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The Revolution Begins Now 43

1up.com has a lengthy feature up today about everything that's currently known about Nintendo's next volley in the console wars. From the article: "Once again, Nintendo has single-handedly flipped the videogame market on its head. After a generation of mockery and snickering from Sony, Microsoft and even diehard fans, Nintendo's come out of left field with an idea that's more reminiscent of what the company stands for than anything they accomplished during the GameCube era. Let's break it down and see what it all means." Update: 10/17 22:08 GMT by Z : I'm getting over being sick. Link fixed.
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The Revolution Begins Now

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  • Wake up, Zonk! (Score:5, Informative)

    by kniLnamiJ-neB ( 754894 ) on Monday October 17, 2005 @03:46PM (#13811949)
    Perhaps the story is actually about the social networking aspect of Halo games... and it's on gamasutra, not 1up... perhaps we should give Zonk some caffeine, or fire his lazy butt... 'cause that link had NOTHING to do with Revolution.
    • Perhaps he had his 1up story quota to fill but didn't want to give them any more pageviews?
  • try this link (Score:5, Informative)

    by manno ( 848709 ) on Monday October 17, 2005 @03:47PM (#13811959)
    I think they meant to link this
    http://www.1up.com/do/feature?cId=3144666&did=1 [1up.com]
  • by Red Flayer ( 890720 ) on Monday October 17, 2005 @03:52PM (#13811990) Journal
    So, here's a review of Time including the Revolution controller in its list of 5 things that'll blow your mind: http://www.1up.com/do/newsStory?cId=3144800 [1up.com]

    Here's a story about Peter Moore (of Microsoft) praising the Revolution: http://www.1up.com/do/newsStory?cId=3144015&did=1 [1up.com]

    And here's a story about J Allard on the Revolution: http://www.1up.com/do/newsStory?cId=3144413&did=1 [1up.com]

    And here's a lengthy piece on the arrival of the Revoultion: http://www.1up.com/do/feature?cId=3144666 [1up.com]

    I think this last one is the one that should have been linked to the summary.
  • So is Gamasutra the new goatse?
  • Why I'll buy (Score:5, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward on Monday October 17, 2005 @04:12PM (#13812161)
    Fact 1. I now work 50-80+ hours a week, free time isn't exacltly what it was in college. So only one next gen console will make it into my house.

    Fact 2. I don't like to throw away my money, Revolution is going to be much less expensive than either the PS3 or Xbox 360. So if I can only play for a limited amount of time I want a high bang for my buck ratio.

    Fact 3. I have a PC that could handle just about any game out there and I can do work on it.

    Fact 4. I currently have a GC and a PS2, guess which gets more game time? I thought Pikmin was the stupidest looking thing around till I gave it a try. More of the same from Nintendo? More MarioCart/Metroid etc, yes please.

    Fact 5. I might actually be able to get my parents to play some games.

    • I now work 50-80+ hours a week, free time isn't exacltly what it was in college. So only one next gen console will make it into my house.

      Yes, I know this is off-topic. I just thought it was odd... My situation is exactly the opposite. When I was in college [msoe.edu] I dedicated 50-80 hours each week to school, between classes, projects, and other homework. Plus about 20 hours of paid-internship work each week. And outside school, I was usually worrying about some aspect of school.

      Now that I'm working at my f

    • If you're busy, like me, then the thing to get is a GBA Micro. Whether you have a few seconds between meetings, a quick coffee break, a moment waiting for someone to arrive at your desk, they're all good opportunities to sneak it out to make a little progress on that level you;re working on.
    • Fact 1. I now work 50-80+ hours a week, free time isn't exacltly what it was in college.

      Yet here you are, posting on Slashdot with your free time. ;)
    • Fact 1. I now work 50-80+ hours a week, free time isn't exacltly what it was in college. So only one next gen console will make it into my house.
      Fact 3. I have a PC that could handle just about any game out there and I can do work on it.

      If you work 50-80+ hours, you shouldn't mess with your computer installing and uninstalling games and every other driver iteration (needed to play "just about any game"). Just an idea. Also your GC and PS2 will still have good games released for quite a while.

      • psst...people who know how to use a computer generally don't need to do that, cause we keep our drivers up to day already.
      • If you work 50-80+ hours, you shouldn't mess with your computer installing and uninstalling games and every other driver iteration (needed to play "just about any game").

