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Quake 4 Linux 392

Crusader writes "id Software has released the Linux client and server for Quake 4. There's a FAQ page with installation instructions, notes, and download links."
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Quake 4 Linux

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  • Wait (Score:5, Funny)

    by temojen ( 678985 ) on Thursday October 20, 2005 @05:44PM (#13839805) Journal
    I've been living under a rock... is Quake 4 out yet for other OSs?
    • Re:Wait (Score:3, Informative)

      by gunpowda ( 825571 )
      Yeah, I felt compelled to check this too. From ID's official site [idsoftware.com]:

      We are pleased to announce that QUAKE 4 for the PC is done, and will begin shipping on Tuesday, October 18th! The game will be arriving at retailers beginning Wednesday, October 19th.

      • Re:Wait (Score:5, Funny)

        by SkjeggApe ( 649721 ) on Thursday October 20, 2005 @05:54PM (#13839912)
        God, I hate when games for linux are only available two full days after their windows counterpart. If linux is EVER going to be a viable gaming platform, we need to demand that it's available at the same time as for windows..

        Ahhhhh, one day I'll be able to make a statement like that with a straight face....

        great job, id!!!!!

        • Well, the sad side of that coin are the linux users who really can't wait a whole two days to get a game. They're the bastiches that made the Quake3 linux sales suck so badly, because they couldn't wait a whole two weeks.

          Then again, maybe by now the lustre has worn of id and they aren't the heroin addicts to id's smack that they used to be.

          Yeah, great job id. I didn't even know Q4 was out at all. :)
          • Re:Wait (Score:3, Insightful)

            by Cylix ( 55374 )
            Hey now...

            I bought Q3 for linux and I didn't even have drivers for my card at the time.

            Had to download the windows binaries for the sucker to work....

            3 months later I had accelerated opengl in linux!
    • by temojen ( 678985 )
      You need a retail boxed Q4 windows, but it doesn't have to be installed.
    • Re:Wait (Score:2, Funny)

      by dada21 ( 163177 ) *
      I was at Best Buy this morning, and noticed 40 $10 "prebook" copies of Q4 along the top row of an entire aisle. I asked the kid in blue when it was coming out and he pointed to rows 2-4 of the same aisle.

    • "I've been living under a rock... is Quake 4 out yet for other OSs?"

      My reaction exactly!
      Man... A new Quake version!!??
      And I didn't even know they were making one...

      GOD, I'm old...

    • Judging from the replies, you're not alone. I didn't know it was out either. Personally, I think this is a sign that Id's slipping - after Doom 3, nobody's even taking the flagship brand (Quake) seriously anymore.

      Plus, it's a Raven game. Raven makes games that are interesting and solid... but somehow fall short of actually being "fun". This will be like Quake 2 but with graphics we've already seen (in Doom 3) and without the kickass deathmatch maps - in short, a reasonably good, artisticly interesting,
  • by Mad Merlin ( 837387 ) on Thursday October 20, 2005 @05:44PM (#13839808) Homepage
    Does this mean that the copy and paste troll about installing Quake 3 in Linux vs Windows will have to find a new troll to copy and paste?
  • Torrent (Score:5, Informative)

    by Vapebait ( 728259 ) on Thursday October 20, 2005 @05:47PM (#13839830)
    Torrent [idsoftware.com]
  • by inkdesign ( 7389 )
    ...these things started happening the day a game is released.
    • As opposed to one day later? The game got to retailers yesterday, man.
    • Re:Now if only.. (Score:2, Insightful)

      by ragnarok ( 6947 )
      It was released yesterday. What more do you want?
    • Quake3 test release was for Linux first, then Mac, then Windows. Not sure about the others or the final "gold" releases - linux was probably later.

      On the same note though, I wish developers would stop doing Linux server ports if they aren't doing a client port too. And I wish server admins wouldn't run a linux port for a server for a game that has no linux client.

      And dammit, I still havent bought enough machine to run Doom3 - now it looks like I'll really have to upgrade.
  • YESSSS!! (Score:2, Funny)

    by Ride Jib ( 879374 )
    I can finally get rid of my Windows partition!!
  • by Spy der Mann ( 805235 ) <spydermann.slash ... il.com minus cat> on Thursday October 20, 2005 @05:49PM (#13839864) Homepage Journal
    And I just purchased Quake 3... damn!
  • Quake 4 is out? (Score:2, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward
    Damn, either I've really gotten out of the loop, or this has been one of the stealthiest release campaigns for a major game that I've ever seen.
  • Just because you were (and I say still are) a great innovator in the world of gaming (namely FPS), doesn't mean your site can't be slashdotted.
  • Exciting news... (Score:5, Insightful)

    by ScislaC ( 827506 ) on Thursday October 20, 2005 @05:50PM (#13839879)
    BUT, couldn't they have made a regular website instead of a flash app that has ridiculously long transitions? I was all interested in checking it out, until I lost interest due to the wait for basic information.
  • It's great that they've released this. I hope to be able to play a demo before I buy this game. I've purchased Quake, Quake 2, not Quake 3, hopefully this will be better than Quake 3.

