhere inside the paddle and then clipping the other end to aluminum foil wrapped around my finger.

    unfortunately it never quite worked right. on the other hand, it was definitely a lot cheaper than $129...
    • There were actually some consumer devices made by Atari that you could buy back then. I think they called it Atari Lab or something. They have a couple of devices. One was a biofeedback device and another was a thermometer.
    1. Here kitty, kitty, kitty.
    2. Attach sensor to uninterested younger sister.
    3. EXERCISE MORE, thus strengthening your heart/lungs and lowering your pulse/blood pressure. If you are this into gaming, you need to anyway.

    Of course, that would take all the fun out of it. Then again, cheating would be fun in itself.

  • it was a lie detector [], although I seem to remember this coming out much earlier than 1986...
  • I'm all for new age stuff and I'm a big fan of meditation, but I think this says it all right here:
    Enjoy a preview of The Journey to Wild Divine, a mythical and magical adventure amidst towering palaces, sacred temples, flowing landscapes and sumptuous gardens

    People who use the word sumptuous need to a football to the groin.
  • Feeling Good (Score:2, Interesting)

    by slevin ( 67815 ) *
    I find this thing to be fascinating. I've spent some time doing biofeedback and had a really positive experience with it. There was a lot to do with on screen videos and sounds. Unfortunately, I had to pay a professional $120 an hour for the priveledge. If people could pay that once and get the positive experiences of easy to do, self instructing mindfulness meditation the world might be a little bit a better place.

    Scientific research has done much to demonstrate the effectiveness of this sort of activity

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