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Spike TV Announces 2005 VGA Nominees 50

nb caffeine writes "Spike TV has announced the nominees for this year's VG awards. Oddly enough, there are several nominations for games that are not even out yet." From the article: "The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Vin Diesel, The Rock, Missy Elliot, Snoop Dogg, Carmen Electra, Xzibit and Ozzy Osbourne are also set to appear at the third annual awards event. Casey Patterson, Executive Producer of the awards, commented: 'Video games have taken over the world as the most creative, cutting edge platform for major names in entertainment to showcase their talent and reach a massive audience. Sam Jackson is one of the coolest guys on the planet; we're thrilled to have him hosting this year's show which promises more stars, more rock and more games than ever before.'" Sounds like it's just as much about the games as it was last year. Interestingly, was tapped, along with Joystiq and Kotaku, to be nominated for Best Blog. Guess they don't hold grudges.
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Spike TV Announces 2005 VGA Nominees

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  • by AuMatar ( 183847 ) on Tuesday October 25, 2005 @07:21PM (#13876647)
    Spike's VGAs are basicly the "Who bought the most ads on Spike" awards. Its not an actual award show, its a giant advertising medium.
  • Besides MXC, I have yet to see any quality programming on that network, and even MXC is getting a little old. There are only so many underwear and fart jokes you can make. That said, it is no suprise that an award show on Spike is nothing more than a glorified ad.
  • by darkmayo ( 251580 ) on Tuesday October 25, 2005 @07:33PM (#13876734)
    News for Nerds... no .. no nerds could give a shit what some music industry twat has to say about video games.

    Stuff that Matters... hmm no again and dont think there is much original programming that spike has that actually matters, let alone some glorified celebrity song and dance show that has clips from madden and halo.

    mod away.
  • by -kertrats- ( 718219 ) on Tuesday October 25, 2005 @07:38PM (#13876774) Journal
    Of course the awards are going to games that aren't out yet. The awards are paid for anyways, they may as well build up hype for a launch instead of advertising for an old game.
  • Guess they don't hold grudges.

    Oh suuuure...go ahead and remind them why Slashdot shouldn't win.. :-P

    After Slashdot loses, you can say that it has been a dis-honor just being nominated. ;-)
    • You're assuming they even know what Slashdot is, never mind have the net savvy to come here and read this thread. Or, for that matter, the literacy skills necessary to read this thread.
  • I had so much fun reading the live-blogging features last time (even though I caught them the next day.) Based on these nominations, the event will be just as much of a trainwreck it was in the last two times.

    Hopefully there'll be more unpaid external expert commenting this time. Now here's one award show that just begs to be torn to shreds =)

  • preemptive strike (Score:5, Interesting)

    by dr.fishopolis ( 604072 ) on Tuesday October 25, 2005 @08:34PM (#13877098)

    Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie from Ubisoft tops this year's VGA nominations with seven including "Best Action Game," "Best Graphics," "Best Performance by a Human - Male & Female" for actors Jack Black and Naomi Watts and Michel Ancel for "Designer of the Year."

    Not only is this game not FINISHED yet, it likely won't be gold when the votes are cast, and definately won't even be released by the time the awards are handed out.

    Spike VGA: 11/18

    XBOX360 Launch (assuming King Kong makes launch): 11/22

    PC launch (according to gamespot): 11/21

    Maybe it's cynical of me to assume payola here... Perhaps Spike studied the history of movie to game conversions and concluded this one simply could not fail.

  • Gaming awards are an idea whose time has more than come, however the last two iterations of this show have been pretty bad. Too much focus on things other than games (skateboarding, etc.) and a pretty pitiful production quality have made me skeptical. Lets see how this goes..
  • Oh yeah, that'll be interesting. Between that and award nominations for games that haven't even gone gold yet (King Kong), this comes just in time. I had nothing not to see lately.
  • Though even though people actually watch Spike, I'd advise against going.

