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Erotic MMO Targets Female Audience 74

Next Generation reports on another entry into the "social mmo" category, with a look at erotic MMOG 'Spend the Night'. From the article: "A game in which adults are encouraged to indulge their sexual fantasies is bound to attract the media's attention but, so far, Republik's Spend the Night has been keeping a low profile. Come the middle of next year, when it launches online, that'll all change. Details are scant at present, and Coshland doesn't want to give too much away, but the basics are simple. Players go online, choose a graphical identity, mooch around with other players, find someone they like, and find a room. Graphics claimed to be 'cinematic' are promised, and a simple interface allows the action to proceed. 'This is a fantasy multiplayer dating game,' says Coshland. 'It's not like the dating games that we've seen coming out of Japan where you try to win the favor of someone of the opposite sex. We're providing more of a game where two people can go on a date and interact in a 3D space.'"
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Erotic MMO Targets Female Audience

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  • by FidelCatsro ( 861135 ) <<moc.liamg> <ta> <orstacledif>> on Wednesday October 05, 2005 @06:21PM (#13725608) Journal
    For the simple pleasure of saying "I'm really a man PWNZED" ,at the end of a gaming session
  • by BigZaphod ( 12942 ) on Wednesday October 05, 2005 @06:22PM (#13725614) Homepage
    Quick, someone call Hillary! The coffee is spilling over the keyboard! HURRY!! BzzzzzZZzzztt! ArrghahahhH!!! *NO CARRIER*
  • by Anonymous Coward
    As are the the wardrobes of characters in the game!
  • by LoRdTAW ( 99712 ) on Wednesday October 05, 2005 @06:27PM (#13725647)
    I hope they provide one of those industrial keyboard covers with every copy.
  • by vertinox ( 846076 ) on Wednesday October 05, 2005 @06:32PM (#13725689)
    Erotic MMO Targets Female Audience

    Don't you mean "Disturbing MMO Targets Males pretending to Female Audience"

    Then again... I've known a girl tell other people they were guys while online just to get them to stop bothering her.
  • A game in which adults are encouraged to indulge their sexual fantasies is bound to attract the media's attention but, so far, Republik's Spend the Night has been keeping a low profile.

    So you have nothing better to do than to put it on Slashdot so that spin vultures we call The Press can grab it and use it to push their conservative, anti-games agenda at the expense of the people who are quietly enjoying it?

    You, sir, are a horrible person.

  • So... (Score:5, Funny)

    by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday October 05, 2005 @06:41PM (#13725760)
    ...will there be PvP?
  • Or female "characters"?

    This sounds like fun, but i'll be playing from both genders. See you there!
  • ...nerds have no idea what women want

    i think this falls under the category of "wouldn't it be HOT if women wanted a game like this?!?!?"

  • by Strell ( 877448 ) on Wednesday October 05, 2005 @07:01PM (#13725897)
    Jack Thompson's head just asploded.
  • by Xetrov ( 267777 ) on Wednesday October 05, 2005 @07:02PM (#13725906)
    * Xetrov pulls out his Wizard Robe and Hat
  • Weird game (Score:3, Insightful)

    by Eli Gottlieb ( 917758 ) <eligottlieb@gm[ ].com ['ail' in gap]> on Wednesday October 05, 2005 @07:05PM (#13725925) Homepage Journal
    I really don't know if this game is good for anything, especially because the she-gamer/she-geek you thought you met in-game will probably turn out to be a guy, anyway.

    If they had verification of the player's actual gender, though... Giggidy, giggidy, GIGGIDY!
    • Re:Weird game (Score:4, Interesting)

      by cgenman ( 325138 ) on Wednesday October 05, 2005 @09:32PM (#13726722) Homepage
      During Beta, Ragnarok (a korean MMPORPG) casually asked for your gender at sign-up. After more factual collection it presented you with a palette of character options... but only in the gender you originally labeled yourself as. You could only be your gender.

      It was an interesting twist, and I think it really helped the social dynamics of the game. However it pi$$ed off a lot of female gamers, who wanted to hide behind male characters to avoid the cat calling etc.
      • Hey... the acronym is long enough as it is without you adding a 'P' in there =P
      • Re:Weird game (Score:4, Interesting)

        by thesandtiger ( 819476 ) on Thursday October 06, 2005 @09:14AM (#13729184)
        Did it also limit the person's choice of race to human? Only give them skin color choices that were within a reasonable "suntan/cave dweller" variation? Make them submit a physical fitness profile, IQ test and personality inventory to determine stats? Limit their class to some variation of "unskilled peon" unless they submitted documents certifying that they had skills relevant to game-play? Limit their economic potential in game to some reasonable analogue of their real-life finances? Limit their location to their home city?

