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On Cedega 4.0 And Windows Gaming 34

An anonymous reader writes "There's a new ExtremeTech article discussing the state of WineX/Cedega on Linux as it relates to Windows gaming. The article suggest: 'As an operating system, Linux has many things to recommend it over Windows. Gaming, alas, is not one of them... We tried Cedega out on three different distributions (and with a bunch of games). The results were decidedly mixed.'"
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On Cedega 4.0 And Windows Gaming

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  • by Jesterboy ( 106813 ) on Friday July 30, 2004 @07:01PM (#9849097)
    I appreciate that they are trying to take into account the "Wal-Mart" class of games by including various hunting titles, but for real PC gamers, who would care whether these run or not? In fact, I almost consider it a bonus that these games don't run...

    To be honest, I wish they would've done a little more testing of older and newer titles, across all platforms. It doesn't mean a whole lot if you're testing different stuff on different hardware/OS configurations. Actually, I wish they'd just tested more games, old or new. Pardon me, but I don't think ~4 demos is a comprehensive nor accurate test of how well Cedega performs.
  • WOW! (Score:4, Insightful)

    by will.murnane ( 791409 ) on Friday July 30, 2004 @07:22PM (#9849229)
    gasp! surprise! wineX doesn't run games as well as windows! imo, wineX hurts the cause of developers, who can point to it and say "that's why we didn't develop a linux client! see, it runs!" if noone develops games for linux, noone plays games on linux. repeat. don't use or support wineX if you're interested in linux gaming.
    • You sound like one of the 'creative individual's that put together a boycot WineX [] page that has no real proof or facts about why they are boycotting it other then to be a Linux Zealot

      Why not a boycot MAME campaign or boycot ANY 'emulator' for that matter? Makes no sense, stop trying to rationalize your dislikes with FUD
      • Because there is little to no chance of any 15+ year old arcade games getting a port to Linux, whereas getting ports of curent games and applications is important.
    • Re:WOW! (Score:4, Insightful)

      by foidulus ( 743482 ) * on Friday July 30, 2004 @08:36PM (#9849603)
      I think the real reason that most companies don't develop Linux ports is that companies probably think that there really isn't a big enough audience that runs Linux exclusively. Most hardcore gamers will dual boot for games. It's a pain in the ass, but hardcore gamers are willing to do it.
      If you want linux gaming, write to the companies, and get others to do so, saying that you are interested in their product, but will not be purchasing it unless they release a linux port.
    • or if you're really interested in linux gaming, get on board with a big dev company and quietly work on a linux client and add it into the final product.

      if your bosses ever ask about it, tell em marketing asked you to do it.

  • hmm (Score:5, Insightful)

    by DaveJay ( 133437 ) on Friday July 30, 2004 @07:22PM (#9849230)
    It seems odd that they would pick only games and demos that are NOT officially supported by Cedega.
    • Re:hmm (Score:3, Insightful)

      by Rallion ( 711805 )
      Well, it serves a purpose to do so. I have no reason to even have Linux installed, ATM, since between 10-minute /. sessions, I'm just gaming (If I'm in front of the machine at all). In order to even justify the hard drive space for a Linux install, I'd need to be able to play a lot of games on it, and more than the ones Cedega officially supports. I know the supported ones run, at least, they'd damn well better. It's the unsupported ones that are worth a look.
      • And here I thought I was the only person on /. who didn't recoil at the mere thought that Linux is not the ultimate solution for every computing use that currently exists.
      • "In order to even justify the hard drive space for a Linux install, I'd need to be able to play a lot of games on it, and more than the ones Cedega officially supports."

        you have to "justify" the space for a Linux install??? with me, I have to justify the space for a windows install just for playing games on... that's all I use windows for now, just running a couple of games (fs2002 and virtual skipper). Now when cedega gets to the stage where it can transparently run such directX games without them borking

        • Contrary to... well, it certainly seems to be popular here... opinion, if you already have Windows, and you have five working brain cells in your head, it does your web surfing and email just fine. It also does gaming. The latter happens to be a big plus for grandparent and for me. Is that so difficult to understand?
  • by Lisandro ( 799651 ) on Friday July 30, 2004 @08:05PM (#9849430) we really need to focus so much effort on emulating Windows on Linux? Don't get me wrong, Wine/WineX it's cool, and i've used Wine to run specialized software unavailable on Linux (like EE software).

    But when you talk Wine, 99% of the time you're talking games. Wine is cool, but most modern games don't run well at all on it; i just prefer keeping a Windows partition handy, or playing native Linux games (which is much better. Games tend to fly on linux). They won't run well anytime soon either, as Wine is always playing catch-up. It's no coincidence that all games that play 100% correctly are at least a couple years old.

