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Games Entertainment

Starcraft: Ghost for Next-Gen Consoles? 28

Gamespot's weekly rumour control tackles several issues this week, the most intriguing being the possibility that the Starcraft: Ghost title may be coming out on next-gen consoles. From the article: "However, according to Blizzard, the listing is erroneous. 'It is not coming to next-generation consoles,' said a spokesperson. 'It is currently slated for the Xbox, GameCube, and PlayStation 2.'" They also state that the rumoured Xbox 360 name is likely a non-starter. Which is probably a good thing.
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Starcraft: Ghost for Next-Gen Consoles?

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  • next generation (Score:5, Interesting)

    by justforaday ( 560408 ) on Saturday February 12, 2005 @03:51PM (#11653908)
    well, considering the game media has been referring to the ps2, xbox and gc as "next generation consoles" for the past few years, i don't think it's exactly fair for them to lay into blizzard for announcing that sc:ghost is coming out for the "next generation consoles." using that moniker was very short-sighted on everyone's part...

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