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Gaming in the Military 39

Thanks to TopherHov who wrote in to mention a story on the Fox News site regarding gamers in the military, and the role that gaming plays for troops in the field. From the article: Games are as ubiquitous at Camp Fallujah and around it as tattoos, buzz cuts and shouts of "Hoorah" from one Marine to another. When the power goes out, a Humvee battery and a pair of alligator clips are all the resourceful gamer needs to resume the digitized fight.
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Gaming in the Military

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  • 18-25 . . . (Score:5, Insightful)

    by roseblood ( 631824 ) on Monday January 03, 2005 @02:50PM (#11246546)
    . . . is the age range that covers well over 60% of the members of our armed forces. This age group is also the biggest target for the gaming industry. No suprize there's mad games being played by members of our armed forces. They are all people too.
  • The Sims (Score:4, Funny)

    by Pyroneer ( 833353 ) on Monday January 03, 2005 @03:11PM (#11246804)
    I think any U.S. Marine caught playing The Sims would quickly be hazed.
  • Actually.. (Score:3, Informative)

    by Israfels ( 730298 ) on Monday January 03, 2005 @03:59PM (#11247366)
    US Marines say "Oorah!" Army says, "hoah" Navy says, "Hoyah" and Air Force says, "huh?". I was a Marine in the initial invasion on '03. I was also a computer tech, I job duties included setting up LAN games and using my laptop and a projector to have a makeshift theater. The sand destroyed every single DVD I had out there. Yet another reason DVD copying should be legal. "Support the troops!" Cpl. Roberts
    • Just out of curiosity, does the military enforce American copyright laws or stop file-sharing on its bases overseas? Would a soldier/marine/sailor be punished if they found pirate DVDs or music on him?

      Just wondering 'cause I've heard how networked the military is these days...

      And I'm glad you're back safe, btw.
      • I would think that those bases are treated as U.S. soil, and that all applicable laws would apply. There is a provision in the Uniform Code of Military Justice that allows a military member to be charged for crimes using civilian law.
    • Playstation 2s and desert sand do not mix. Their drives break anyway, but they do it a lot quicker out there. I was deployed last year as part of a combat communications squadron in the Air Force that was wannabe Army and got to see a whole bunch of PS2s break. A couple people brought Gamecubes. Obviously, those made it through gracefully.
    • Well... When you were here, did the locals sell you guys bootleg DVDs on the day of the movie's release?

      That and WiFi games of C&C Generals are how we survive out here, MAN!

      I've been here for 11 friggin' months, and I'm going home in less than 40 days!!!

      - happy toy soldier
  • SOCOM 2 (Score:2, Funny)

    by thief_inc ( 466143 )
    I was in the Marines from 94-02. Me and all the Marines from my shop get together online and play socom. What is funny about it is that I play with guys I have never met, they just happen to work at the same unit I used to work at. Its like some sort of Bizarre Reunion. I esp. like hearing about pvts that I used to make clean urinals with toothbrushes and razor blades who are now Sgts and SSGts doing the same thing to new pvts. Good to know I raised them right.
  • I thought they allowed gaming in the military now, but you just couldn't tell anybody that you were a gamer.
  • As long as we don't introduce Counter-Strike to them. That game could cause problems.

    * Iraqi1 killed Marine1 with awp
    *DEAD* Marine1: d00d, j00 sh0tz0rz meh! w4ht 4r3 j00, 4 f4gggg?
    Marine3: omg tahts gay
  • ...that I'm not the only Marine on the boards here. I'm an AMSU technician at NAS Fort Worth. Of course, I have ADD, so I've got 7 or 8 games going at once, but mainly GT3, polishing up my skills for GT4.
  • From reading these replies I'm beginning to think the military community on /. is composed entirely of marines and one air force who calls his own unit wannabe army. Though I can say from experience that I met more marines who played MUDs and D&D than any other branch. Some even openly.

    Though you have to know there probably are hundreds of gamers in the air force who have read this story and chosen to continue to remain secret instead.
    • It seems like most of my fellow Air Force members that game seem to play MMOs, not FPSs. I have run into many folks on both FFXI and EQ2 that are on the Air side. I guess we just aren't the gung ho shoot em up types...which is why we constantly get shit from the other branches.

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