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Linux & Mac UT2004 Demos

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  • Linux games (Score:4, Funny)

    by chris-johnson ( 45745 ) on Friday February 13, 2004 @02:36PM (#8271824) Homepage Journal
    So, a good game comes out for Linux, just after I give up my desktop w/GF3 for a laptop w/no 3d acceleration. Just my luck.
    • Re:Linux games (Score:2, Informative)

      by BagOBones ( 574735 )
      See if you can run the demo. There is a sofware render option in the game settings.
    • by seanmeister ( 156224 ) on Friday February 13, 2004 @02:58PM (#8272121)
      I feel your pain. The wife and I have been happily blowing each other away for a couple of months, ever since we picked up a copy of the original UT in a discount bin.

      The original runs great on my laptop (16MB Radeon Mobility video), but UT2004 is barely playable under Direct3D, even at the lowest resolution and texture settings. Performance using the SW renderer was even worse.

      As luck would have it, I recently upgraded HER machine with a 128MB Radeon 9200, and UT2004 runs like a champ there.

      Guess she gets to win for a while :-)
      • As my luck would have it, I have an AMD 2600+ chip and 256 MB video ram. UT2k2 runs slow as mollasses (spelling?) on my machine. I gave up getting a good UT2k3 fix ages ago. :( It pisses me off that I got that ****ing game TWO CHRISTMASES ago and I buy new hardware and it still plays like crap. Hope I have better luck when I try out the new demo tonight.
      • by nathanh ( 1214 ) on Friday February 13, 2004 @04:57PM (#8273646) Homepage
        The wife and I have been happily blowing each other ...

        Guess she gets to win for a while :-)

        Sounds like you're both winning.

        I feel your pain.

        Though if it's hurting that much, maybe you should do it less often.

      • Re:Linux games (Score:5, Informative)

        by Listen Up ( 107011 ) on Friday February 13, 2004 @07:30PM (#8275378)
        It has as much to do with your processor as it has to do with the video card. I have a laptop with an AMD Athlon XP 2400+ and a Mobility Radeon 7000 IGP. I can play UT2004 in Direct 3D mode (DirectX 9.0) at 800x600 with full graphics turned on and every option I can find without a single frame rate drop or slowdown. About 5 seconds into the game and my CPU fan kicks into high speed mode, so it is definitely using a ton of processor power. It would be nice to play it at 1400x1050 resolution though (my everyday laptop resolution setting).
    • Re:Linux games (Score:4, Insightful)

      by Dracolytch ( 714699 ) on Friday February 13, 2004 @03:01PM (#8272148) Homepage
      From what the site says, there's a software renderer that's supposed to be pretty good (They specifically mention laptops). Can't hurt to download it and try it out.

      • Software renderer (Score:4, Informative)

        by waaka! ( 681130 ) on Friday February 13, 2004 @03:45PM (#8272684)
        I would imagine that the software renderer is probably a PC-only option. UT2K4 uses Pixomatic [] for its software renderer, which from what I can gather from the website, is heavily optimized for speed, but is only for PCs. (I suppose the fact that it was written by Mike Abrash, who worked on the original Quake software renderer with John Carmack and has written a fair share of optimization books, is more than enough assurance for me.) Anyways, there doesn't seem to be a Mac version of that, but Macs tend not to be saddled with crappy onboard graphics chips, anyway.
    • by OwP_Fabricated ( 717195 ) <fabricated&gmail,com> on Friday February 13, 2004 @03:07PM (#8272228) Homepage
      I was never a fan of Unreal2k3 to begin with. The original UT was a masterpiece, and both Unreal2k3/4 feel like dumbed down Quake 3 clones IMO.

      2k4's readdition of assault puts a smile in my heart, especially since they put in an actual sniper rifle instead of the awful, awful lightning gun, but most people are going to be playing the rather boring onslaught mode because of the vehicles (the new thing all FPS's MUST HAVE).

      To me onslaught is just Unreal2k4 pretending it's Battlefield 1942 and Halo.

      Epic: "Hey wait! Please don't go! We can put in vehicles too! See!? Please buy it....please? ......PLEASE?" ...god, I must sound really angry. Frownies.
    • Does this mean that the "average linux computer" is no longer going to be a 200MHz AMD, and the K icon will start to be seen on glow-in-the-dark quad-processor computers with jet engine noises coming from the graphics cards?

