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Indie Super Mario Title 77

Press the Buttons has a post about an independently created Mario game which combines elements of Super Mario World and Super Mario Sunshine to create a great 2D gaming experience. From the post: "Equipped with the FLUDD water pack, Mario must collect pieces of a warp pipe, assemble them, and then exterminate the Piranha Plant living inside. FLUDD functions as both a jetpack and a weapon, and when the water supply runs dry Mario must get a refill at the local water hole."
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Indie Super Mario Title

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  • Indie Titles... (Score:2, Informative)

    by Bozzio ( 183974 )
    Anyone else working on indie titles based on older games?

    I'm working on a Blaster Master title (early in development) based on the first game (since the others sucked). I was just wondering how many people were into this... it's encouraging!
    • Blaster Master - damn, I forgot about that game. I remember having fun playing it.

      You staying true to the original 2D side scroller, or upgrading to 3D?
      • 2D Side scroller with 3D elements. Remember Mystical Ninja for N64?
        • Cant' say as I ever heard of that game. A quick google search makes it look like its entirely 3D. Got a sourceforge (or other) website for your dev stuff? I'm just curious.
          • No, nothing yet.

            Sadly, I can put very little time towards this project. I started it a long time ago using Allegro in DOS(I did say a LONG time ago). Anyway.. most of my old code is useless now as I was just learning how to code at the time. I'm starting from scratch using DirectX and once I have something to actually show I'll put up a site.

            As for Mystical Ninja on N64, there were 2 of them. They both appeared entirely 3D but one of them played like a 2D side scroller (your movement was restricted to
    • Im working on a 2d action RPG in the zelda vein. Got my test game pads in today! What engine you working in (your own, third pary?), Im far too lazy/inept/time constrained to write something myself, so im working with torque2d from garagegames. Its pure awesomeness. You should see the stuff the developers are working on over there. I dont have anything demoable yet, but i was wondering if you have a site i can check out. I love the recent indie push towards 2d games. They are some of my favorite types of ga
      • I'm taking a stab at using my own engine... but like I mentioned earlier, I'm only just now learning how to use DirectX, so I may switch yet.
        • I did the same thing, when i was younger and more self sure (And had lots of free time). Now that im a working man, i just need to get things done, so i ponied up some money for t2d. Works great for me.

          look at me talking like im an old man at 23. Anyway, good luck on your game. The more indies making more quality games, the better.
    • I'm working on the Privateer remake (1.1 is out now). It's pure bliss for me to cruise around that familiar galaxy in (better) 3d. Actually working on it is less blissful, but still enjoyable.
  • About Time (Score:4, Insightful)

    by astrokid ( 779104 ) on Tuesday June 14, 2005 @09:40AM (#12812060)
    This should hopefully tide me over until the next 2D Mario game for the DS.

    Companies needs to stop turning classics into 3D BS until they have decent reason to do so. ie: Not just taking the 2D gameplay and translating it to 3D.

    Before anyone mod's me down. I'm not reffering to Mario 64 as being crap, just the 3D Castlevania's and Contra's.
    • Re:About Time (Score:2, Informative)

      by rohlfinator ( 888775 )

      And even though Super Mario 64 was a great game in its own right, it lacked the gameplay perfection that can only be done in 2D.

      Oh, and as a warning: Super Mario Pac isn't really a full-fledged Mario game. It's a series of one screen "levels". I felt that it's more akin to Lunar Lander or Jetpack than a Mario game. The game is fun, but it's no Super Mario World by any stretch of the imagination.
      • +1 Informative

        I was looking at the screenshots and they didn't show very much of any level. I would call it a Indie Mario Bros. Title if the game is only limited to 1 screen per level. You know, like the classic Mario Bros.? It's the only Mario game I can think of that didn't actually progress through a series of worlds/zones/etc where they weren't limited to one screen.

        I'm not saying that what this guy did isn't impressive/cool or anything...but it's not what I was hoping for. I was thinking some
        • Just played and the gameplay is almost identical to the original mario brothers. 1 screen, shit comes at you from all sides whilst you try to acheive a goal. It is certainly a cool idea,but that style of gameplay bores me in around a minute.
          • > Just played and the gameplay is almost identical to the original mario brothers. 1 screen, shit comes at you from all sides whilst you try to acheive a goal. It is certainly a cool idea,but that style of gameplay bores me in around a minute.

            It's JetPac (classic Sinclair Spectrum game circa 1982, rtfa for details) but with SMW graphics.
    • Here's to hoping that Konami still sees an interest in keeping the Gradius series alive for any platform.

      I may be a small minority, but I can say that I have enjoyed the Gradius series from start to finish; as well as some other shooters for genesis (Gaiares and Thunder Force 3) and I will buy the console that has the next in the Gradius series.

      If you liked 2d scrolling shooters, pick up Gradius 5. You won't be disappointed....

      Along the same lines, I modded my PS1 back in the day. I did make some *coug
      • Speaking of Konami I BEG someone to recreate a new 2D castlevania game. There hasn't been another good 2D castlevania title since Sympony of The Nights in the 90s. The mario game is a great idea, but the castlevania series is long overdue in need of a good followup.