    I say this because people expect Linux to do *everything* better, even running games for another OS! It's simple, if you want to play the latest Windows game like it should, keep a Windows partition handy. Linux versions are becoming more common lately, but in the meantime, that's the only way to go.
    • by mahdi13 ( 660205 ) <> on Friday July 30, 2004 @08:43PM (#9849639) Journal
      It's simple, if you want to play the latest Windows game like it should, keep a Windows partition handy.
      Oh yes, that's SO SIMPLE!
      News flash: Not everyone has/runs Windows. It may come pre-installed with new machines but some people skipped the middle man and built their machines. Some people can't afford to pay for a copy of Windows (and refuse to pirate). And some people just don't want to run Windows at all

      There is NOTHING wrong with running Windows games on Linux with an "application layer", it doesn't hurt your system and it DOESN'T hurt Linux. Some people are not Frame Per Second junkies and don't mind a few quirks, bonus if it works 100%
      Game companies will not decide to port to Linux because "It runs with WineX", that is an excuse (if they actually say this, I've never heard it). If companies want to port to Linux they WILL. We have Epic and id as very strong backers of cross platform games, and more are following.

      Linux games will not be an over night 'killer app', but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy some things. Having Windows on a second hard drive or partition is not an option for everyone.
      • Well, if that's the case; tough luck. Really. Want to play Windows games? Buy Windows. It's not that Wine kills FPS (it doesn't - as a matter of fact), 80% of the games won't run AT ALL. It boils down to that.

        Look, i'm not bitching about Wine. It's an impressive piece of software, and God knows it made my life easier more than once. But people like to throw a fit when their *WINDOWS* games don't run properly on *LINUX* - i mean, what did you expect? It's emulation software, for a platform that's a mov
      • Some people can't afford to pay for a copy of Windows (and refuse to pirate).

        If you can't afford XP Home, how to you manage to scrape up the $50 US you'll need to pay for a legit copy of Doom 3 or one of the handful of other high-profile commercial games that support Linux?

        • I think your completely off base here, I'll use myself as a counter example. Every machine I own is x86 hardware running Linux (except my Laptop, wich is an iBook running OS X). I have 1 fairly high-end machine I use as my primary desktop machine. A Pentium 4 1.9gz with 3GB ram and a GeForce FX 5900. Now lets say it's a few months from now and the Doom 3 Linux client is available, so I decide I'd like to play it. For $50 I can go out and buy the game, download the Linux client (AFAIK the Doom 3 Linux c
      • Can't afford to pay for Windows? You can pick up a copy of XP Home for $70. I've seen OEM licenses as low as $55.

        If you can afford the games and the hardware to run 'em on, you'd have to be pretty petty to make an issue out of another $70.
    • we really need to focus so much effort on emulating Windows on Linux?

      The thing is, "we" are not doing so... the Wine/WineX teams and their supporters are.

      Open source is not a single cohesive entity, and it is not the community's place to tell others what code to write. If they wanna code windows compatibility software, they can. That's what Free Software is all about: choice.

    • Battlefield Vietnam, Max Payne II are a year old maybe, and they run just fine on cedega. Off course i prefer native games, but if only 2 or 3 % of the computers have linux installed, i don't think the vendors will do much effort for a native linux version. However things are changing: UT2004, Doom 3 and many more are natively supported ( [])
  • Got to wonder.. (Score:4, Insightful)

    by Turn-X Alphonse ( 789240 ) on Friday July 30, 2004 @08:54PM (#9849715) Journal
    Why anyone who would be using Linux (Not you're average media following monkey), without knowing this? I've never run Linux (will change next box though) and even I know this.

    Next people will be complaining that MS Word doesn't run on Linux. Software is designed to work for a system, it works on that system. It's like trying to put a free into a desert and expecting it to grow..
    • Although I've never tried it myself. I have read that, with Crossover Office, MS Office actually runs very well.
    • Crossover office runs the whole MS Office suite. Its produced by CodeWeavers, who are considered good OSS community members (they give back). Also supported are *some* versions of Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver (also, of course Iexplorer, Windows Media Player and Quicktime). Personally I always get a kick out of firing up the Internet Explorer.
  • Complaints? (Score:3, Funny)

    by Zorilla ( 791636 ) on Saturday July 31, 2004 @03:11AM (#9851170)
    I don't get why people are complaining about Cedega 4.0. Why, right now I've managed to get it to successfully run Internet Expl-

    error 21: program halted

  • Doom 3 will have a linux client, UT2004 has a linux client, Neverwinter Nights has a linux client, and that isn't to mention all the good F/OSS games developed for linux. I have a gaming PC that runs only Windows, and I use it to play windows-only games. It works fine, and I can still play some of my favorites on linux. It is clear, IMO, that we should patiently wait for linux games, as they will come, and use Windows or consoles in the meantime.

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