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History Of Mega Man Explored 32

Thanks to GameSpot for their large feature charting a comprehensive history of Capcom's Mega Man. The article explains: "Mega Man recently celebrated his 15th anniversary, and the Blue Bomber is showing no signs of giving up the fight for everlasting peace", and goes on to document more than 30 Mega Man-related titles, from the original NES version, which sported "totally appalling box art" in the States, through the 3D stylings of the Mega Man Legends series, and the VR-styled RPG gameplay of the Mega Man Battle Network series. The mammoth article ends on the hopeful: "Here's hoping Capcom sees fit to grace a current or future system with a good, honest 2D - or 2.5D, at the very most - Mega Man IX."
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History Of Mega Man Explored

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  • When I bought my original gameboy in 1996ish it came with a choice of Mega Man 3 or Mario&Yoshi games free. Dunno what that has to do with anything but I feel compelled to post.
    • I too feel compelled to post about not knowing who Megaman is.

      The game name sounds like the sort of game mum and dad would buy for birthdays. They would have heard a children's TV presenter say the word 'mega' and happily parted with cash... ...but they were poor and I bought my own games. Megaman or some other game with a space-aged title? No real choice.

      Thanks for listening too.
  • by AtaruMoroboshi ( 522293 ) <Anthony@BALDWINo ... org minus author> on Saturday October 18, 2003 @04:00PM (#7249733) Homepage
    I looked for it but didn't find Cannon Spike (GunSpike in Japan) for Dreamcast on the list. Megaman is playable as a secret character in this 3-d rendered but mostly 2-D gameplay shooter.

    Developed by Psikyo, and published by Capcom.

    • I've had Cannon Spike... mediocre. It was quite dull, way too short and easy. It took me, what, 15 mins to beat it the first time I played. I returned it to the store the other day.

      One is to expect something better from the company that developed Zero Gunner 2. -_-''

      • how did you possibly beat that in 15 minutes? unless I'm mistaken it has limited credits, and it gets insanely hard too. I'm pretty sure I've never beaten it. ...unless you played it on the really easy difficulty modes.

        Zero Gunner 2 is definitely a much, much better game though!
    • I looked for it but didn't find Cannon Spike (GunSpike in Japan) for Dreamcast on the list. Megaman is playable as a secret character in this 3-d rendered but mostly 2-D gameplay shooter.

      I'm also sort of surprised that they didn't sneak in Megaman.EXE's appearance as a secret playable character in the new Onimusha fighting game Onimusha Buraiden, which could've added a touch of news to the history.
    • Also no mention of Megaman: The Power Battles, Megaman 2: The Power Fighters (both arcade games), Marvel Vs. Capcom 1 & 2, and the semi-Mega cameo in Pocket Fighter (Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix): Felicia can morph into a pink MegaMan (MegaCatWoman?).

      Oh, and Rockman: Battle & Fighters for the Neo Geo Pocket Color.

      And EXE Transmission for GameCube.

      My question: So why isn't there a MegaMan puzzle game yet?
      • actually, a lot of those were mentioned in the other related games section.

        as for a puzzle game, sure, why not!
        • Well, color me stupid.

          I just didn't notice that there were multiple pages of "Related Games."

          Still, the Super Gem Fighters Mini Mix thing wasn't mentioned.

          Now I just need to find an ISO of the UK version of Megaman: Battle & Chase.
    • It's amazing how much is wrong with the report on a once over. Where's the listing for MegaMan Soccer, MegaMan Extreme series, MegaMan Network Transmission(!)?

      How could they get MM1's pause trick wrong? It worked on every single weapon because the collision detection code would rerun every pause/unpause cycle, not just on the elecman gun (it was just really easy to use on elecman due to the larger beam size).

      The report seems like a rough draft, not a comprehensive guide.
  • I remember myself playing megaman 1-6. I loved them all, loved them, nothing was bad, and hearing the music from time to time only made me see clearly how great the series where!

    lo' here comes gamespot, and I suddenly remember the awfull boxart, the worthless bosses and weapons in the 4+ games and I despair; my mind is at turmoil - what is this, how can I hold this series to the skies, long for 1-8 collection coming 2004, how?

    This surreal feeling comes over me, that perhaps the kids [] where right, perha

  • Wow... that article was an ordeal. 33 pages of Mega Man games.

    I have decided to whittle it down for the people with dial-up modems (such as myself):

    There have been several Mega Man series for multiple platforms. Each series is excellent, then, as the the series progresses, they lessen in quality and cease to be innovative.

    The best part of the article is the comparison with the Japanese version of the same game.

    I fondly remember sitting at my friend's house in grade school, watching him play Mega Man, wh

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