        • Aria of Sorrow was pretty good. The sequel, Dawn of Sorrow (for the DS) is shaping up nicely and scheduled for a release later this year.
        • Good 2d Castlevania games (by good, I presume you mean "includes Metroid-like elements")

          GBA: Circle of the Moon
          GBA: Harmony of Dissonance
          GBA: Aria of Sorrow
          Nintendo DS: Dawn of Sorrow (to be released this fall.)

          The only complaints I have with these are due to their handheld format: The small screen results in low resolution compared to symphony, and there's no way you're getting playstation quality sound out of a Gameboy. The first can be remedied to some extent by running the games using a gameboy emulat
      • No, no, no. It's all about Life Force baby! ...well, at least it was for me and my friends back in the NES days. It's not the hardest game around for sure and it does seem pretty short to me but it was a great game at the time.

        http://www.consoleclassix.com/gameinfo_lifeforce_n es.php [consoleclassix.com]
        • Heh.

          Lifeforce is actually the game that started me out on the entire Gradius line. I have to say that it was probably the easiest Gradius game I've ever played... but with 2 player simul, probably the most fun (second behind Contra.. Come on, who didn't love Contra???)

    • being crap, just the 3D Castlevania's and Contra's

      Amen to that. I was insanely excited to hear about the new PS2 Castlevania games... until they turned out to be generic 3D garbage. Why not put all that power into fantastically rendered 2D with a GINORMOUS castle, like Symphony of the Night? Why is this so difficult for them to do??

      I'm sure tons of people have considered creating their own Castlevania, highlighting their favorite aspects of gameplay... I know I have. But then most of those people are

    • The gaming market has decided it's done with 2D games and has chosen to move on. It's why consoles started offering 3D hardware to begin with. Without this, there's no reason to get any console newer than a Saturn.
    • Shattered Soldier was fucking awesome! Now, the Contras for the PSX... Not so good.
    • Amen to that!

      I was so utterly unthrilled with the 3D Castlevania, and even Zelda, that I really began to lose a lot of interest in the newer console games. Ninja Gaiden, too. And the 3D style fighting games just haven't captured me nearly as much as Street Fighter 2 did fifteen years ago.

      Some games make the transition just fine, but oh how I miss those 2D adventures.

      When I heard that Gradius V was just a good ol' fashioned 2D game I rushed out to buy it the same day.
  • Coming soon... (Score:1, Insightful)

    by Anonymous Coward
    Coming soon... the great new game where Nintendo lawyers jump up and down on the heads of indie developers, while using their "Cease and Desist" orders to make foes flee in terror. Find all the magical writs and win the Super Lawsuit Challenge to collect all the shiny gold coins!

    Seriously, people, grow up. Nintendo is not the nice, fluffy "puppies for all" company that they're usually portrayed as on slashdot for some reason. Anybody remember a little title called "Great Giana Sisters" for the C64? To be h
    • If I remember correctly, didn't Nintendo send a cease and desist to some chic on suicidegirls.com just for mentioning that she liked Metroid?
      • Re:Coming soon... (Score:2, Informative)

        by TrippTDF ( 513419 )
        One of the users, actually, and it was some idiot lawyer for Nintendo that did it, and Nintendo appoligized and gave the user a free game cube.

        These guys are giving away their product... I don't know what leg Nintendo has to stand on in this case. It's like Fan Films for Star Wars. Lucas really can't do anything since they are not profiting from the films... I think the same appies here. Rather, I hope the same applies here!
        • Actually, at the very least, Nintendo has the Trademark leg to stand on. "Super Mario" is a registered trademark by Nintendo. Since trademarks need to be defended or they will be lost, you can bet the Big N lawyers will come-a-callin'
        • Re:Coming soon... (Score:3, Insightful)

          by Nasarius ( 593729 )
          I don't know what leg Nintendo has to stand on in this case. It's like Fan Films for Star Wars. Lucas really can't do anything since they are not profiting from the films

          This is completely wrong. Unauthorized derivative works (including fan fiction, remakes, etc) are a very clear case of copyright infringement. Profit is irrelevant.

          Please see 10 Big Myths about copyright explained [templetons.com]

          • Hey- Thanks for clearing that up for me.

            I actually had an arguement with a friend over the fan film thing, and he convinced me of the point that I just made above.

            I just made him read that article... looks like I was right after all.
        • Re:Coming soon... (Score:3, Insightful)

          by Anonymous Coward
          Completely and utterly 100% absolutely wrong. I don't actually like Nintendo much, but in this situation, they have so many legs to stand on that they're a verifiable centipede.

          You do not have to be profiting from IP infringement like this in order to be smacked for doing it. Nintendo could, if needed, take these guys to court (although a C&D order would probably be tried first), with near absolute certainty of victory.

