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EA Vs. Marvel Fighting Games Announced 61

ADD Boy writes "Reuters reports that Electronic Arts and Marvel have come together to 'develop a series of fighting games pitting newly developed EA characters against Marvel superheroes like Spider-Man.'" This cross-media deal also sees Marvel "acting as licensing agent for the new [EA-created] characters and publishing comic books based on them", and "the deal includes more than 100 of Marvel's superhero characters, such as Spider-Man and the X-Men." However, the deal does not include the Hulk or Punisher characters, who are licensed to Vivendi and THQ respectively.
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EA Vs. Marvel Fighting Games Announced

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  • newly developed? (Score:5, Insightful)

    by B00yah ( 213676 ) on Friday February 06, 2004 @07:57PM (#8208079) Homepage
    I'm not normally one to balk at a fighting game unless the premise is horribly bad, but half the fun of the Capcom v. Marvel series of games was the idea of your favorite Capcom characters taking on your favorite comic book characters. It's definitely going to be a hard sell for EA to push these new characters against Marvel's well loved character set.

    And where is a decent DC v. Marvel game when you need it?
    • That sounds like a bad enough premise for me.

    • by Anonymous Coward
      How much do you want to bet that at least some of these new EA characters are going to be gaudy, glitzy superhero stereotypes?

      Up the ante: What about wagering on whether these EA characters will be tied-in to some horribly misconceived Marvel comic mini-series or crossover "saga?"

    • Having my Sims battle Spiderman.
    • Most likely caught up in some kind of copyright hell. The rights to just the Marvel characters are split among at least three companies (apparently, EA, THQ, and Vivendi). It's likely that the rights for the DC characters are spread out similarly.

      Right now, the closet thing we'd be able to get would be a (very ambitious) Freedom Force mod. Heck, for all I know, there's already one out there...

    • Sure marvel has some cool fighting characters, but what does EA have? Sports games like nhl or nfl, nba, etc, etc... Are we going to see marvel characters fight hockey players or something?
    • DC vs Marvel would be great, though I really doubt it is ever going to happen.

      EA vs Marvel? Umm I can't really think of any interesting EA characters. Part of the charm of the vs Capcom line was the fact that Capcom has come up with some of the most memorable mascots over the years. The other part of the charm, is that Capcom (and SNK) are really damn good at making 2D fighters.

      New characters by EA aren't going to cut it, and what are their established brands? Tiger Woods and John Madden both have some gr
  • He was already the star of an awesome, awesome videogame. You know, the one where you smash things... and then smash some more?
  • This isn't very specific, although it'll be interesting to see how this is implemented. And who knows, maybe make a movie out of it eventually? Maybe that's why the Hulk was excluded, after all Hulk tanked while X-men and Spider-Man were both popular movies.
  • by paradesign ( 561561 ) on Friday February 06, 2004 @08:00PM (#8208110) Homepage
    Tiger Woods, Madden, and the NASCAR's finest?

    Come to think of it, maybe i would like to kick Tigers ass.

    • by Anonymous Coward on Friday February 06, 2004 @08:16PM (#8208228)
      Hilarious. Mod parent up.

      Seriously, Marvel has just been swept off its feet by EA's sales numbers. EA obviously wants the Marvel licenses - they've brought some success to other publishers in the past, not the least of which is Capcom (for fighting games, at that). But Marvel is getting the short end of the stick: EA has no marketable characters that would make a "Marvel vs. EA" worth a second mention by a prospective game player. In comparison, Capcom has infinitely as many, and that - combined with appealing gameplay - translates into successful marketability.

      One thing's for sure. If some Tasmanian tiger comes anywhere close to throwing a boomerang at a Sentinel, even on a storyboard or in some EA monkey's sketches, this franchise as published by EA is DOOMED.

      Besides, the words "EA" and "fighting game" don't mesh very well in my mind. Neither do the words "EA" and "original characters."
    • Great moments from

      Ryu vs Maradona and Pele (from fifa 2004)
      Announcer:"Oh my thats definetily a PENALTY!"

      Street fighter vs Madden!

      Tiger woods HYPER COMBO!!! (thousands of golf balls flutter through the screen)

      Megaman vs MEDAL OF HONOR!!!
      announcer: "they've brought the big guns!!"
      (the screen is covered by gunfire and explosions)

      Chunli vs NEED FOR SPEED!!!!
      (chunli gets ran over by speeding cars)

      Ryu vs Undying!!!
      Ryu(frunces his eyebrow inquisitivily): who?
      Announcer: "U

  • EA characters? (Score:5, Insightful)

    by Lord_Dweomer ( 648696 ) on Friday February 06, 2004 @08:08PM (#8208167) Homepage
    They're so helpful to offer up a couple examples of Marvel characters, but neglect to mention any of the EA characters they are going to be up against. What characters does EA even have? Is it gonna be spiderman vs. some bf1942 grunt?

