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Unofficial X-Com Inspired Remake Gets Demo 30

Sacrusha writes "The developers of UFO: Alien Invasion finally released a technical demo for both Windows and Linux, using a modified Quake 2 engine to feature turn-based tactical combat against alien forces on three different maps, in both single and multiplayer modes! UFO: AI is going to be a totally free, fan-made game and is heavily inspired by Microprose's X-Com series - the developers are looking for your input on the product."
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Unofficial X-Com Inspired Remake Gets Demo

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  • by MMaestro ( 585010 ) on Saturday February 21, 2004 @08:35PM (#8352662)
    Will horrible random name generating system be in this game? (For those who don't know, the original UFO Enemy Unknown featured a random name generating system. The problem with it was that first and last names were not seperated so you could have a character names James Jones or Adams Frank. Not only that they didn't seperate names by nationality so you'd have names like... well I'm sure you can think of some crazy combinations. I once played a game where I start off with 3 characters all having the same last name. Family relationship?)
  • by rholliday ( 754515 ) on Sunday February 22, 2004 @10:23AM (#8355237) Homepage Journal
    And don't forget the generic Caucasian skin that could end up named "Shigeo Tanida." Or the African-American "Sergei Mikhailov." God I loved that game ... Actually, still do, since you can get a native Windows port with an XP-able hack.

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