    It's a trap, trust me, snipers on the roof... blamed on Counter strike, Jack Thompson...
  • Ouch... (Score:4, Insightful)

    by Wraithfighter ( 604788 ) <> on Tuesday October 25, 2005 @10:24PM (#13877611)
    Between games that won't be released by the time the show takes place (King Kong, for one, with the most nominations too!), mostly big-name stars getting voice acting noms (as opposed to people who actually do this stuff for a living...), and two of the "best tech" nominees being consoles that won't be released yet (including the PS3 who's design is still not finalized), this is just pure insanity and stinks of money getting too much involved.

    For the best piece of evidence, lets look at the "BEST GAME BASED ON A MOVIE" category:

    Star Wars Battlefront II (LucasArts) Release Date: October 31

    Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie (Ubisoft) Release Date: November 21 (on Xbox, next gen consoles have no expected date).

    The Warriors (Rockstar Games): Already released.

    James Bond 007: From Russia With Love (Electronic Arts): Release Date: November 1

    The Matrix: Path of Neo (Atari, Inc.): Release Date: November 7


    Anyone wanna bet that at least two of the four to-be-released games will, at best, be good "movie companions" as opposed to actually good games?

    • "The Warriors (Rockstar Games): Already released."

      Is this really based on the movie? Just surprised that they would base a game off a pretty bad 70's movie with no star power. Is this thing getting a theatrical rerelease or something? Is somebody at Rockstar just a fan of 70's gang movies? It's actually a good movie to base a game off of since a lot of the action can be translated nicely to a game. I'm just surprised they'd use the movie instead of just making it generic.
      • Yeah, they are fans of the movie. The movie has pretty much become a cult classic. In a way it makes sense, the Warriors had to have inspired some of the '80s gang beatem up video games like Double Dragon and Bad Dudes.
  • ...Samuel L. Jackson was cool. This pretty much erases any cool points he had ever accumulated for Pulp Fiction and other cool film roles (not to mention points for being the only useful Jedi in the prequels), and puts him firmly in negative coolness territory.

    I can't believe they're airing this garbage show again. It's a horrible abomination of television even by SpikeTV's standards.

  • If they are going to give awards for games that aren't finished yet, then clearly Duke Nukem Forever should win all the awards every year in perpetuity.
  • by xgamer04 ( 248962 ) <> on Wednesday October 26, 2005 @01:27AM (#13878373)
    Video games have taken over the world as the most creative, cutting edge platform for major names in entertainment to showcase their talent and reach a massive audience.

    Translation: "I am a marketroid and we realized recently that we haven't completely taken over video gaming. We'll get right on that". BARF!

    Even more seriously, a bad, unintentional parody of the MTV "music" awards funded by video game publishers is hardly a recipie for success. And it definitely isn't one for any amount of respect.
  • The Pudding-"According to Spike TV, ballots were sent out to the VGA Advisory Board, which was responsible for advising on categories and determining nominees in selected award categories. Winners of the VGAs are determined by votes from the Video Game Industry Voting Council which is made up of more than 200 industry journalists - all of which will have presumably received review copies of the unreleased games in time to vote." 200 Industry the people at Official Playstaion Magazine? Oh,
  • is the only hollywood celebrity who really belongs at a game award show, being that he is a bit of a gamer himself (even plays D&D!), and...... didn't he go and buy up a game studio that oversaw "Escape from Butcher Bay?"

    i'd say the only other person on that list who *might* be allowed to be there (but still probably doesn't really need to be) would be Mr. The Rock, what with Doom movie and all..... but do we really need Xzibit and Carmen Electra? do they really belong at a game award show?

    Vin d
  • So wait... these people who voted.. they are playing games BEFORE they are actually released? *GASP* They must have gotten a leaked copy from bit torrent or some other nefarious P2P system! If they are playing leaked games then they MUST be downloading music! If they are downloading music AND playing video games (well known and documented murder simulators) they are obviously trying to hack the pentagon and disrupting democracy as we know it!

    Let our powers combine: RIAA, Jack Thompson, the Feds.... a

  • I've got to nominate UWXGA for this award.

    1920x1200 on my Dell 24" Widescreen Flatpanel is amazing, and one-third the price of the Apple Monstrosity. Finally, I can fill not just the center of my vision, but peripheral vision too.

    What's that you say? A TV show? Yes, it can do TV, it's got Hi-Def Composite inputs too.

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