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Nintendo Shows Franchise Totals, Metroid-Themed GBA 40

Thanks to IGN GameCube for its article noting overall sales totals for Nintendo's most famous franchises, revealed as part of the company's recent financial results. The winner? "Across a total of nineteen titles, the Super Mario Brothers series has managed worldwide sales of 174 million units. This figure works out to 54 million units across nine portable titles and 120 million units across 10 home titles." Additionally, "Pokemon comes in second at 91 million units... [though] the company has chosen to not include sales from the series' console counterparts... Donkey Kong beats out Zelda for third place with 43 million units... Zelda comes in at 42 million units." Elsewhere, Game Science has news of a limited edition Metroid-themed Game Boy Advance SP, with the "two-tone GBA SP body shell, in the colors of Samus' bodysuit" available in Japan via Club Nintendo.
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Nintendo Shows Franchise Totals, Metroid-Themed GBA

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  • I've already sold my SP in expectation of the DS.

    And oh yeah, it was interfering so much with my school I almost got kicked out for not turning in enough papers :-O
    • I'm going the other route... I'm keeping my GBA SP, and then will use it for trade-in credit when the DS comes out.
      • by shadowcabbit ( 466253 ) <(cx) (at) (> on Tuesday June 01, 2004 @10:10AM (#9302808) Journal
        I'm going the other route... I'm keeping my GBA SP, and then will use it for trade-in credit when the DS comes out.

        Have fun trading it in for the $20 credit you'll get at that point. The best time to get rid of the GBA is now, while the trade-in prices are relatively high. Dump the store credit on a gift card or something and let it sit until November. I sold mine for cash (minor emergency) but didn't lose a whole lot as I still have the GBA Player for my Cube. Lucky thing, too-- I'd have kicked myself if I'd missed Mario vs. Donkey Kong.
        • Yah, it might even be a little late already. I tried to trade in my original GBA the other day, and it was only worth $30. More depressingly, it was only worth that much as a promotional deal to 'upgrade' to SPs.
        • Having a GBA Player doesn't help those of us who use our GBAs for the intended purpose, i.e. playing games out of the house. I think the best plan would be to just keep the SP as an extra controller for stuff like FF:CC. That being said, I don't think the SP will fall in price as fast as you think it will, as it is still theoretically desirable to buy one for this purpose. I wonder how convenient it is to hook up a DS as a GameCube controller actually. :-/
        • I'm not too worried about getting $20 store credit because I get a 15% discount on video games and hardware at my wife's store. I do have a GB player and my wife's GBA SP.

          What I'm a little excited about is the release of these Classic NES titles. We got a scratch-and-sniff sticker set from Nintendo for each of those games. Strange. :)
    • I'm keeping the 3 SP's and the GBA I have in hopes that they will be utilized in some way with the GC2, a'la Zelda:4 Swords. If not then I will remain very bitter with Nintendo for a long time for buying into their "connectivity" scam.
      • by Anonymous Coward
        What "scam?" I never heard anything about the GameBoy Advance line being future compatible with all Nintendo home systems until the end of time.

        All I've ever seen Nintendo advertise is GBA-GCN connectivity. Am I not reading the same excitable fanboy magazines you are or something?
  • Well that's my daughters' games accounted for - what about the rest?

  • The Original SMB on NES sold 40 million, but almost every NES sold came with it.

    SMB 3 sold ~ 25 million copies.
    • Re:NES influence... (Score:2, Interesting)

      by Bloomy ( 714535 )
      Should Super Mario Bros., Tetris on the Gameboy and Super Mario World really be included when discussing the best selling games of all-time? I don't think system pack-ins should count.
      • I don't see why not. Most people bought the NES because of SMB. That system never would have taken off the way it did bringing the indust. out of the video game crash of the 80's if it weren't for SMB. kvn
    • by Anonymous Coward
      I wouldn't say that.

      There were many different bundles of the NES. The earliest bundles didn't come with SMB at all (they came with Duck Hunt & Gyromite), nor did most later bundles.
  • metroid GBASP (Score:4, Interesting)

    by fireduck ( 197000 ) on Tuesday June 01, 2004 @09:23AM (#9302490)
    while the metroid colored SP is nice, the NES edition [] is retro cool. (i hadn't even heard of it until i ran across it while shopping yesterday).
    • That is the coolest mod I've ever seen...
    • They should have a better design, instead of that red-orange color. Something cool like the NES-themed GBA SP. Though honestly, does there need to be ANOTHER GBA SP that's a little bit differently colored? Just how many different colors are there now?
      • Re:metroid GBASP (Score:1, Insightful)

        by Anonymous Coward
        Why does this matter to so many people on here? Who cares if they come out with different colors? You already have one, so unless you're in the habit of collecting one of each color, it doesn't affect you in the least.

  • It is no surprise to me that Pokemon came in 2nd since the Japanese really went crazy over just about everything the Pokemon company put out. Not that it did not happen here, just about all the 10 year olds I coach have some toy that is made by Pokemon or one of its spinoffs. I personally thought Zelda would have had higher numbers. The whole Zelda series is the best group of games on the planet. I can still remember the first time I played the original Zelda on NES. I couldn't put that game down. It
    • In all fairness the Zelda series doesn't have nearly the number of titles released the others do. You get maybe one or two per system, whereas Pokemon for the GBA already has 5 (Sapphire, Ruby, S/R Pinball, Leaf Green, Fire Red). For personal favorite I'm going to go out on a limb and say Majora's Mask.

  • Although the retro GBA SP is really cool, why the hell do they keep coming out with different colors? Hey Nintendo, instead of putting time and money into researching crazy new color designs, why don't you come out with a better way of producing games. You GBA games are already 30 plus dollars. Hell, if I shop the sales at Best Buy I can can get 2 PS2 Greatest Hits games for 30 bucks. For shame nintendo. I think your just trying milk the consumer for everything he/she is worth.
    • For some reason, I don't think they have a boardroom full of executives researching the next best color to put on their machines. Although that does make for a funny situation.
    • I think your just trying milk the consumer for everything he/she is worth. (sic.)

      Well, duh. Wouldn't you? It's called ca-pi-ta-lism.
    • I suspect there is a slight difference in manufacturing costs, don't you? A DVD is cheaper than the ROM cartridges, and batteries housed in theose cartridges, that currently house GBA games. I'm sure it's not a great deal more, but it is more.

      Before you speak, do a little research.

    • by Randar the Lava Liza ( 562063 ) on Tuesday June 01, 2004 @04:45PM (#9307958) Homepage
      Actually the Metroid colors are only available to Japanese members of Club Nintendo. You send in your regular GBA SP with 600 points (about 10 gamecube games' proof of purchase) and a few weeks later they send you your GBA SP back with the new colors. These aren't for direct sale, just a special color you can get. They had a few others like it, Pearl, and an orange one, among others.

      These aren't for sale, just cool extras you can get with spending the points.

  • by thanester ( 705099 ) on Tuesday June 01, 2004 @11:13AM (#9303519)
    Technically, isn't Donkey Kong part of the Mario Bros. franchise? Or vice versa... since Mario was a character in the original Donkey Kong. :-)
  • What about the Mother/Earthbound series???? :(
  • The original Mario Bros. came out in 1983. Pokemon Red and Green debuted in Japan in 1996.

    Having been around nearly three times as long as Pokemon, Mario has only sold about twice as many games. And that's without counting Pokemon console titles which, despite IGN's protestation that they aren't really significant, really are.

    Pokemon Col. is driving Gamecube sales in Europe right now, its one of the better selling games in the past few months.

    The various N64 Stadium games all sold well, particularly in J

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