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Capcom - Gladiators, Nightmares, Jean Reno? 37

Bert Tam writes "The folks over at 1UP put together a cool feature highlighting all the games shown at Capcom's U.S. press event, held yesterday in Las Vegas." There are similar features at GameSpot and over at GameSpy, and highlights include new U.S./European-focused title Shadow Of Rome, "a gladiator fighting and stealth game [from the creator of Onimusha] that currently is not even scheduled for release in Japan", an early look at a Nightmare Before Christmas title which "aims to give players the chance to play through a sequel to the classic film", and an interview with the creators of Onimusha 3 courtesy of GamePro, discussing the reasons for Jean Reno's co-starring role: "To give a broad appeal, especially to those who aren't gamers", and noting that other stars were asked, but "...American [actors] are difficult to deal with."
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Capcom - Gladiators, Nightmares, Jean Reno?

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  • anniversary (Score:2, Interesting)

    by Apreche ( 239272 )
    I want to see more the megaman anniversary edition. I can't wait to play megaman 2 on the gamecube. Even though I play it daily via emulator or NES. Why didn't capcom show it off? When is it coming? I know its not a rumor or vaporware.
    • Is that a different release than this [ncsxshop.com]?

      I had not heard that this (or a similar product) was coming to the 'states.
    • Anniversay is due to ship this year, at least thats what the computer says at the gamestore I work at.

      Someone asked about it today, in fact. Wish I could remember that damned date. I wanna say November, but, that may have been another game.
  • by OgdEnigmaX ( 535667 ) on Thursday January 29, 2004 @04:45PM (#8127433)
    discussing the reasons for Jean Reno's co-starring role:

    Am I the only one who misread that as Janet Reno? Whew! :)
  • Brain Fart? (Score:4, Funny)

    by Eros ( 6631 ) on Thursday January 29, 2004 @04:47PM (#8127458)
    Who else read that and thought, "Why is Janet Reno in Onimushu 3?"
  • by fireduck ( 197000 ) on Thursday January 29, 2004 @04:51PM (#8127515)
    Can't they do something with this game other than take it down the well-trod "fighter" path. skeletons invading halloween-town. Let's get Jack to fight them. Blah... wouldn't something along the lines of zelda or one of the old Sierra adventure games be a better model. Let the player explore all the other holiday worlds that Jack notices in the grove. maybe I'm just bitter cause Nightmare is near the top of the "movies I adore" list...

    and as for Jean Reno. anyone else see that and think for a second "what the heck is Janet Reno doing in a video game?"
    • What else do you suggest? It's easy to say fighting is a bad idea but it's hard to come up with an alternative. You say "explore the other holiday worlds." To what end? A Myst-ifying Nightmare?

      As a NMBC fan my only comment is "why only PS2?" I doubt I'll buy one just for this game.

      • Fighting isn't necessarily a bad genre, but it's been done to death. Earlier in the week, we got the announcment about a Samurai Jack game [slashdot.org], which sounds like its going to be a fighter. That fits with the show, as he does quite a lot of fighting (he's a samurai after all). The undead Jack does relatively little fighting in the movie; so why center the game around that aspect? Why not make it more like an old school Sierra or Lucasarts game? Something closer to the wonder of the movie... The Fighter gen
  • by Torgo's Pizza ( 547926 ) on Thursday January 29, 2004 @05:03PM (#8127642) Homepage Journal
    Did you have a fear of the actors overpowering other characters?

    I can't recall a game where a "big name star" overwhelmed the other characters. More often than not, the bigger the star the bigger the disaster. For example, David Duchovny is currently takes shots for his lackluster performance in XIII.

    If it works, then it really works well. Look at the ensemble performances in games like Planescape, Fallout or SSX Tricky. Each of them featured some big name actors (more recognizable to the average gamer than Jean Reno) and it worked extremely well. That's just voices. Look no further than Wing Commander III and IV for great (for a video game) performances by Mark Hamill, John Rhys-Davies, Malcolm McDowell and Tom Wilson.