        It's amazing to me how much something as absolutely irrelevant as the gender of another player in an MMO seems to matter to people. I've never heard a single argument as to *why* who is on the other end of the keyboard matters. Am I fun to play with? Do we get along? Well then, what possible difference can it make whether I'm a pointer or a setter?

        Games are games. Tough shit that some people have issues with guys pretending to be girls or girls pretending to be guys, or any other variation you can think of. People play games because they *aren't* the real world, and they aren't limited by real-world conditions and situations.

        The only possible situation in which someone's "real" gender is even remotely relevant to me is if I am about to have sex with them. Period. And hell, close to closing time... I'm not sure I'd care too much. :p

        • I agree with you completly. A lot of people don't get the fact that mmos are just as much games as anything else.

          I usually pick a female character for my rpg games because I particularly enjoy a strong female character. I tend to like my character more.

          I also pick a dwarf quite often, and this does not mean I desire to be a dwarf.

          Also, if for some reason a guy is playing a girl in this style game, it won't really matter, because on screen you will see a femal avatar. What's the difference who is steering th
      • What if this catches on in Korea - can you imagine the headlines????
  • Profile Sites (Score:3, Insightful)

    by usrusr ( 654450 ) on Wednesday October 05, 2005 @07:52PM (#13726201) Homepage Journal
    About time someone tries to make something out of the way most of those "profile sites" (you know the places on the net where all the disoriented teen girls and leftover 30+ show off their latest piercings) sooner or later turns into an inofficial MMOG, where having a long "friends" list and many "woah, u so s3ksah" (or however the current spelling is) in the diary comments equals the levelling efforts in other games. Just look at the friends list of every randomly selected brasilian on orkut for example, that's pure hunting and gathering, and putting somebody on that list is probably about as personal as your relation to the last minion-monster you slayed in diablo 2.

    This project can easily fail, mostly because there is not much experience with the genre to build upon, but i see great potential. Some form of convergence between profile sites and MMORGs could easily be "the next big thing".
  • by kafka47 ( 801886 ) on Wednesday October 05, 2005 @08:24PM (#13726368) Homepage
    A naked man saunters by, sporting a gignormous member...

    "You see that guy?!?"

    "Yeah he must level 60!!"

  • Two words (Score:3, Insightful)

    by jearbear ( 10099 ) on Wednesday October 05, 2005 @08:25PM (#13726374) Homepage

    I'm betting that the company knows exactly what will happen, and they know that people won't care, and they'll rake in the dough.

    Of course, this always makes me wonder quite a bit about how we view gender and sexuality out here in 1-on-1 chats on the 'net, but I feel like that might be someone's dissertation topic. Oy.
  • by MrCopilot ( 871878 )
    He says "every marketing cent" will be spent on targeting women, based on the theory that "men will follow".

    Yeah, I know when my wife says "I'm watching a Lifetime special", I always follow her straight to the tv.

    Meanwhile, Quietly (cheaply), they are screaming "Naked Female Sex Game" at the male target audience outlets. (ie SlashDot) Notice the aversion to words "Porn Game". Most women hate porn games. Most women will likely hate this one too, No matter how much money you throw at the Oxygen Channel.

    • The Real question is
      "Does the game ship with these http://uk.insight.com/apps/productpresentation/ind ex.php?product_id=EXO88121 [insight.com]?"

      No, the Real question is, does the game ship with these? [gamegirladvance.com]
    • You need to play the Lifetime movie drinking game I'm working on.

      When the police say they can't help the protagonist take a drink
      Take a bonus drink if their reason for not helping involves a flimsy technicality
      Have a drink when the protagonist's ex-husband enters a scene
      Have a drink if the protagonist's mother is unsympathetic

      And so on and so forth. You'll be wasted in no time.
    • This is more like ladies' night at a bar. They simply spend their marketing budget letting women in for free and giving them free drinks.

      They really don't need to talk to the male audience at all. Word of mouth (and free advertising on Slashdot) is far better than anything their marketing department can buy.

      It doesn't compare with TV, because - like a bar - the product is a place to make social contacts.

    • It's the same thing as "Ladies Night" at a bar or those ads for phone chat-rooms that says "women join free" etc.

      A translation of those terms:

      Ladies Night: Lots of horny guys getting their hopes dashed when the one "lady" that does show up is a chain-smoking 63-year old who's got open herpes sores on her face. And she still gets some play - never underestimate the Barney Gumbel factor.

      Women Join Free: Women Join Never.