          Nintendo could claim that this title has harmed the value of their franchise. Now,
          • Not only that but Nintendo considers time spent by the customer on games he didn't pay for money they didn't get, i.e. these fan-games are competing with their commercial games. Imagine someone made a really good MMORPG based on Star Wars and made it free, Lucas could argue that because that MMORPG is competing for the user's attention with their licensees it hurts the value of their IP both from a licensing and a product standpoint (since Lucas would be competing against that MMO should they release their
        • Re:Coming soon... (Score:2, Informative)

          by pfurlong ( 174363 )
          I don't believe that profit is a necessary element of trademark infringement. If they're using Nintendo's characters, they're using Nintendo's characters, whether they are giving it away or selling it.

          But, IANAL, so I could be wrong.
    • "To be honest, in this case, Nintendo pretty much have a duty to protect their intellectual property."

      If Nintendo does C&D them, and Slashdot covers it, I hope they'll also bring light to the fact that it didn't help those dudes at all having the limelight thrust upon them. If Nintendo knows about it, they have to do something about it or risk not being able to defend against a more serious infringer. (Ugh I hate slapping that name on these guys, it's obvious it was done in fun.)
    • neither is apple, sony, microsoft and dozens upon hundreds upon thousands of other companies.

    • Coming soon... the great new game where Nintendo lawyers jump up and down on the heads of indie developers, while using their "Cease and Desist" orders to make foes flee in terror. Find all the magical writs and win the Super Lawsuit Challenge to collect all the shiny gold coins!

      I won't shed a tear if it happens. These indie developers should know better than to put months of hard work into developing a game around a property that they have no rights to use. A property worth millions, maybe billions of
  • From what I can tell in the game, it allows for joystick or joypad input, however my Nyko Airflow wasn't recognized at all.

    Has anyone gotten a joypad to work? If so, which joypad is it?

  • This is a fun little game, but why use Mario when the same thing could have been done without the blaitant infringement? Is the short-lived coverage really worth it?
    • This game actually reminds me of joust more than anything else.

      While I really like the creative use of the mario enemies and music, I get really annoyed at some of the mechanics. I keep trying to jump on the enemies and wind up dying and I get annoyed that mario won't duck. To me these are part of what makes a Mario game. If you're going to rip the art, you need to rip the core mechanics as well.
    • Actually, yes. I see their plan now: make and publicize a game with unauthorized use of the Mario license. After they get the C&D, retain all the interest they had received by using Mario - but substitute their own characters. It's quite a clever little scheme.

      Or, y'know, maybe they just didn't think about it.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday June 14, 2005 @10:36AM (#12812773)
    Download Here [gm-school.uni.cc]

    Requires Gamemaker 5.3a [gamemaker.nl] to edit the source but there is an exe to see the engine in action.

  • From the article: (Score:5, Informative)

    by Txiasaeia ( 581598 ) on Tuesday June 14, 2005 @10:48AM (#12812923)
    "Download this one while you can; Nintendo will probably unleash the lawyers sooner than later and it's definitely a keeper, so don't wait too long."

    I think the fact that this game came out in 2003 [the-underdogs.org] means that Nintendo's not going to be siccing any lawyers on the developers just yet.

  • Not necessarily this exact title. But little games like this are what make the possibilities of the Revolution seem very interesting to me. Most little indie games like this aren't very good. But every now and them a real gem comes along. It would be great for those gems to be available for download on a home console simply and affordably. I know I can play in now on my PC. But it would be cool to be able to play it with my family on our TV in the living room. I can't stand it when my kid starts pound
  • Quick, somebody tell the guys at Mario Fan Games Galaxy [mfgg.net]! I'll bet they'll start a web site for this kind of thing!
  • Review (Score:2, Informative)

    by atarrri ( 580364 )
    I just played it a bit and I have to say I'm not impressed. It's nice to see people making games for free but there just really isn't very much to this game. Don't be fooled by the graphics and sound, this plays nothing like a Mario game, basically it's a Jetpac clone with ripped off graphics and sound from Mario. The gameplay is very repetitive and though fun for a few games it quickly loses its charm. There are plenty of better freeware games that don't get slashdotted because they use original ideas. For
    • I second that recommendation. Doukutsu Monogatari (Cave Story) is hands-down the best freeware game I've ever played, and one of the finest examples of game design on the PC. It's like Metroid crossed with an RPG, which might sound strange, but it turns out being awesome. Highly recommended.
  • The gameplay is exactly the same as an old ZX Spectrum game called Jetpac (I believe it was by Ultimate) You had to get grab the bits of the rocket and then drop in the fuel and then you could get in a go to next level, of course you had a jetpac on instead of the water pack. Exactly the same game with different graphics. So not only are the graphics ripped of the gameplay is a complete rip off to.
  • World 2-1 is way too hard. Anyone get past it? Mario's movement is too damn cumbersome to dodge those flying bastards.
  • Oh yeah.. next I'd like to see DK get the once over!

    Not that yucky 3D shit... just some good old fashioned DK Country... oh yeah gigity gigity!

  • Check out Super Mario 3 : Mario Forever [acid-play.com]. It's a clone of the original Super Mario Bros. with a few enhancements. Pretty fun game.
  • Super Mario Cease and Desist

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