  • by Kethinov ( 636034 ) on Friday February 13, 2004 @02:37PM (#8271835) Homepage Journal
    I must say I'm enjoying this growing trend. As someone who owns a computer with Windows on it, another computer with Linux on it, and is soon buying an iBook, it's nice seeing that every day they get better and better at playing together.
    • by theMerovingian ( 722983 ) on Friday February 13, 2004 @02:42PM (#8271901) Journal

      LAN party at Kethinov's house!

      • This is a funny.

        I _am_ having a LAN party this weekend at my apartment and a) I didn't know which game to play b) I didn't think I'd be able to make use of my Linux box or my GFs Powerbook.

        Now I got both the game and two more computers to use.

        THANK YOU GOD!
    • Valve take note (Score:3, Insightful)

      by Dav3K ( 618318 )
      I am the casual gamer. I'll probably only buy one FPS this year. But I'll enjoy it. I know this because I won't be the first person in line to purchase, so the reviews will have already come in and I'll know what's crap. There are a bunch of games due out this year, and as I said, I'll only be looking at one, as they are all similar from my perspective. At this point, (release issues aside) UT is MUCH more likely to get my purchasing dollars than HL2 simply because with UT I won't have to configure my PC to
      • Re:Valve take note (Score:4, Interesting)

        by GeckoX ( 259575 ) on Friday February 13, 2004 @03:45PM (#8272683)
        That's great, but do you really think that you are enough to sway valve into spending large amounts of resources, time and money for a very small number of sales?

        Don't get me wrong, I'm all for making games available on as many platforms as possible. And it's really nice to see that we're starting to see not just Win/Mac OR Win/Linux but rather Win/Mac/Linux in the few cases that do go to the extra work, which should start tipping the balance and making it financially reasonable to do the extra work.

        However, concidering the strains Valve is currently under, I'd rather see them stay focused and still exist next year as opposed to blowing a ton of cash just to appease you and a few others, and ending up folding because of it.

        It'll come, I'm quite sure of it...I'm sure we can all see the sun rising on the horizon now.

        As an aside, if you're going to read the reviews and buy the single best FPS (Assuming you wait until HL2 is actually released), how could you possibly choose a basically multiplayer only 4th time rehash over a game that looks to be somewhat revolutionary in many aspects?

        Not that UT4 is no good, by any means, but it does only represent incremental improvements over what they have done before.

        Really, I don't think you're being honest with yourself. As I see it, you have absolutely no reason to mention HL2 in your post as you've essentially already decided that you will only be purchasing a single FPS this year that must run on Linux.
        • Re:Valve take note (Score:5, Insightful)

          by Dav3K ( 618318 ) on Friday February 13, 2004 @05:55PM (#8274474)
          Your argument makes valid points, and by myself no, I do not pretend to hold enough sway for Valve to alter their product roadmap.

          However, that is like saying that my vote does not elect a president. By itself, no it does not. But collectively, it does, assuming a properly run election. To come back to software purchases though, I believe that the desktop market is already starting to diversify enough for gaming companies to at least give consideration to platforms other than Wintel.

          I would also agree that given Valve's current position, the timing probably isn't right for them to do this. In an open market, Epic, id and others are able to capitalize on this. As I stated earlier, I don't buy a lot of games. Tradeoffs have to be made. So I look at what I like about these games - engaging multiplayer gameplay, strong mod communities to increase replayability, drop dead graphics - from where I stand, these two titles are pretty evenly matched. Not having to install a Windows partition tips the scales for me, enough for me to reward Epic over Valve with my purchasing dollars.

    • So you use the term "playing well together" as an eufemism for applying extreme violence? You are a sick puppy!
  • Nice! (Score:5, Informative)

    by DarkBlackFox ( 643814 ) on Friday February 13, 2004 @02:38PM (#8271839)
    Props to Epic for continuing to support Linux! I'll be sure to support this with my money, and show the world linux ports are economically viable.
  • by addie ( 470476 ) on Friday February 13, 2004 @02:39PM (#8271848)
    I'm confused. Mac and Linux can run games? What is this world coming to?!
    • by Anonymous Coward
      Don't worry, UT 2004 is just a fancy name for Epic's new photo-editing software.
    • by nocomment ( 239368 ) on Friday February 13, 2004 @02:43PM (#8271918) Homepage Journal
      Contrary to popular belief, Linux has always been able to run games. Ever heard of nethack or xbill? Oh wait, not those kind of games?
      • I'm still waiting for Solitaire to be pre installed with Linux, then I'm sold.

