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Sims University Ships in March 30

Gamespot is reporting that EA has pinned the launch date for the first Sims 2 expansion at March 1st, with the game being in stores on the 3rd. Gamespot also has an interview with the producer discussing new gameplay options, and the first official trailer. From the interview: "We expect the college experience for a single sim to last about double the length of the teen life span. But a single sim won't necessarily be able to experience all that college has to offer, so we anticipate that players will bring multiple sims to college and play them in very different ways."
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Sims University Ships in March

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  • object editor (Score:2, Insightful)

    by Vancomycin ( 789835 )
    hope the makers release an easy to use object editor. the mods and objects are what kept me going on the original sims game.
  • mmmm..... (Score:2, Interesting)

    by B00yah ( 213676 )
    Virtual Ramen, Macaroni and Cheese, and hangovers!

    Actually, since the wife is a rabid sims fan, I've been watching this, and I'm actually pretty impressed with what EA is doing in this expansion compared to the original sims expansions. They're actually adding a whole new life stage (young adult) in to the game, and more career paths upon a sim completing the college piece. Very spiff.
  • EA has pinned the launch date for the first Sims 2 expansion at March 1st

    So that means the programmers have been in crunch time for, what, the last 8 months?

  • by AtariAmarok ( 451306 ) on Friday January 14, 2005 @02:00PM (#11364233)
    Joe: "Dude, whassup?"

    Jimmie: "Like, I thought I was playing Sims University all those months, It, like, turned out I was accidentally connected to the University of Phoenix Online. Had no idea until this diploma came in the mail yesterday, dude!"

  • is it strange that I'm looking forward to this despite actually being in university?
  • by Laxitive ( 10360 ) on Friday January 14, 2005 @02:08PM (#11364389) Journal
    When I read this post, I started thinking.

    I just got out of college a few months back. And it made me chuckle.. "heh, now I can go back and play a virtual version of what I suffered through for five years".

    The more I thought, the more this whole idea seems vaguely.. disturbing. You have this game (which is a very nice game, I admit), which is being constantly tweaked to become a closer and closer approximation to actual IRL social life.

    What's the point of playing a game, whose whole point is to simulate real life to better and better degree?

    I'll take a stab at it: The Sims provides an arena where you can simulate social interactions which are not possible, or are hard in the real world. You can create a character and make him be a doctor.. and it might take two weeks of play in the game.. but it would take 5 years, lots of money, and hundreds of sleepless nights in real life.

    But the thing I've noticed with these games is.. to get anywhere significant, you need to invest valuable time. So you're taking time away from your real world interactions, to put into virtual interactions. But these aren't just any virtual interactions.. they're virtual interactions whose main appeal is that they model, in a close a way as is currently feasible, real social interactions.

    This loop-de-loop, the whole snake-eating-it-own-tail imagery that it evokes, somehow just doesn't sit right with me.

    Or maybe I'm completely wrong about this observation. Maybe the REAL appeal is the ability to play god. Maybe it's actually more like interactive storytelling (To me, storytelling is essentially a way of playing god - you script a literary universe, and its laws, each time you create a story).

    You create your own story, and that story's characters, those characters' interactions, all with a little bit of graphical help. That interpretation of the Sims' attraction seems a lot less sinister than my first interpretation.

    I still havn't decided. But I think it's very interesting to think about how these games relate to society, social interactions, as well as what kind of effect they will have on the real-life interactions between people.

    Anyway, I don't have an argument to make.. but I'd like to invite people to post their thoughts about this.

    • It's not about not socializing with others, or placing a fake reality in the place of reality, but it's all about entertainment. For most people, entertainment is some form of "fake" reality, be it movies, video games, plays, or sports.

      Different strokes for different folks, and all that, so people will prefer varying forms of entertainment. It would be a shame to have such a shallow set of interests that all you do is play one game nonstop, but at least if the obsession is Sims 2, you're actually doing som
    • I just got out of college a few months back. And it made me chuckle.. "heh, now I can go back and play a virtual version of what I suffered through for five years".

      I think the quote that will always stick with me is when my friend in college was playing the orginal sims and had his sim playing chess in the game so the sim could get smarter.
      "I could be playing Chess in real life to make my own intelligence go up, but instead i'm just simulating it."

    • I don't know for certain, but I would say that this article makes it seem a lot like the less harmful option.

      And it's fun to read :) 2
    • You wanna know why these games are so addictive, and why game developers won't stop with this genre until its as lifelike as The Matrix?

      Lack of accountability/responsibility. You touched on the responsibility part a bit, where you just take the fasttrack in life for gameplay's sake.

      The accountability part is why The Sims, and GTA are so successful. People get to do things they wouldn't normally do in real life. And while you touched on it a little bit, it goes further. There are no real consequences for

  • I'm surprised they haven't made Sims Sims.

    Give your sim a copy of the Sims, or some random MMORPG, and watch them sit around all day playing it and ignoring their friends and loved ones. You can train your sim to make his sims fall in love and form a functional family-- or you can make him an evil bastard that locks them in a room until they pee themselves! Oh, what fun!
  • ... people can now ruin their college education while playing a game that involves getting through college?

    Right. Carry on...

    • I wonder if the next expansion pack will be "The Sims: Grad School". Watch as the Sim parents have a breakdown when they find out Bobby Sim is doing a Ph.D. in Anthropology...
    • The Sims came out 2 weeks before finals one semester and a few of my friends destroyed their GPA's that way.
  • by evilmousse ( 798341 ) on Friday January 14, 2005 @02:40PM (#11364964) Journal

    sweeeet. can i play as a sim that's too busy playing sims to study? (..who's playing a sim too busy playing sims to study... ad infinitum)
  • by Dachannien ( 617929 ) on Friday January 14, 2005 @03:13PM (#11365466)
    Next up: Sims Gone Wild - College Spring Break

  • Will we get '' 22 expansions?!
  • I don't think it would be very fun to watch your Sim be promising throughout grade school, then sit around in his tiny dorm room, occasionally going to classes, constantly on his computer or masturbating or watching cartoons, until he flunks out the second semester. Man, what a depressing game The Sims is. Also, life.
  • laid (Score:3, Funny)

    by Lord_Dweomer ( 648696 ) on Saturday January 15, 2005 @05:02AM (#11372055) Homepage
    And something tells me I still won't be getting laid this time around.

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