    • Re:EA characters? (Score:5, Informative)

      by simoniker ( 40 ) * <simoniker @ s l a s h> on Friday February 06, 2004 @08:37PM (#8208376) Homepage Journal
      I'm not sure the article makes this clear, but I don't believe they'll be using existing EA characters - I think the plan is to create all-new superhero-style characters which 'belong' to Electronic Arts. Whether this is a brilliant creative move or a cynical IP-building cash-in is, of course, open to interpretation. :)
      • by Man In Black ( 11263 ) <{ac.wahs} {ta} {or-ez}> on Saturday February 07, 2004 @01:20AM (#8209922) Homepage
        How can EA possibly think they can make characters that could rival Marvel's? The only reason Marvel Vs. Capcom worked was because Capcom's characters already had a following. A fighting game with just Marvel characters would be good. Adding EA characters will simply dilute the game.

        How much do you want to bet that EA's characters will be cookie-cutter fighting game fare that are made "extreme" to appeal to kids? I'm guessing there will be a karate guy who's looking for strong opponents, the karate guys rival, a big wrestler/grappler type guy, an army guy, a funky black guy, a token woman, and any number of other Street Fighter ripoff characters. I'm sure EA's focus groups will add enough attitude to turn them into instant Poochie's.
      • I'm not sure the article makes this clear, but I don't believe they'll be using existing EA characters - I think the plan is to create all-new superhero-style characters which 'belong' to Electronic Arts. Whether this is a brilliant creative move or a cynical IP-building cash-in is, of course, open to interpretation. :)

        I expect that if this game sells well, there will be a slew of games featuring your 'favorite' EA characters from the game.
  • I was hoping it would be like Marvel vs NFL or some such.

    That would be a lot of fun.
    • Marvel vs. the WWE.
      Marvel vs. the Sportscenter Team
      Marvel vs. the Survivor champions
      Marvel vs. Sprite, 7Up and Sierra Mist.

      Marvel vs. Carvel Ice Cream Man!
    • I was hoping it would be like Marvel vs NFL or some such.

      That would be a lot of fun.

      I have to say that this is the most profoundly homoerotic desire that I have ever seen expressed on Slashdot.


      Videogames and Sports are not supposed to be mixed.

  • EA characters (Score:4, Insightful)

    by MMaestro ( 585010 ) on Friday February 06, 2004 @08:29PM (#8208302)
    EA has their own unique characters? Since when?

    Seriously, without using licensed characters (Spiderman being the most notable) what character are they going to use? EA is most notable for its line of sports games and team based PC games (Battlefield 1942 of course). This is not a Capcom or Nintendo company which has a very broad cast of characters to choose from.

    Not only that, look more carefully at the title.

    EA Vs. Marvel Fighting Games Announced

    Games, impling more than one. What are they going to do for an EA Vs. Marvel 2 game?
    "Now fight using the Battlefield Vietnam grunt and the generals from C&C:Generals Zero Hour!"

    • EA has plenty of characters. Geeze, they own half the video game developers out there. Besides, I'd like to see a spoony bard from Bard's Tale take on Spiderman. Or the Avatar and/or Shadowlords from the Ultima series (Origin, bought out by EA years ago now) whoop on the XMen.
    • They probably mean multiple platforms with the plural. But who knows...
    • EA vs. Marvel 2004
      EA vs. Marvel 2005
      EA vs. Marvel 2006
      EA vs. Marvel 2007 ...and so on until the sun explodes.
  • EA have its own developed characters? Are they going to use characters from SSX or something?
  • Spider-man vs. John Madden Wolverine vs. Tiger Woods Captain America vs. that guy in Medal of Honor Jean Grey vs. James Bond Iceman vs. (insert SSX character) The Hulk vs. car from Need for Speed any other suggestions?

    • Spider-man vs. John Madden Wolverine vs. Tiger Woods Captain America vs. that guy in Medal of Honor Jean Grey vs. James Bond Iceman vs. (insert SSX character) The Hulk vs. car from Need for Speed any other suggestions?

