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Inside the Honeypot, Inside the Game 22

VonGuard writes "The Game is the title of an article I have up on the EastBayExpress site, and it's an inside look at 4orty2wo, the company behind and the original ARG 'Who Killed Evan Chan?'. I also have an interview with the 4orty2wo folks in this month's Game Developer Magazine entitled 'Inside the Honeypot'. Read both carefully and you may find clues to a new ARG!" From the article: "One day last fall, Lenore Henry stood by a pay phone on San Francisco's Market Street. She cupped the thick black shell of the receiver to one ear and plugged the other with an errant finger to block out street noise. Behind her, a man clicked on a recording device and poked a microphone at the telephone mouthpiece. A familiar female voice was on the line. It wasn't a recorded voice as before. This one was live. It was 'the Melissa,' and Lenore needed to make it cry."
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Inside the Honeypot, Inside the Game

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