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Starcraft: Ghost for Next-Gen Consoles? 28

Gamespot's weekly rumour control tackles several issues this week, the most intriguing being the possibility that the Starcraft: Ghost title may be coming out on next-gen consoles. From the article: "However, according to Blizzard, the listing is erroneous. 'It is not coming to next-generation consoles,' said a spokesperson. 'It is currently slated for the Xbox, GameCube, and PlayStation 2.'" They also state that the rumoured Xbox 360 name is likely a non-starter. Which is probably a good thing.
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Starcraft: Ghost for Next-Gen Consoles?

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  • next generation (Score:5, Interesting)

    by justforaday ( 560408 ) on Saturday February 12, 2005 @04:51PM (#11653908)
    well, considering the game media has been referring to the ps2, xbox and gc as "next generation consoles" for the past few years, i don't think it's exactly fair for them to lay into blizzard for announcing that sc:ghost is coming out for the "next generation consoles." using that moniker was very short-sighted on everyone's part...
    • Re:next generation (Score:5, Insightful)

      by gl4ss ( 559668 ) on Saturday February 12, 2005 @04:58PM (#11653973) Homepage Journal
      heheh yeah.

      those consoles WERE next gen when they started puffing starcraft: ghost up.

      which pretty much tells a sign of how long it has been in making. are they even doing it? that's what I wonder with vapor titles that are 6+ years in the making: the end product usually isn't shinier, more extensive or better as a whole than games that were just under 1.5 years or even less in the making.
      • I agree...except Half Life 2..they did that one right. I don't have as much faith with the people doing SC:Ghost though. Who knows, maybe they can prove me wrong.
    • Exactly. The information that it will be on the next-gen consoles was in the Blizzard product catalog as stated Gamespot has stated.

      The blizzard spokesperson even said that this product catalog was old to begin with. To quote the aritcle '"The catalog hasn't been updated," was all the Blizzard rep would say.'

      What i find odd though is that nobody noticed this sooner even though World of Warcraft (where the product catalog can be found) has been put for sometime.
    • SC Ghost had the best fanboy reaction when it was announced. All these idiots complaining that blizzard was neglecting them and their PC heritage, forcing them to buy a console, how it was going to have a crappy control setup [sclegacy.com], etc. It was rather laughable. And that was what, 2-3 years ago? Now, one can buy a new gamecube for about the same price as HL2 silver edition, or just about $10 more than SCGhost when it is finally released...
  • I feel old... (Score:2, Informative)

    by game kid ( 805301 )
    I remember when the Super Nintendo, Genesis and Pentium were next-generation--not to mention the AMD K6-2 ("with 3DNow! technology!"). The first game I ever played was that Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt dual pak. I miss teh old days...
    • I feel the same way.

      I still remember when I was a kid and I first got my NES...I spent so much time playing Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt. I remember being so excited about the SNES coming out. Before I had one myself, I'd play the demo models in Target every chance I got. Those were the days...

      Now, I'm only in my early 20s, yet I feel like an old man.
      • When you can remember getting excited about Combat and Air/Sea Battle on the Atari 2600, and when you remember looking forward to Atari Age magazine for info on the new Raiders of the Lost Ark game, then you're an old man.
        • Yeah I remember when Ms Pac Man came out for the Atari 2600 and the graphics just totally blew the original Pac Man away. All the neighborhood kids were over in my parents basement just mesmerized by how great the Ms Pac Man graphics were. I think that was in about 1982.
    • I remember when the Super Nintendo, Genesis and Pentium were next-generation--not to mention the AMD K6-2 ("with 3DNow! technology!"). The first game I ever played was that Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt dual pak. I miss teh old days...

      I remeber when 8bit was next-gen!!!

      Man, I had to walk uphill, barefoot in the snow to play it too!
  • well (Score:4, Insightful)

    by Master_T ( 836808 ) on Saturday February 12, 2005 @06:59PM (#11654811)
    Starcraft ghost has sorta lost the allure it once had. the Starcraft franchise is so old now, WOW just sort of covers it up. That and the fact that this is the first I have heard of the game in two years. I mean if it were Starcraft 2 this would be quite exciting, but an FPS from blizzard....
    • Re:well (Score:2, Informative)

      by Tanmi-Daiow ( 802793 )
      Its not an FPS, its a 3rd person action title. I agree , if it would be Starcraft 2, everyone would be all over it. Im still gonna get it because i still think Starcraft has one of the most interesting stories in any medium, be it games, movies, radio, etc. Warcraft never really appealed to me that much so thats also why im looking forward to Starcraft: Ghost.
    • Re:well (Score:3, Funny)

      by prichardson ( 603676 )
      World of Warcraft has sorta lost the allure it once had. The Starcraft franchise is so old now. I mean, if this were Warcraft IV this would be quite exciting, but an MMORPG from blizzard...
    • You do realize that the Warcraft franchise is older than Starcraft, right? That there were two full games and numerous expansion packs released before Starcraft ever was? And that Starcraft has had only one game with one (outstanding) expansion, compared to three full warcraft RTSes, with at least two expansions, one MMORPG, and an aborted adventure game.

      If anything, I'd say warcraft is the older, more played out franchise. And something about Starcraft always made it more FUN than warcraft for me too.
      • The point though, is that warcraft is not an old franchise in terms of the fact that It has recent titles that have come out in its name and has generated a lot of interest, but you don't hear much at all about Starcraft so it gets old. I was not speaking in terms of actual age.
        • How do you think warcraft got talked about a lot recently? They released games. How many years was it between the release of II and III?
  • Maufactuers change names to match whatever their competitor's name is all the time. AMD with their representative numbers:(2100xp for 1.7ghz which is supposed to be 'better' than the P4 2.0ghz. NVidia switching from geforce3,4 to geforce 5000 then 6000 to compete with ATI's cards with models already with 4 digits.) Personally I think Xbox2 sounds better and more logical than XBOX 360 because skipping from just Xbox to '360' can be somewhat deceptive, but then again, it's all marketing/advertising strategy t
  • Another Example (Score:2, Insightful)

    by delgertome ( 858944 )
    Another example of why you should never believe rumors. =)
  • I have seen this posted on a few sites the past few days. This has been talked about all over their (Blizzard's) forums since the game was released. I even sent a 'letter to the editor' for IGN talking about this on the release day. I don't even want to know why it took this long for the gaming news industry to get ahold of this.

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