        That's the killer app that will convert everyone my friends ;)
      • What sort of 3D accelerator do you use to get nethack running right? I've got a Radeon 9100 and it still seems to be running at the lowest resolution with 16 colors when I try it, also it seems to have downgraded to ASCII characters since my graphics card is obviously too poor to run such a bloated game.
    • by JudgeFurious ( 455868 ) on Friday February 13, 2004 @02:58PM (#8272120)
      No problem, a lot of people are confused by this so it's not like you're the first person to get this wrong. Let me clear it up for you.

      You see, in the case of the Mac they can run games but won't run them before they've been properly beta tested by Windows users. Once enough of them have called for technical support and a majority of their problems have been worked out then, and only then will the Mac conceed to running a game.

      Linux is like that too.
    • by Pope ( 17780 )
      Final Cut Pro is the world's best Jack-The-Ripper FPS, and all us Mac-heads know it!
  • DracoSoftware review (Score:3, Informative)

    by Dracolytch ( 714699 ) on Friday February 13, 2004 @02:40PM (#8271874) Homepage
    Assault is back, in-game voice chat is supported. Find a mirror/torrent, and start sucking down some bytes.

  • Bittorrent here! (Score:5, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Friday February 13, 2004 @02:41PM (#8271877)
    Courtesy of GameTab [].

  • BeOS? (Score:5, Funny)

    by TwistedGreen ( 80055 ) <twistedgreen@ g m a i l . c om> on Friday February 13, 2004 @02:42PM (#8271894)
    So, when are they going to release the BeOS version?
  • Great... (Score:4, Funny)

    by NatasRevol ( 731260 ) on Friday February 13, 2004 @02:42PM (#8271898) Journal
    It's already taken me half a day to download 150MB of the 200 total.

    This isn't going to help any...

    Thanks, thanks a lot.
    • "It's already taken me half a day to download 150MB of the 200 total. This isn't going to help any..."

      HTTP goes slower when lots of people are using it. BitTorrent goes faster when lots of people are using it. Right tool for the job...

      [...he says, starting the download on his work computer, and going home for the weekend...]
  • Bit Torrent (Score:5, Informative)

    by hcetSJ ( 672210 ) on Friday February 13, 2004 @02:43PM (#8271911)
  • by bennomatic ( 691188 ) on Friday February 13, 2004 @02:43PM (#8271920) Homepage
    As if Linux users didn't waste enough time on their computers!

    /ducks to avoid all the negative moderation coming his way.

  • This is not right (Score:5, Insightful)

    by LittleLebowskiUrbanA ( 619114 ) on Friday February 13, 2004 @02:44PM (#8271928) Homepage Journal
    Remember, there's no games for Linux or Macs.

    If this keeps up, pretty soon the old Slashdot saying " I run Windows for my games" will be obsolete and you guys won't have an excuse to support Microsoft anymore.
    • Re:This is not right (Score:5, Interesting)

      by wax66 ( 736535 ) on Friday February 13, 2004 @02:53PM (#8272050)
      Sadly, there are still very few games for Linux and Mac, and even worse, some of the games that get ported to Mac, that are important to me, aren't compatible with the Windows versions (read: Everquest). Even when they are compatible in the network code, they're often gimped or less feature-filled for Linux and Mac (read: tools for NWN, bad server code for Q3 and UT for the Mac, which I personally beta tested and filed many bugs on that exact topic).
      In the real game world right now, for most games, the best solution is to run Win98Lite for playing games, and Linux or FreeBSD for serving them.
      • by LittleLebowskiUrbanA ( 619114 ) on Friday February 13, 2004 @03:12PM (#8272269) Homepage Journal
        I don't like games enough to spend $300 dollars on Windows XP or Windows at all for that matter. I've bought Unreal Tournament 2003 for Mac and Linux, Halo for the Mac, and I'll buy Unreal Tournament 2004 for the Mac as well. Maybe most games are compatible w/ Win98Lite but I don't like games enough to install it.
      • Re:This is not right (Score:3, Interesting)

        by nathanh ( 1214 )

        Sadly, there are still very few games for Linux and Mac,

        Even worse, the very few games there are have fallen badly into disrepair.