      Carriage returns?
    • EA has some great video game characters *cough* like Aragorn, etc.. from Return of the Kings game (only cool possibility) GOD (from Black & White), Harry Potter, The Sims, James Bond, Some players from Ultima Online?, Patrick Galloway from Undying, TY the Tasmanian Tiger, A soldier from Battlefield 1942, Christopher Stone from Freedom Fighters, Maybe SimGolf vs Marvel? or Command & Conquer vs Marvel? Save me jeebus!
  • I'm just hoping... (Score:2, Insightful)

    by ADD Boy ( 739680 )
    ... that they will make this a well-balanced fast-paced 2-d fighter instead of a 3-d one (Street Fighter EX3 [] anyone?). Personally, I don't think EA will pull it off, unless they pursue their normal strategy of buying over companies that do know how to make games, and then just distributing it :P
  • I want to see that!
    Marvel VS Marvel!
    • Dude, that's not how it works. It goes

      1) Unbelievable concept
      2) (blank/silence/.../???)
      3) PROFIT!

      If you are going to rip off hackneyed phrases that were funny the first time but long ago lost their luster, you better damn well phrase them right!

  • Finally... (Score:5, Funny)

    by GregThePaladin ( 696772 ) on Friday February 06, 2004 @09:30PM (#8208804) Homepage Journal
    I can beat the ever-loving crap out of JP from SSX.
  • Square (Score:1, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward
    It's a longshot, but lets not forget that Square and EA are partners, even if it is just a publishing thing, but it COULD be possible to see some Square characters there. Very unlikely, but possible.
    • Re:Square (Score:2, Informative)

      by deminisma ( 703135 )
      Square as an entity no longer exists, neither does their partnership with EA. To state the obvious, they merged with Enix to become Square Enix. No Square characters in EA games.
    • They chose not to renew the partnership (which was just a publishing deal in the first place) last year.
  • I wonder... (Score:4, Funny)

    by jermyjerm ( 705338 ) on Friday February 06, 2004 @11:10PM (#8209309) Homepage
    Will I be able to fight as my Sim?
  • Shaq-Fu, Budokan, Techno Clash, umm... Def Jam Vendetta? Does Knockout Kings count?

    Good luck EA. John Madden himself as a playable character wouldn't save this game.
  • I would indeed love to see wolverine take on the Patriots in a game of keep away. It could be a third person mini-game with player one controlling wolverine on the field with his back turned torwards the screen while player 2 controls the team of large horney football players like a swarm...
  • Unless they add DC to it, this game is going to suck.

    It's so sad that Marvel sold out to EA for this.

    Of course, aside from MK:DA, what good American fighting games have been released recently?
  • Like i said on another forum. The only (and i mean, absolutely, only) possible redemption this game may have is if Madden is in it. If Madden is a playable character, i will buy this game. If he's not, the game is retarded, and i spit on it.

    I wonder if we can count on EA to do their usual 'best' to keep their current fan base happy. That being, will they include shitty licensed music, and will they include some kind of retarded sports-type character? My guess is probably. :/

  • EA does have the Bond license. James Bond and Wolverine going at it doesn't sound sucky.
  • This is the stupidest game concept I have ever heard. Electronic Arts, a company which has NO FRANCHISED CHARACTERS OF THEIR OWN WHATSOEVER (as they only do sports and shitty licensed games) will attempt to do the same thing as Capcom did, only (duh) without Capcom. This is wrong on so many levels. Since when does EA do fighting games?? And why would Capcom let them plagiarize on of their former concepts ??! This is most obviously fake news.
    • While I do agree with what you're saying and your point. I haven't to say that not all EA games a sports and crappy licenses. I actually didn't think the slew of LOTR:Two Towers & Return of the King games were all that bad. :P Needed polishing yes, but eh EA did well with that. Now let's see them do that with something else, something new.
  • This best be 2D (Score:3, Insightful)

    by superpulpsicle ( 533373 ) on Saturday February 07, 2004 @09:59PM (#8215651)
    The key formula IMHO in any fighting game is the pace. Whether you have a million moves or 10 moves, pace makes a big difference.

    I have yet to see a 3D game pump polygons faster than the marvel vs capcom series. EA better know what they are doing.

    This new game better be along the lines of Marvel vs. Capcom 3. It's gotta be of that quality for my money to swing that direction.
    • Err, this is EA. King of the Mainstream. There's as much chance of this being 2D as there is of the next Medal Of Honour game being a shmup.
  • Are we in a alternate universe or something?
    Capcom has made A LOT of fighting game characters they practically invented the genere, they actually made marvel characters such good fighters They dont even look like they come from comics.

    EA has ZERO good fighting games (maybe def jam vendetta but thats a wrestling game) and now they want to make a fighting game with marvel characters against their own??? What? who they are going to fight exactly? Tony hawk? Tiger? Madden? LOTR? C&C? the Simpsons? I ha

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