    So, how long to people think it will take before there's a playable demo?

  • Q4 webpage (Score:5, Interesting)

    by Kaptain Kruton ( 854928 ) on Thursday October 20, 2005 @05:59PM (#13839958)
    Just a note: The quake 4 webpage is flash based. So if you try to access it, either have a broadband connection (and you will still have to wait), or a lot of patience with a modem. Also, if you block pop-ups with firefox, you won't be able to access anything but their main page unless you turn off the pop-up blocker.

    One more thing... if a company already has a patches section with the words "Coming Soon" before the game is released, is that suggesting something about the quality of the product?

    • > One more thing... if a company already has a patches section with the words "Coming Soon" before the game is released, is that suggesting something about the quality of the product?

      No. Name me one game that didn't have patches. (Nevermind that patches frequently add new features in addition to potentially fixing bugs.) Thats a pretty niggly and invalid (nevermind cliche) point you're hinting at.
    • One more thing... if a company already has a patches section with the words "Coming Soon" before the game is released, is that suggesting something about the quality of the product?

      Sometimes patches add features instead of just fixing them. They might also add functionality for future video cards, etc that aren't out yet. Add-ons etc also sometimes fall under patches... so really it's a good idea to have such a section.
    • Re:Q4 webpage (Score:3, Informative)

      by supun ( 613105 )
      or if your running a 64bit Linux, you'll get nothing since there is no 64bit version of Flash for Linux yet.
  • by RUFFyamahaRYDER ( 887557 ) <slashdot&kelsdomain,com> on Thursday October 20, 2005 @06:00PM (#13839975) Homepage
    Here is the IGN review which might help you decide if it's worth putting on the Linux box. http://pc.ign.com/articles/658/658263p1.html [ign.com]
  • I can't get to any web page, the flash will not let me submit my age. Debian, mozilla, flash, every other we flash-page works but Id's. Oh well no time for games./.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Thursday October 20, 2005 @06:04PM (#13839998)
    Quake 4 Linux Version! IMPRESSIVE!

    Requires Windows Version! HUMILIATION!

  • Be sure to let id know that you bought the Windows package in order to install it on your Linux box. I know id are good guys (as evidenced by how quickly this came out), but it never hurts to let them know exactly how much we appreciate it.
  • by OneByteOff ( 817710 ) on Thursday October 20, 2005 @06:08PM (#13840022)
    Jack Thompson today publically voiced his opinion against Linux and against Quake in all shapes and forms... quoted specifically he said :

    "Any group of people who advocate giving a Penguin a helmet and a rocket launcher are a bunch of sick fucks..."

    News at 10!
  • is through games. This is a great boon to Linux as it would seem that anything built on the Q4 engine should be easily ported to Linux.

  • by Billly Gates ( 198444 ) on Thursday October 20, 2005 @06:11PM (#13840049) Journal
    I was wondering if I was living under a rock since I never heard of quake4?

    Turns out Raven software made the port and modified the doom3 engine. For the older slashdoters who remember doom1 and doom2, raven developed heretic and then hexan on the doom1 and doom2 engines and added multiplayer capability. I forgot all about these guys.

    A full review and screenshots are here [gamespot.com]. I find it pecuilar that Raven ported this classic level of quake3 to quake4. ... or commonly known as the level where the cheaters with auto-aim and the rail gun whip your butt in.:-) [com.com]
    • Cheating aside, 'The Longest Yard' was one of the best Q3 maps ever. I used to play it ALL the time. And, i'd like to point out, sans-autoaim! Was great fun if you could place rockets at peoples feet just before they landed.. they'd just take a crap load of damage and skip off the map into oblivion :)

      So glad thats in there. Its almost inspired me enough to go and pick up a copy of Quake IV now.
    • by PsychicX ( 866028 ) on Thursday October 20, 2005 @07:58PM (#13840834)
      Since I'm friends with a member or 3 of the Q4 dev team, I just want to point out that this is not a "port" of Doom 3. There has been major under the hood work between D3 and Q4 -- Raven would like people to license the Q4 engine instead of the D3 engine. The new engine is far more powerful but also efficient, which allows them to have a lot more lighting, shadowing, etc. effects while maintaining the same basic performance characteristics. That's why, unlike FEAR, it doesn't bring a 7800GTX to its knees.
  • I followed the link on http://zerowing.idsoftware.com/linux/quake4/ [idsoftware.com] to the BitTorrent tracker, but it wants me to "log in" to their site and asks my username and password. Since I have none I can't get in. But I can see that tere are 20 leechers, so a few people must have solved this problem? I would much rather use BitTorrent than FTP, how do I get to the torrents?
  • So (Score:3, Interesting)

    by Trogre ( 513942 ) on Thursday October 20, 2005 @06:46PM (#13840315) Homepage
    When's a demo coming out?