        I bought pretty much every game released by Hyperion, Loki, Sirtech and Vicarious. Nearly 2 dozen titles. Half of them don't work on a modern (Debian/unstable) x86 installation. I found 5 of the Loki games were ported to PPC; only 1 of those still works (Heroes 3). This isn't a Linux specific problem. The few DOS games I own (eg, X-Wing) don't work on any modern Microsoft

    • Well, except for all the games that *don't* have Linux ports.

      Is the UT Linux client a "good thing"? Absolutely. I love Linux, run it on all my servers (and my desktop) at work, and I'd like to see some penetration to the home market.

      But just because ONE new game has a Linux port doesn't mean I can throw my WinXP box out the window.

      Personally, I'm waiting for the day when all my gaming needs are satisfied by consoles. *THEN* I can get rid of Windows and run Linux on my home PC. And I think console gam
      • Personally, I'm waiting for the day when all my gaming needs are satisfied by consoles. *THEN* I can get rid of Windows and run Linux on my home PC. And I think console gaming is growing faster than Linux gaming.
        Who let this guy in here? He does realize he's posting this on Slashdot, right?
        Go back to Gamespot little boy, come back when your ready to play real games with the big boys =)
    • by Anonymous Coward on Friday February 13, 2004 @02:55PM (#8272077)
      Remember, there's no games for Linux or Macs.

      I have to keep reminding my boss of that.

      "What's that you're playing there?"

      "It's, um, it's a system administration system tool system! Yes, that's it! Look, [Ctrl-Alt-F1] it's on Linux! No games, remember!"

      "Ah, yes, that's okay then. Carry on."


    • I realize your comment is somewhat tounge-in-cheeck, but for others who could use a reality check: there have always been games for the Macintosh. True, it's nothing compared to the sheer number of titles available for Windows. True, the games that do appear often come out months after the Windows version. But the issue still stands: games of every kind, top-shelf titles not shareware wannabes, are available, have always been avaiable and show no signs of not being available in the future.

      Linux, on the
    • by lspd ( 566786 )
      If this keeps up, pretty soon the old Slashdot saying " I run Windows for my games" will be obsolete and you guys won't have an excuse to support Microsoft anymore.

      If Linux had the same quantity of games available as Windows, my productivity would drop back down to virtually nothing. Sure, Savage and Enemy Territory offer unlimited replay value but sooner or later you get bored with the same games and go back to work.
      • Thats my problem also, but I realised I spent more time complaining about being bored than being productive and just grabbed a copy of win2k3c(..from the store..) so I can resume my gaming addiction. Of course then I started gaming all day and now have zero productivity.. damn counter-strike/natural selection/day of defeat/wc3/whatever else is lurking on my machine.
  • by thesolo ( 131008 ) * <> on Friday February 13, 2004 @02:44PM (#8271934) Homepage
    I can't wait to play this demo on my Linux box tonight. I'm thrilled to see that Assault mode is back in UT2004. I adored it in the original UT, and noticed that I didn't touch UT2003 nearly as much because of the fact that it wasn't there. Bombing run is fun, but Assault is much, much better.

    Here's to hoping there is some level in UT2004 that provides as much fun as "Overlord" did in the original UT!
    • by eidolons ( 708050 ) on Friday February 13, 2004 @02:52PM (#8272030) Homepage
      This is a boon for many reasons, but it'll prove to be an economical choice to have availability on multiplte platforms.

      Assault mode is back. Onslaught mode, simliar to capture-the-way-point like in Battlefield 1942 and Day of Defeat (HL mod) is addictive as caramal-covered crack bon-bons.

      The weapons are already ridiculously balanced in the demo. The mini-gun is like the original UT. The gameplay feels like the original UT, and even the theme music is similar.

      I love it.

