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Dunst Demands Asset Reduction For Spider-Man 2 Videogame 90

Thanks to IOL.ie for its article discussing actress Kirsten Dunst's issues in approving her videogame likeness for Activision's Spider-Man 2 game. According to the lengthy news story, "The actress was asked to give her approval for the sequel's new merchandise and had to chastise the game's saucy creators." Although the Treyarch-developed Xbox/PS2/GameCube game has been well-received, certain dimensional inaccuracies were less appreciated by Ms.Dunst, as she explains, regarding her character Mary Jane Watson: "I got to approve the video game, the way she looks. They made her boobs gigantic. I was like, 'Tone down the boobs, please!' It was a little ridiculous."
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Dunst Demands Asset Reduction For Spider-Man 2 Videogame

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  • Could be Worse (Score:5, Interesting)

    by Detritus ( 11846 ) on Monday July 19, 2004 @08:24AM (#9736846) Homepage
    One of the recent episodes of the TV show x-play showed some ridiculous examples of physical modeling and costuming in video games. Many characters had huge breasts that must have contained helium bladders to keep them upright, plus a titanium support structure built into their costume. They reminded me of Frank Frazetta's cover illustrations for Conan the Barbarian.
  • by gamgee5273 ( 410326 ) * on Monday July 19, 2004 @09:18AM (#9737164) Homepage Journal
    Ahhh... but isn't the video character portraying Dunst portraying Mary Jane? Therefore, in this case, the character would be portraying the actor, not vice-versa.
  • Seems a little silly (Score:3, Interesting)

    by antin ( 185674 ) on Monday July 19, 2004 @09:53AM (#9737346)
    It seems a little silly for her to complain about computer games focusing on her breasts when her entire movie career has done the same... I'm sure everyone remembers that infamous Spiderman scene in the rain (to name just one).

    I can't help but feel she just wants some more attention. Same with her recent comments about killing spidey off...

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