        I'm guessing you have an ATI video card?
  • by AzraelKans ( 697974 ) on Monday October 17, 2005 @04:19PM (#13812210) Homepage
    I dont know whats worse, Zonk being so uninterested in the article that he made the link to gamasutra instead (because probably that is what he was reading instead) or the incredibly ridiculous article he actually meant to link. <br><br>

    Summary: The revolution will be great! all of the previous motion detector controllers were plain trash, but somehow this is not! for some reason we are unable to explain coherently! (expand that to 6 pages)

    Seriously 1up time to do research on your articles and getting interviews and facts OF THE NEW items instead of just speculating over the water dispenser and showing info about the 80's devices and movies you have in your garage (nobody cares!).

    And no, you are not supposed to be proud over the last article in which you expent like 10 pages trying to guess what the fuck the revolution controller was like and were WRONG by a landslide. (seriously they werent even close!)

    IMO: The revolution controller is great tech but only 10% (maybe less) of the games are going to use it properly, most of the time it will be used as an air joystick. (which defies the entire purpose of it) and even then is going to be a lot more tired to use that than an ordinary controller. Also third parties are probably going to be weary of porting to revolution due to it. (extra R&D and development costs)
    • by Anonymous Coward
      I think you over estimate the difficulty of porting games to the Revolution; in fact anyone who has ever modified or ported a game will tell you that the easiest and least time consuming task is porting the controls (regardless of how complicated the control scheme is). About all you have to do to see the revolution controller in a conventional light is to break it down into its smallest pieces.

      Almost every game engine supports analogue and digital inputs, as well as screen space mapping; the reason for thi
    • please dont hate me for speaking up, but someone has to say this.

      im sure there are many amongst us that feel that nintendo can do no wrong. and i doubt they would mess up on something as major as their flagship console. that said, [developers excluded] NONE of us... not a single one has put their hands on a revolution controller. NONE of us, not a single person here has seen a single screenshot of a revolution game. hell, we havent even seen a screenshot nor at the very least a cinematic that the machine is
      • I've tried technology similar [logitech.com] to the Nintendo Revolution controller, and while I have to say that the usability of the device was surprisingly good, it still seemed too imprecise and laggy to use in an actual game.

        Perhaps Nintendo can refine it further, but this is a $200 device I was testing out. I'll wait for preliminary reviews before making a purchase.
        • its crazy. games are infamous for being challenging to the point where the great majority of us have at least during one point during our gaming lives thrown a controller out of frustration. imagine the number of these suckers that will get thrown about if someone loses their last continue due to the controller freaking out or not responding?
      • The Powerglove had nothing to do with Nintendo. It was a third party peripheral (made by Mattel). It also come with a game, the only game that supported it.

        Virtual Boy... well.. every company is allowed to have one failure ;)

        GBA with no backlight... yeah it sucked. But it didn't suck up batteries, which is why it was so great. As better batteries became the norm, they included a backlight. No biggie.

        I have a DS... I never have a problem with cramps. Maybe your mate is a wanker?

        I also cant think of any games
        • i dont doubt that there will be some excellent titles coming forth from the nintendo camp. im almost 100% sure. my question that i pose is just that we have to wait and see. things can still go either way for the revolution. if there is still no third party support, or if there is a hitch with the controller, that could be a dealbreaker. until we actually see the games and play the system ourselves, we are still only buying into a dream; the exact same thing we criticize sony and MS [and their fanboys] for.
    • You're such a hypocrit. On one hand you're critisizing, no insulting 1up for the (IMO great) read, and on the other hand you're spouting the failure you believe (excuse me, know) the controller is going to be. Is your mommy not gonna get you a 360 for Christmas or something? Grow up man. And parent got modded insightful? It's Flamebait!
  • Well bad link but check this...
    http://www.gamasutra.com/php-bin/news_index.php?st ory=6864 [gamasutra.com]

    For every bad link, there's one good story :) And this is one of the original gods of gaming.
  • Some developer should:
    1.Develop a 3D upgrade of the game design for "Ristar" that allows movement and jumping with the nunchaku while giving control over the characters grapples (in Ristar his arms), possibly variable length grapples like in the N64 game "Chameleon Twist", to the A button and pointer on the remote-like part of the controller.
    2.Sell this new game in which both movement AND attacking are controlled by pointer (somewhat) to the masses.
    3. ???
    4. Profit!!!

    This game design idea is hereby public do

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