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Warp Pipe Launches With Mario Kart Support 28

jkeyes writes "The Warp Pipe project for playing LAN GameCube games online has just released Beta 0.3 for Windows. This is the first release to support Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, contains significant optimization, and even has region-free play, so you can battle against gamers from Japan or Europe - the first Macintosh beta is planned for next week."
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Warp Pipe Launches With Mario Kart Support

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  • This news (Score:3, Insightful)

    by zr-rifle ( 677585 ) <zedr@[ ] ['zed' in gap]> on Thursday November 27, 2003 @04:53PM (#7578568) Homepage
    ... made me seriously consider buying a gamecube instead of an xbox this xmas.

    For 99, I'd get the latest in home entertainment technologyl, complete with online play (even if still buggy, as I presume it is since it's a beta).

    Before unleashing the wrath of the DMCA upon these hackers, Nintendo should think about the advantages brought to it's console at absolutely no cost whatsoever.
    • Re:This news (Score:2, Informative)

      by Dave_B93 ( 528595 )
      Actually if you go to Wal*Mart Tomorrow, you can get one for $78

      For more info, check out this blurb at GameSpy []

      or are you counting the cost of a broadband adapter ( approx $35US) in your total?

  • by Anonymous Coward
    The last GPL'd release of Warp Pipe (including sources) is available here [] for download.
    • That version is 2-3 weeks old and doens't work very well with MK:DD, also it isn't being maintained by anybody. (not to mention the fact that the source is still availible from sourceforge CVS for now which has a fatter pipe, or that they thought they'd gone closed source a few months ago, so having that code is kind of questionable)

      There's already 2 projects working on GC tunelling warppipe [] and X-Link [], so I don't see how starting a new fork of warppipe off 3 week old code is going to help unless you'r

  • Considering the way Nintendo whores out it's GBA-GC link cable with the promise of extra content (most of which really should have been enabled from the start), I can only imagine how much stuff they'd force you to go online for... they'd probably end up giving you only half a game. The other two quarters would be unlocked via the internet and GBA link respectively... No thanks!
  • Can't wait for this thing to be stable, plan on grabbing an adapter soon as they get a 1.0 release with a match finder built in. as long as it runs decent, it will be great to play people from around the world at a game which, for the first time in a long time, I feel i'm deadly at. Bring it on

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