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Sega Dreamcast Gets Rogue RPG Conversion 33

MilenCent writes "Oh rapturous jubilation! Some saintly homebrew Dreamcast programmer has ported Rogue, that wonderful, magnificent, beautifully malevolent progenitor of PC RPGs with randomly generated game content, to Sega's undead console. The history of Rogue is long and storied, and the genre of Roguelikes (which includes a certain game you may have heard of) has found a new platform to settle on."
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Sega Dreamcast Gets Rogue RPG Conversion

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  • Dreamcast for teh win.
  • Ports (Score:3, Insightful)

    by illuminata ( 668963 ) on Friday July 16, 2004 @08:12AM (#9714999) Journal
    I hear a bunch about how great the Dreamcast homebrew scene is, but can't they do better than ports and clones? Are there any good homebrews that don't fall into either category?

    So an old game can play on a different platform. Yeah, that's nifty, but where's my original games? Is this the best that they can do?

    Because if it is, what's the point?
    • Re:Ports (Score:3, Informative)

      by MC Negro ( 780194 )

      Yeah, that's nifty, but where's my original games? Is this the best that they can do?

      Here []. Nothing particularly awesome, but still homebrew none the less.

      Of course you know that the Dreamcast can emulate damn near anything [], making it ideal for people who play a lot of ROMs. While I personally have never done it, I can imagine that plenty of people are getting use out of the Dreamcast strictly for that purpose.

    • Re:Ports (Score:3, Insightful)

      Why? Play emulated stuff on your TV for cheap. No modchip needed. No NES/Genesis/etc cluttering up the apartment.

      In regards to homebrew: think about how many awesome homebrew PC games there are (don't reply with a list unless it contains about 300 games). The DC homebrew scene is a fraction of the size of the PC scene, so I guess the number of excellent games rounds off to about zero.

      Anyway, I have enjoyed the emulated games/ports for Dreamcast.

    • This is an interesting problem in general.

      I made the homebrew JoustPong [] for the Atari 2600.

      I'm not sure where it falls on the originality melds elements of Joust and Pong, and technically it's a port since I also wrote it for Windows and in Java, but it's not a port or clone of any well-known game.

      The Atari 2600 is a different scene from the DC, and any port to it is a SERIOUS challenge, but the DC is a lot more flexible, and I can see your point that a port of a game that is much better on
  • sweet (Score:3, Insightful)

    by fiftyvolts ( 642861 ) <mtoia@fiftyvolt[ ]om ['s.c' in gap]> on Friday July 16, 2004 @08:29AM (#9715068) Homepage Journal

    I love these games. I find it hard to believe that modern RPG while graphically amazing cannot obtain the level of detail that the rouge like games have. Nethack will always be my favorite, but I have to try rouge on DC :D

    • Someone is going to say it so it might as well be me.

      It is spelt Rogue. ROGUE. Rouge is makeup people put on their face to make it red.

      Even the web page linked in the article spells it wrong a few times - ('Rougue'). Though at least that mis-spelling is highly original!
      • That's because people pronouce it funny: ROGE. Where the hell does that U go in there? You don't pronouce it. That's why I say it "ROGE-way", like Segue.

  • RTFA (Score:4, Informative)

    by jbellis ( 142590 ) * <`moc.rednelbeganrac' `ta' `nahtanoj'> on Friday July 16, 2004 @08:54AM (#9715155) Homepage
    "No save support."

    • Re:RTFA (Score:4, Funny)

      by dasunt ( 249686 ) on Friday July 16, 2004 @10:56AM (#9716194)

      "No save support."

      Just play for 15 minutes more -- that should eliminate the need to save the game.

      • Amen
      • You speak truly. Besides being the origin of multiple genres of computer gaming (RPGs and the Roguelike subclass), the thing that always struck me about Rogue is its incredible difficulty.

        Nethack only seems hard to new players. Of course the "new player" phase of Nethack is incredibly long, years really, because there's so much to learn about the game. But once you get good enough, it's not actually that hard to ascend Barbarians and Valkyries, and I have done both.

        But Rogue, while a much less complex
  • And of course... (Score:5, Informative)

    by dk4 ( 522573 ) <> on Friday July 16, 2004 @08:56AM (#9715167) Homepage
    Blizzard's Diablo borrows heavily from Rogue/Hack/Nethack/Moria
    • All of those games are direct Rogue descendents: Hack, Nethack, Moria, Angband, and all the other Roguelikes...
    • I feel Toejam and Earl is even more derivative of Rogue - it's clear the designers used Rogue as a starting point and made some changes to make it more videogamey. A number of the touches they added are very original and work well, and the alien characters and all the animation are a lot of fun, but overall it maintains a lot of the same basic "feel" of Rogue. Playing Rogue or playing Toejam and Earl is like eating potato chips. You have the urge to keep trying another quickie game till you win one. Dia
      • I'd still like to see a rogue-inspired game for the Gameboy (advance, though if anybody knows of an earlier one I'm all ears). Randomization still seems to be a PC thing, though. (With cleverness and some old-school programming know-how, it's not that hard even to save significant gaming data on to dinky carts.)
      • Yes! I actually e-mailed the creators of ToeJam & Earl about this a few years ago and they admitted the game is heavily inspired by Rogue. (And is much more enjoyable than Diablo, in my opinion.)
  • Cool! Finally a game which really shows off the Dreamcast's graphic abilities! (Now to see if I'm moderated "funny" or "troll"...)
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  • What's the point of porting Rogue dirrectly to the Dreamcast when you could simply tie it onto the back of a Free Unix system []? About the only real thing gained is the controller support which could probably be done with a hacked keyboard driver a lot easier.
    • Less overhead, fool!

      Heh, it may even be able to play Nethack if you do it that way, though Nethack makes heavy use of temporary files, so it'd have to make use of a RAM disk. Also, saving your game is much more important in Nethack, since it's so much longer.
    • That's what I was thinking. Even a non-programmer, like myself could probably get it working on a 'nix system that way.

      If I remember correctly Nethack WAS ported to BSD on the DC though I don't think it has X11 tiles support

  • by Anonymous Coward
    i've collected and created alot of tools to make burning dreamcast homebrew via linux alot easier

    dreamcast linux tools []

    my tools are also on's site.

  • It's on the Linux CD I have for it. (really).
  • Dead? Where have you guys been the last 3 years. DC is bigger then it has ever been.

No problem is so large it can't be fit in somewhere.