  • by The Ancients ( 626689 ) on Friday February 13, 2004 @02:45PM (#8271955) Homepage
    The Mac platform now has the hardware (ok, we're waiting on 256MB GPUs) and the software to be a happy place. I first started using a Mac during the 10.1 (.2 if I remember correctly) days, and back then it was a 733Mhz PowerMac or a 500MHz Powerbook (again memory being stretched). A couple of years later it's Dual 2GHz G5 and 1.25GHz G4 Powerbook (for me anyway - there's a 1.33GHz available). OS X 10.3 is also light years ahead of 10.1 in stability and features (I'm not sure I could live happily without Expose anymore...F9 and F11 are that useful)

    If that's not improvement, then I don't know what is...

    • If that's not improvement, then I don't know what is...

      a PC?
    • by benwaggoner ( 513209 ) <> on Friday February 13, 2004 @03:13PM (#8272275) Homepage
      Yeah, UT2004 is the first thing I've been able to run on my new box where it really felt like all the potential performance was on the screen.

      I've got a Dual G5 2.0 with the BTO Radeon 9800 card, attached to the 23" Cinema HD display. Running Halo on it was fun, but I had to stick to 800x600 or so to get semi-decent performance, and even then fps would drop down to like 1-2 if I died near an explosion or something. UT2004 runs at the native 1920x1200 of the display wickedly fast (never noticed the frame rate getting low enough to notice), and looks great.

      It's striking to be able to play a game on a Mac with absolutely no performance issues! Been a long time since that happened for me!
  • by msimm ( 580077 ) on Friday February 13, 2004 @02:46PM (#8271961) Homepage
    Thanks to Epic for supporting the port and a HUGE thanks to Ryan @ Icculus [] for keeping Linux gaming a really, really good thing.
    • "HUGE thanks to Ryan @ Icculus for keeping Linux gaming a really, really good thing."

      Hopefully with a big bonus too... I'd never heard of this game before, but damn, if it runs on Linux, I want some games which run on Linux...

      I've almost finished MythII as well. Let's try a shooter.
  • by beegle ( 9689 ) on Friday February 13, 2004 @02:47PM (#8271979) Homepage
    Does the linux version actually work on video cards that don't have the proprietary nVidia drivers?

    UT2k3 relied on some X extensions that weren't available from XFree86. If you didn't have either one of the expensive versions of X or an nVidia card with the closed-source kernel module, you were out of luck.
  • by caveat ( 26803 ) on Friday February 13, 2004 @02:47PM (#8271986)
    It's holding over 4.4Mbits (550kB/s) and still going strong, all the other mirrors are running about 10kB/s. [shameless plug]Of course, if you have any ISP besides OptOnline, you're SOL ;D[/shameless plug]
  • Mirror (Score:2, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward
    A mirror for the Mac version:

    They charge $1 to cover bandwidth costs, but I found that it was worth it (I got 1500 KB/s).
  • by IAmRenegadeX ( 627910 ) on Friday February 13, 2004 @02:50PM (#8272014) Homepage
    Being able to run UT2K4 on more than just Windows is nice, but I suspect the non-Windows ports will be vulnerable to the same issues faced with UT (1999) -- incompatibility with certain mutators and "add-on" server packages...

    ...arguably the most important of which was "UTPure", an anti-cheat mechanism.

    Does anyone know if that were a big issue with UT2K3?
  • by DanSolo ( 752246 ) on Friday February 13, 2004 @02:50PM (#8272018)
    I must say, I was impressed last night as I hosted a listen server with 14 bots and a friend (who was on a PC). Nice smooth framerate, no noticable CPU lag, and the netcode seems to be pretty damn solid.

    Looking forward to the retail version, and many hours of cross-platform goodness. My PC friends might actually like me again.

  • by Dracolytch ( 714699 ) on Friday February 13, 2004 @02:59PM (#8272131) Homepage
    So, here's an idea of what's in the download that you may find interesting:

    6 maps
    The new Onslought game type
    Assault is back!!
    Voice chat
    New levels
    Sniper rifle is back
    Voice recognition (bot commands)

    I've heard reports of, but haven't seen yet for UT2K4:
    New weapons (spider mines)
    Anti-Vehicle rockets
    Nade launcher
    Play from laptop!!!

    • So, here's an idea of what's in the download that you may find interesting[...]

      Note that the vehicles are only available in the Onslaught game type.

