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Metroid Prime Done Even Quicker 51

Thanks to the Gaming-Age forum regulars for pointing to news of a new world speed record at Metroid Prime for GameCube. The record-breaker, Radix, was originally inspired by an earlier Slashdot article about CALFoolio's non-item-based speed record, and "decided... to focus on a 100% speed run: one that gets all 100 items in the game." This run comes with a complete video record of the amazingly swift 1 hour, 37 minute play-through.
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Metroid Prime Done Even Quicker

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  • oohh kay (Score:2, Interesting)

    by darkmayo ( 251580 )
    wow did he get a trophy?

    I think the poster forgot the "Stuff that matters" part.
    • To complete a game is such little time is like having a first post on Slashdot. Except you get more karma for breaking speed records.
  • 'nuff said.

    However, I will have patience and download it from those asshats. I just hope that it's more exciting than Matrix: Revolutions.
  • Sooo....... (Score:5, Funny)

    by JFMulder ( 59706 ) on Monday November 10, 2003 @08:50AM (#7433262)
    ... in a time honored Metroid fashion, if you finish the game THAT fast, does she take off more than ther suit during the end credits? ;)
  • Super Metroid (Score:1, Insightful)

    by magiluke ( 629097 )
    I used to be able to finish super metroid in about that much time, but definately not 100% items... Crazy...
    • Re:Super Metroid (Score:3, Interesting)

      by fredrikj ( 629833 )
      Not caring about items, I've beaten Super Metroid in 51 minutes, one continuous run without saving. The world record (non 100%) is 44 minutes [geocities.com]. That's with saving - best time I know that has been done in a continuous run is 46 minutes [elazulspad.com].

      The world record with 100% items is 1:02 (first link again).

      None of those records are near perfect, though, recent discoveries suggest that it might be possible to complete the game in about 0:35 with any % and 0:55 with 100%.
  • Oddly enough, (Score:5, Interesting)

    by Dr. Photo ( 640363 ) on Monday November 10, 2003 @09:24AM (#7433409) Journal
    "CalFoolio" doesn't even play Metroid Prime anymore. (Probably got sick of it after countless speed runs.)

    And there are not 100 items in the game. A 100% score indicates that you've been everywhere and scanned everything.
    • Ehrm, scanning stuff has nothing to do with what percentage you wind up with.

      100% means he got all 15 energy tanks, all 250 missiles, all the power bombs, all the suit upgrades and all the beam upgrades. These items amount to 99%, but when you get the last upgrade, it gives you two percentage points.

      Scanning 100% of items though, will unlock an image gallery.

      • 100% means he got all 15 energy tanks, all 250 missiles, all the power bombs, all the suit upgrades and all the beam upgrades. These items amount to 99%, but when you get the last upgrade, it gives you two percentage points.

        Scanning 100% of items though, will unlock an image gallery.

        Good to know. (I started a new game yesterday, and am apparently going for that image gallery. ;-)
        • You might want to use a scanning FAQ. There are a lot of one-time scans in the game that are very, very easy to miss. Even people using a faq have been known to miss some ;)
      • Actually, there are 100 items. There's a bug in the game. When you get the final suit upgrade, your percent doesn't go up.
    • not that surprising really that he doesn't play anymore.

      there's not too many games(outside of puzzle and pure skill games) that have so much replay value that you could play them for _years_.

      nethack jumps to mind.. but not many others.

    • Re:Oddly enough, (Score:2, Insightful)

      by Radix37 ( 670836 )
      Actually he quit playing because he didn't own a GameCube... he was playing on his roommate's, who moved out. And I explained the 100% items or scans thing on the page... I guess even on the games section people dont RTFA?
    • There are 100 items. Scans don't count toward your percent. They're tracked seperately, and there is no display of your scan percentage. You do get informed though when you reach 50% and 100% scans, at which points you will unlock image galleries.

      Oh, and there's a bug in the item percent counter. The final suit upgrade doesn't increase your percent, so it's not possible to get 99%. It'll jump from 98% to 100%.
  • So what dirty things does Samus do if you manage to get a 1:37 completion?
    • Nothing... unfortunatly time doesn't affect the ending. Of course if it did, I think it would have been something like less than 3 hours for the best ending, because going the intended route takes just about that long!
  • Why didn't I finish more commentary before I made it public?
  • There are some great Quake Done Quick [planetquake.com] demos and videos out there for the original Quake 1 game. They are just amazing to watch. Everything just timed perfectly with endless motion, action, awesome nade/rocket jumping, etc.
  • Wow (Score:3, Insightful)

    by aliens ( 90441 ) on Monday November 10, 2003 @02:45PM (#7435737) Homepage Journal
    That's insane, of course I'm just on my first run through, but I've only gotten 26% in like 5 hours.

    Of course I'm actually spending a good deal of time running around enjoying exploring the world for the first time.

    I think the 1% challange for Metroid Fusion on GBA is harder.

    Great game btw, worth it for anyone who enjoys video games. Nintendo might take a long time to finish games, but they certainly do them right.

    • For those of you who don't know, the 1% challenge involves avoiding all extra energy tanks/power bombs/missle upgrades, except the 1 that you absolutely have to go through to get to the next area.

      Hence the 1 item out of 100 you need to get, 1%

      I think it's impossible personally ::)
      • not really... (Score:1, Interesting)

        by Anonymous Coward
        Sesshoumaru is doing a recorded 1% Metroid Fusion run at http://metroid.retrofaction.com/games/mf/onepercen t.shtml

        He makes it look easy =) Too bad he's not done with it yet.
  • To paraphrase David Cross, "If someone doesn't finish Metroid Prime in under two hours, then the terrorists have won."
  • That was a stunning thing to watch, if only for the strangeness of deciding to finish a game in the shortest possible time.

    The best bit had to be finishing the castle level in a matter of seconds by rocket jumping straight from the front door to the level exit.
  • has anyone watched this vid? the guys freakin amazing. i've never seen anything like it...

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