  • by ecumenical_40oz ( 914889 ) on Wednesday October 05, 2005 @09:52PM (#13726815)
    Maybe they will have a mod that unlocks secret scenes of violence in this otherwise sexually-oriented game. I wonder which party will throw a fit first.
  • What would be nice is if someone would just release a game like Shadowrun that has adult content mixed in. Run around nekad, you get blasted. Have sex in public, you will get blasted. Having the ability to take your avatars to the next step makes everything more exciting. Maybe even have major NPCs that you can finally 'do' after completing difficult quests. There is a huge mid-range between this sex/chat game and the games we play today. As they mentioned in TFA, legal bills are mounting as high as th
    • "Maybe even have major NPCs that you can finally 'do' after completing difficult quests."

      God that reminded me of the Dead Ale Wives sketch...

      Moocher: Ogres? Man, I've got an ogre-slaying knife. I'ts got a plus-nine against ogres!

      DM: You're not there, you're getting drunk!

      Moocher: Okay, but if there's any girls there I wanna do them!
  • Build it... (Score:1, Flamebait)

    by petrus4 ( 213815 )
    ...and the sexpests will come. This promises to be The Sims Online all over again, replete with such sociopathic pillars of the online community as this [boingboing.net] sterling human being.

    Does he seriously think that he has any ability to screen for Bastet or Cthulu worshipping gothic pagans with dominant tendencies who in the height of passion also enjoy shots of their significant others' blood?

    The other thing is, the above types will not only descend on the game in droves, but because mainstream types don't want to be
    • You know how it's said that when you rant about something, you're really saying much more about yourself than about the topic you're ranting about?

      You should probably find at least a sympathetic friend to talk about your sexual fetishes with. Most mental health professionals agree that sexual atypicalness isn't really a problem alone, but becomes a problem when the person in question makes it a problem for themselves. There's nothing wrong with your facination with 'Bastet or Cthulu worshipping gothic pag
  • by Fastball ( 91927 ) on Thursday October 06, 2005 @12:40AM (#13727576) Journal
    Or is it a "first person shooter?" ;)
  • They are experimenting with a new method of verifying your age.

    upon login, you wil be asked to name your senators and congressmen/women.

    And as a result, ONLY the horny teens will be able to log in.
    You dirty old men are screwed. or... not. it's a strange paradox, even I don't get it.
  • Hmm (Score:3, Insightful)

    by drsmithy ( 35869 ) <[drsmithy] [at] [gmail.com]> on Thursday October 06, 2005 @04:52AM (#13728202)
    "We can't control what our community becomes, with the exception of prohibiting people from illegal activities, [...]

    What _can_ you do inside a video game that's illegal ?

  • there's no way this can't affect married couples. It raises an interesting question. If one spouse decides to play this game and hook up with another character, is that spouse then cheating and being unfaithful? The gut reaction may be "no" but we've all seen the results of marriages and relationships broken because one partner "found someone better" in a chat room.
    • I think this depends on the persons behind the keyboard.

      Firstly whatever is cheating is defined by the couple. Some couples swing, while others may get angry if their spouce looks at another person.

      I think for most, the game will lay somewhere between watching a porn and going to a strip club. Porn being the least likly form of adult entertainment to form a bond to, and a strip club being having a much greater danger of forming a bond. So, over time if you are with a person again and again, a relationship c
    • It's cheating only if the other partner defines it as cheating. And, yeah, it will probably break up some marriages, but only if the people in the marriage are stupid. There's like 8 billion people on earth, it's not like it's hard to find someone to leave your marriage for anyways.
  • Male user: "That was amazing! Your sensual words and animation control of your avatar was just mind-blowing. Let's meet tomorrow for another hour..."

    Female user: "Thanks. Not too bad yourself. Oh, btw, my name is Virgil and I'm a lumberjack in the Appalachians. This internet is the best thing ever!"

  • "We're providing more of a game where two people can go on a date and interact in a 3D space."

    As opposed to interacting in real life, which is...oh yea, 3 freakin D. I love games just as much as the next nerd, but games cannot mimic all aspects of human life. I don't care how 'bouncy' the character models are. It cannot replace going out on a real date and getting some real tail, but I speak for myself here. Hurry and jump on, the bandwagon's overflowing!

    Next up, Xtreme Grocery Shopping 3D!!!
    • I completely and totally agree. The entire testosterone driven company needs go out side and friggen get a life.
      • .....and perhaps a girlfriend, but that might be the reason they made the game. They're all a bunch of sissies who couldn't get a girl to like them. haha, but that's probably only because they spend 100% of their time in a dark room making porn games.....oh what a vicious cycle.
      • someone sounds a little **frustrated** :) BTW - the head of production is a woman....
  • Walking into some room and see two naked guys. All I can think of is "deer in bright lights" look...

    "whoops! wrong room.."

  • Will the rooms have limits? Ragdoll physics and group sex? Clipping problems could be hilarious...

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