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EA_Spouse Forum Becoming Thriving Community 65

An anonymous reader writes "Kotaku has a story about the EA_Spouse Live Journal, which has become its own community of sorts, fostering endless rumors and gossip about EA culture. The site has more than 3,500 replies to the original diatribe post and grows daily. The latest finds include a link to an NPR story on the whole EA fiasco (the NPR reporter trolled the board for interviews) and copies of the contracts for Senior Vice President of Human Resources Rusty Rueff and Executive Vice President and Chief Financial & Administration Officer Warren Jenson. When is a T-shirt coming out?"
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EA_Spouse Forum Becoming Thriving Community

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  • NPR Link (Score:5, Informative)

    by plagioclase ( 454483 ) on Thursday December 09, 2004 @12:54PM (#11043134) Homepage
    Here's a link [] to the NPR story that was mentioned.
  • T-Shirt (Score:3, Funny)

    by TychoCelchuuu ( 835690 ) on Thursday December 09, 2004 @01:01PM (#11043208) Journal
    What would it say? My husband worked himself to death coding a physics engine and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt?
  • I thought that "leaked" internal memo previosly mentioned meant that EA was going to change all of this and pay overtime and allow normal work hours.
    • the memo said that EA was 'considering' changing policies which dictate which employees get overtime or not.

      basically the memo was a 'stopgap' put out by the management to try and stop the obvious discontent that comes with having the entire world laugh at your company...let alone the internal discontent that the EA drones themselves must be feeling - those that are smart enough to care...

      In other words, EA management are 'considering' changing the rules...which you can read to mean that they are waiting
    • Yeah, what everyone else said.

      The "leaked" memo was just HR placating the masses. I don't remember the exact wording of it (as I don't speak HRese) but it amount to "we will be reevaluating our policies and will be considering reclassifying some of our workers." Which probably translates to "some of you will be fired. And Probst gets a raise."

      Also included in there was allusion that EA felt that the laws regarding overtime were 'outdated' and 'evil' and holding back their wonderful creative teams, but since

  • by BrookHarty ( 9119 ) on Thursday December 09, 2004 @01:32PM (#11043577) Homepage Journal
    A lawyer representing the plaintiffs addresses a proposed class-action lawsuit seeking unpaid overtime from the world's biggest third-party publisher. 98.html []

  • by samael ( 12612 ) <> on Thursday December 09, 2004 @01:55PM (#11043823) Homepage
    Livejournal has a 5000-comment limit. She may have to actually make a second post...
  • by MrWa ( 144753 ) on Thursday December 09, 2004 @02:05PM (#11043925) Homepage
    is this a website to find bored, lonely housewives looking for a good time?
  • by Alkaiser ( 114022 ) on Thursday December 09, 2004 @02:09PM (#11043984) Homepage [] is running an interview with the aforementioned spouse today.
  • The T-Shirt (Score:4, Funny)

    by Digital_Quartz ( 75366 ) on Thursday December 09, 2004 @02:13PM (#11044067) Homepage
    The T-Shirt []
    • The T-shirt reads: "I worked 90 hours a week for EA, and all I didn't even get this lousy T-shirt."

      Is that grammatically correct? The wording doesn't even make sense...

      It should read: "... and all I didn't even get is this lousy T-shirt."
      "... and I didn't get even get this lousy T-shirt."

      I can't believe anyone would actually wear the shirt as it is currently worded.
    • EA spent all day sodomizing me with a hat rack, and then paid me in gift certificates for mashed potatos from El Pollo Loco
  • I hope the AC means that the NPR reporter trawled the board for interviews.

    I mean, I'm sure trolling it would work, but it doesn't quite seem to fit as responsible journalism...

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