    • Re:So (Score:3, Insightful)

      by termos ( 634980 )
      This is a good question, been wondering the same myself. I guess all we're going to get it a gameplay video which doesn't really demonstrate much. I'm certainly not going to buy I game I've never tried.
  • For those of us who don't want to pay for a game that probably won't run very well on some of our systems, when will the demo be released?
  • by daVinci1980 ( 73174 ) on Thursday October 20, 2005 @06:50PM (#13840352) Homepage
    A lot of people (myself included) are having issues with the second installation disc. It basically just won't read in any CD drive I can get my hands on. And I'm not alone [forumplanet.com].

    If this turns out to be a result of SecureROM [securom.com], I'm going to send my box back to Activision with a piece of poo inside.

  • Fantastic (Score:3, Interesting)

    by Phantasmo ( 586700 ) on Thursday October 20, 2005 @07:03PM (#13840448)
    It's nice to see id still supporting Linux. Bioware produced a very nice Linux client for Neverwinter Nights but since they started making Xbox games their new engines are based on DirectX. UT-UT2004 also had excellent Linux versions, but UT2007's target platforms are PS3, Xbox 360 and Windows. Who knows if that will hit Linux in the end.
  • Nice, that you are using a Opensource-Wiki (MoinMoin). However, it is completly locked and Moinmoin has localized Frontpages - so with intl.accept_languages="de-de, en-us" I get this page http://zerowing.idsoftware.com/linux/quake4/Start S eite [idsoftware.com] when I click on this link: http://zerowing.idsoftware.com/linux/quake4/ [idsoftware.com]
    Also it would be nice to have some possibility of feedback other than posting on /. ....
    • Re:Hey ID Software! (Score:4, Informative)

      by TTimo ( 253584 ) <ttimo.ttimo@net> on Thursday October 20, 2005 @08:00PM (#13840842) Homepage
      I use a wiki because it's an easy format for me to edit and update wherever I am. I have no intention to make it writable - god we're getting enough feedback as it is :)

      Thanks for pointing the language issue though. Would you know how to force a single language maybe?
      • Re:Hey ID Software! (Score:3, Informative)

        by Sweetshark ( 696449 )
        I use a wiki because it's an easy format for me to edit and update wherever I am. I have no intention to make it writable - god we're getting enough feedback as it is :)

        Would you know how to force a single language maybe?
        You either have to deleted the Templates for alternative FrontPages: (StartSeite, PageD%27Accueil, P%C3%A1ginaPrincipal ...) or change "page_front_page" in the configuration to something moinmoin cant autotranslate (almost everything but FrontPage) and move you Frontpage there.
        See "S
  • Hypothetically, what if a heavyweight like Id released the Linux version of their game for free, but made the Windows version cost the regular price? If the game was in hot enough demand, it might encourage a large number of gamers to install Linux in some form. It would also create quite a buzz about Linux among people who might otherwise not install it because "they play games". Obviously this would cut into retail sales, so it would be a sacrificial move of sorts, but for a game company sufficiently a
  • i wonder... (Score:4, Interesting)

    by KillShill ( 877105 ) on Thursday October 20, 2005 @08:12PM (#13840921)
    if the copy "protection" (prevention) works in linux...

    securom/starforce/etc restriction technologies require a driver be installed and running at all times in order for them to prevent copies being used on windows.

    ironic that people who download copied games have a much easier time playing than people who run out, give the companies 50 bucks and come home to an unplayable game due to onerous restrictions.

    too many games nowadays each install their own "driver" and if you have many games installed like many do, you exponentially increase your chances of instability (more so than usual), conflicts and downright crashes.

    another thing that's absurd is that most new games will complain after being installed and not run or will not install if you have nero or other cd recording programs installed. also if you have alcohol 120% or daemon tools.

    didn't it ever occur to publishers, that having those tools installed would only screw over the people who bough the games legitimately? because infringers would never have to deal with that bullshit. they go out of their way with time and money to introduce these offensive, unstable "protection" technologies yet vehemently argue that it prevents "piracy"? yet, "pirates" are the ones who are the least inconvenienced and hindered...

    something just doesn't add up.

    pissing off your paying customers is one of the few things you don't want to do... i wonder where they went to business school?
    • Re:i wonder... (Score:3, Informative)

      by Minna Kirai ( 624281 )
      if the copy "protection" (prevention) works in linux...

      It didn't back in Doom3. You just install the separately-distributed Linux executable, copy a directory from each of the CDs onto your hard drive, and play from disc henceforth.

      Currently, securerom-style copyprotection on Linux would be a waste of effort. There are many Windows customers who don't know how to install no-cd patches, but nearly everyone running Linux has that level of technical skill.
  • This isn't Quake! (Score:3, Insightful)

    by green pizza ( 159161 ) on Friday October 21, 2005 @01:32AM (#13842425) Homepage
    Who cares? Seriously. Quake 4 dosn't have a metal / NINish soundtrack, you have to reload your weapons, and there aren't as many hidden secrets and powerups. Sounds more like Doom3 and less like Quake to me.

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