    Gosh, what a stupid question. I've never known or heard of a game designer even bring this up. Like I said, they're more worried about making sure the big name star doesn't suck it up and embarass himself.

  • better be a good game...

    look at this super specialized extra expensive controller made for that game:

    http://www.lik-sang.com/info.php?category=22&pro du cts_id=4127&PHPSESSID=35d9fe039f117a3d730cdf2913f3 fd26
  • Ever since the creators of the 2D street fighter series left capcom, this company has lost my interests. Granted omnimusha, REvil, and megaman sequels are still coming out of the factory. Though they are lacking creativity more and more.

    Capcom needs to do what IREM did for R-type. One final street fighter game with everybody, every move, alpha with regular characters. Hells, throw in street fighter the movie characters in too. Not these lame ass anniversaries.
    • I don't know about Onimusha and Resident Evil, but I don't think the Megaman sequels are lacking in creativity. Rather, I think they Capcom is doing a good job at using the well established Megaman series to experiment with new gameplay. The Megaman Zero series on the GBA experimented with the use of Cyber Elves and leveling up your weapons through use but kept the traditional insane difficulty of the old school games. They took the Megaman series to the N64 with Megaman Legends, but that wasn't a very good
    • I still think Capcom is sitting on something that could make them a lot of money. If they released a 2d fighter for xbox live that didn't SUCK like capcom vs SNK EO they would probably do very well. A re-release of SFA2 on x-box live would sell like crazy.
  • Am I the only one who has seen:
    Leon (aka The profesional
    La Femme Nikita
    Just Visiting
    Les Viseteurs
    Deep Blue (find the original uncut)

    All great Movies. All have Jean Reno in them. I've not played Onimusha, but the fact that Jean reno is in the new makes me want to play it.
    • Re:Janet Reno (Score:2, Informative)

      i ve seen all those moves except "just visiting" and the original title is "Nikita" (why they added "la femme" for the english release i cant fathom) plus the other movie is spelled "Les Visiteurs" and it has a sequel, "Les Visiteurs 2" but cmon admit it, Janet Reno in a japanese videogame would be so much funnier.
  • I really like the concept of playing a game that is a sequel to a previously released movie where an actual movie sequel has not been made yet.

    Obviously it wouldn't work in some cases (Titanic 2; Gladiator 2)

    I can't think of any good ones at the moment, but i'm sure there are movies out there where everyone thinks a sequel should have been made.

    On the other hand, i'm still waiting for a decent sequel to The Matrix!
    • .hack does this.

      The entire story (not facets of the same story) is told, in various parts, through anime TV series, manga, novels, OVAs and a quartet of PlayStation 2 games.

  • It seems Jean Reno really digs Japan. Aybody remember the french movie "Wasabi"?
  • Onimusha 3 (Score:3, Interesting)

    by lowmagnet ( 646428 ) <eli.sarver@gmUUU ... inus threevowels> on Thursday January 29, 2004 @11:06PM (#8131096) Homepage

    I thought what made Onimusha cool was the samurai aspect of it. Feudal Japan is just cooler than modern day France to me.

    Also, Jean, Ivy [soulcalibur.com] wants her Whipsword back [gamepro.com]. Also, Yoshimitsu [soulcalibur.com] wants his style back [gamepro.com].

  • I'm really glad they're coming out with a real time gladiator game instead of the strategy one MS came out with by the name Gladiator. I mean.....the idea of a gladiator game is awesome, the graphics were nice......but that type of fighting is NOT best suited for a strategy style game. This looks like it'll be a blast, hope they can pull it off. I'm also impressed that it has two very different styles of gameplay and two very different angles on the game, bravo.

  • Am I the only one wondering what the hell happened to Residen Evil 4? It was shown a while back and then nothing was ever heard of it again
    Anyone got any news on what might have happened to it because the screenshots the put out looked beautiful and I was really interested in the storyline

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