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Still No Director For Halo Movie 27

Via, an interview with Halo movie Producer Peter Jackson about his upcoming King Kong feature and the film adaptation of the Bungie game. As of yet, he has not selected a Director. From the article: "Question: You're still producing Halo? Jackson: Yeah. Question: What attracted you to Halo? Jackson: I'm a fan of the game. Question: But video game movies suck. Jackson: They do. Question: So what will be different? Jackson: Hopefully it won't suck. "
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Still No Director For Halo Movie

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  • by Pxtl ( 151020 ) on Wednesday December 07, 2005 @05:21PM (#14205237) Homepage
    He's remarkably direct. Doesn't beat around the bush much does he?
  • Fingers crossed that its' Guillermo Del Toro. []
    • "Fingers crossed that its' Guillermo Del Toro."

      He directed Hellboy, Blade 2, and Mimic... he's notorios for underground scenes and the actor Ron Perlman. So good chance those two things will be in the Halo movie if he directs.

      • He directed Hellboy, Blade 2, and Mimic...

        So . . . even with all three of those strikes against him - would you still want him directing?

        I am a big Ron Perlman fan, but Hellboy probably sucked the most of the above movies.
    • Figer's crossed that it's Uwe Boll!
  • Step One (Score:5, Funny)

    by thebdj ( 768618 ) on Wednesday December 07, 2005 @05:31PM (#14205338) Journal
    Look at every video game movie ever made and make sure to not hire any of those directors. If you do this you can move on to step 2, hiring good actors.
    • Re:Step One (Score:1, Flamebait)

      by Xenkar ( 580240 )
      Master Chief's actor just has to look good in a battle suit. He does not need to talk at all. That would be out of character.

      Next find a good looking girl to play the part of the 3D AI. Show her naked through out the movie. Make it rated R or NC-17. If I'm going to watch a movie based on a game, there best be some fan service.

      Next thing to do is make sure the bulk of the movie is located on the Halo. When the Master Chief looks in the sky, I want to see the other side of the Halo.

      I'd like to see is either e
    • If you do this you can move on to step 2, hiring good actors.
      Totally. []
    • Good call.

      Hire Quentin Tarantino if you can afford him (or if he's still functional). He's the only person (that I can think of) that could possibly pull off a successful videogame->theatre release.

      Hell, most of his movies seem more like video games than traditional films, IMHO. He's truly a rare breed (in a good way, if you ever read this Mr. T).

  • "Via, an interview with Halo movie Producer Peter Jackson about his upcoming King Kong feature and the film adaptation of the Bungie film."

    Why would they need to re-adapt something to the same format (unless they want to boast of its billion-dollar production cost)? My head a splode...

  • The Halo movie has had a director for a few years now. It's all right here [].

    What do you mean, "Stop being an ass!" That's not a Halo movie??

    (Oh, come on. You knew that someone had to do it!)

    I have to give Peter Jackson credit, though. He doesn't want to direct because he wants to take a break. After what he's done over the past few years, I certainly grant him that a break is deserved. I still wonder what a Halo movie would be like under his direction, but that might also come down to a possibl
  • by Lifix ( 791281 ) on Wednesday December 07, 2005 @05:51PM (#14205534) Homepage
    Just so y'all know, Peter Jackson was made an Exec Producer because he is allowing the movie to use Weta Digital and Weta Workshop for all their graphic needs and knowing that it will be a video game adapt, there will likely be lots of rendering needed. Also, by making Jackson an EP, they can slap Wingnut films on it (his banner) and give it instant credibility. Jackson probably won't have much in terms of creative input but then again this is normal for an EP. Just thought I would weigh in for those folk who don't know much about the film buisiness.
  • by sgant ( 178166 ) on Wednesday December 07, 2005 @05:56PM (#14205585) Homepage Journal
    Instead of making a 200 million dollar spectacular...just hire the guys at Rooster Teeth Productions to make a high-rez, full length Red vs. Blue movie using the Halo 2 engine...or perhaps even the Halo 3 engine.

    There ya go, save some cash. Oh, I'll expect my consulting fee within the next few days.
    • Yeah, because we all want to see Master Chief kill-humping Captain Keyes... (kidding)
    • It would be hysterically funny for the first 10 minutes as the characters rip into each other, but for the next 100 minutes the audience would get lost and confused as they attempt to introduce a "plot" that involves body jumping, ghosts, robots and dimension jumps. ***1/2 for the first 10 minutes, * for the rest of the movie.
  • I saw Doom on DVD a month ago, and it was rather good. I especially liked what they did with the "pink demon" monster, and the FPS sequence was cool.

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