      I am REALLY liking Onslaught mode. Those vehicles rock. The bots seem a little too good at picking off the air units though.

      • by Erwos ( 553607 ) on Friday February 13, 2004 @03:33PM (#8272539)
        I agree - the Onslaught map that they included is absolutely kick-ass. Requires a bit of strategy, but not so much that bots are useless as team-mates. If only they'd jump on the back of the truck and man the damn gun!

        It's funny - some of the initial reviews I read complained that the vehicles were done badly. I couldn't agree less - the ground vehicles need a little tweaking, but those air units bring me right back to the days of Tribes 2.

        The vehicles also don't destroy balance, which is a good thing. A guy on the ground can take out air units and light vehicles pretty easily, and airborne units can destroy tanks extremely quickly. But, then again, five guys coming down on you with buggies is going to result in you dead, which makes sense.

        The AI is good at blowing up air units if:
        1. You stay still or move slowly.
        2. You fly predictably.
        If you move like a fox and jink, they generally don't get you.

        Interestingly, I also found the Assault map to be fantastic. You've got optional switches and "special events" (airstrike). There's also the cool cutscene at the beginning showing you exactly how to do the map.

        Is the Ion Painter (oribital strike) weapon in the demo at all?

  • by WormholeFiend ( 674934 ) on Friday February 13, 2004 @03:00PM (#8272140)
    I'm still holding out for the OS/2 Warp UT2k4 demo!

    The OS/2 community will NOT disappear into the night without a fight!
  • Finally, Ryan Gordon has been fighting with a vehical bug in these all that the demos are out he can finally get some sleep, so he is rested enough to finish the game for release!
  • by MMaestro ( 585010 ) on Friday February 13, 2004 @03:08PM (#8272238)
    Will I begin to see Linux & Mac clans forming solely to fight it out with Windows clans?
  • So has anyone been able to get the web admin to load on the linux dedicated server? I'm extracting to /var/games/ut2k4demo, editing System/UT2004.ini to have bEnabled=True under the web admin section, but when I execute "./ AS-Convoy.ut2" about 2/3 of my putty window up from where it stops it says that webmin is disabled... If I make the same changes on the windows install and run a server for it from dos, no problems (WinXP)

    I am running apache on port 80, but have changed the port for it to

  • Honor whom honor due (Score:2, Interesting)

    by Qbertino ( 265505 )
    A friend got me hooked into this multiplayer capture the flag (ctf) fps thing a few years ago with Unreal Tournament Game of the year edition. By then it was 2 years old, had a rock solid Linux client and was de-facto bug free, due to a persistent update policy. It was the most popular multiplayer online game with something like 80 000 player online at a time.
    I had to pratice 3-4 weeks to actually survive longer than 30 seconds in the public servers but it got me hooked.
    I have come to think of UT and its fo
  • by BarakMich ( 90556 ) on Friday February 13, 2004 @03:39PM (#8272604) Journal
    from the who-needs-a-valentine? dept.

    Uhh.. me. But aside from that, I would suggest that all those with the option of spending Valentine's with their SO or with UT2K4 choose their SO (mostly, for their own well-being)

    On a tangent, I would much rather have an SO than another FPS. Why?

    The FPS genre is becoming saturated. UT2K4? Ho-hum, really. Just a few new ways to gib your buddies. I have not seen a lot of innovation in the FPS market... look at the glut of WW2 FPSes alone!

    With an SO, one must ALWAYS be innovative. If you look at it like a game, you must always be on your toes. Can't respawn, must play smart, must always devise new tactics -- I can think of no game that requires as much out of the player.

    Ah, well
  • RMS (Score:5, Funny)

    by leomekenkamp ( 566309 ) on Friday February 13, 2004 @03:40PM (#8272622)
    Uncompressing Unreal Tournament 2004 Demo for GNU/Linux 3120.................

    And somewhere an unconventional fellow with long hair and a beard feels joy about this game for a different reason than other people...
  • by ecote ( 555848 ) <edmond_cote AT yahoo DOT ca> on Friday February 13, 2004 @04:01PM (#8272859)
    is it too early to ask where's my gentoo ebuild?
  • by gsfprez ( 27403 ) on Friday February 13, 2004 @11:19PM (#8276943)
    this is what causes UT 2004 demo to crap out at the spash screen.

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