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Urquhart On Black Isle's Past, Obsidian's Future 13

Thanks to GameSpot for their two-part interview with Obsidian Entertainment's Feargus Urquhart, discussing his former leadership of Black Isle Studios, and his new work as a founder of Obsidian. He discusses Black Isle's creeping demise amidst the cancellation of Fallout 3 ("I would assume that they are changing Black Isle from a studio to purely a brand that they can put on certain products that are published or developed by them. Whether that's a good thing or the same thing as shutting the studio down is up to debate"), muses on the future of the RPG ("I think even the PC RPGers want to see that the games they play are easier to play"), and mentions Obsidian's plans, aside from their BioWare-engine powered, rumored but unannounced game ("We... are actively looking for a second project [and] are also starting to work on our own internal technology.")
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Urquhart On Black Isle's Past, Obsidian's Future

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday January 06, 2004 @06:59PM (#7897099)
    Well he's got some good talent, and a brand new development house that needs a hit game to make it. Just a suggestion, but what I think they should do is make a post-apocalyptic RPG set in Colorado. It's a bit of a niche genre, but I think it could work for them.

    It should have a skill based system, and most importantly, a large variety in the dialogue and world events that respond to player choices.

    While the perfect title for this game would be something like 'Fallout 3', I believe some other company owns the rights to that. Maybe 'Wasteland 4' would get past the lawyers...

    • I have to admit I am a Fallout lover. While some trashed Fallout Tactic I thought it was the greatest game. The interface was not that bad. Get over it, you can't read.

      That is not my point though. I think that Fallout 3 or 4 should be a MMORPG. It has all the elements neccesary. Just add say bio-upgrades similar to Deus Ex's and keep the arsenals of weapons (add 20 or 30 preferably) and make it so that each player owns vehicles and a house, and you would have the ultimate MMORPG. Make it so you can

  • by Black Hitler ( 687112 ) on Tuesday January 06, 2004 @07:49PM (#7897598)
    I still don't believe that's his real name.
  • Golden Developer (Score:2, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward
    I'm sure they're rumored project is just a springboard to get them back up to speed. After that I can't wait to see what these guys create. BI made some of my favorite games of all time, though they were so engrossing and epic I didn't get to play through them all due to lack of time. However what I did experience were some of the most well thought out, well adapted (as coming from an already existing source material) creations that have ever graced interactive media.

    I guess this post really has no other
  • Silver Style, a german game developer based in Berlin, just announced that they have hired Ex-Black-Isle-Designer Damien M. Foletto.
    Silver Style is working on a role-playing game called The Fall , scheduled for the first quarter 2004.
  • The real shame of this "interview" is how all of his answers are so bland and cautious when it comes to Interplay. I mean, these guys have shot themselves in the foot many a time and it'll be a wonder if they're still around in 5 years, but Urquhart couches everything in such diplomatic terms in order to not ruffle any feathers. I can understand *why* he does it, but I don't have to like it.

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