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Still No Director For Halo Movie 27

Via, an interview with Halo movie Producer Peter Jackson about his upcoming King Kong feature and the film adaptation of the Bungie game. As of yet, he has not selected a Director. From the article: "Question: You're still producing Halo? Jackson: Yeah. Question: What attracted you to Halo? Jackson: I'm a fan of the game. Question: But video game movies suck. Jackson: They do. Question: So what will be different? Jackson: Hopefully it won't suck. "
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Still No Director For Halo Movie

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  • by Lifix ( 791281 ) on Wednesday December 07, 2005 @05:51PM (#14205534) Homepage
    Just so y'all know, Peter Jackson was made an Exec Producer because he is allowing the movie to use Weta Digital and Weta Workshop for all their graphic needs and knowing that it will be a video game adapt, there will likely be lots of rendering needed. Also, by making Jackson an EP, they can slap Wingnut films on it (his banner) and give it instant credibility. Jackson probably won't have much in terms of creative input but then again this is normal for an EP. Just thought I would weigh in for those folk who don't know much about the film buisiness.

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