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Kojima Dismisses Boll As MGS Director 51

Joystiq has a post which caused thousands of people to raise their eyes heavenward in thanks. Uwe Boll will never direct a Metal Gear Solid film. From the article, which relays information from Kojima's ongoing podcast series: "Host Ryan Payton delivers a message from Kojima-san dispelling recent 'nasty rumors' that Uwe Boll is being considered to direct an upcoming Metal Gear Solid movie. Says Kojima: 'Absolutely not! I don't know why Uwe Boll is even talking about this kind of thing. We've never talked to him. It's impossible that we'd ever do a movie with him.'"
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Kojima Dismisses Boll As MGS Director

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  • by John Miles ( 108215 ) on Friday February 03, 2006 @06:49PM (#14638536) Homepage Journal
    ... who argued [] that video and computer games could not possibly rise to the level of an art form?

    If so, what does he care who directs a movie based on his game? That's quite an affectation on Kojima-san's part, isn't it?
    • Not all movies are art either. He probably just doesn't want to see Boll shitify MGS like he has every other franchise he's touched.
    • That doesn't mean he wouldn't want the director that would bring in the most money.

      And with Boll's films' recent performances, I doubt he'd be the director who could make a movie that would bring in asstons of cash.

    • Worst still, he did Alone in the Dark... look it up [] it's a 2.2 This dumb f*ck does miserable, awful, stupid movies. I don't care what project he's not doing... so long as he's NEVER making another movie again.
      Who are the idiots that give him the budget or approval to work on something in the first place?

      Alone in the Dark is one experience I never wish to relive and it's 2 hours of my life I want a refund on! It wasn't even in the category of "so bad it's good".
      • He's also making a movie out of Dungeon Siege starring none other than that bald guy from The Transporter. I'm sure it will be a horrible movie that not only manages to completely ignore the better parts of the game, but also completely rip off Lord of the Rings.

        Now, I can't be entirely certain of this, chiefly because I can't remember where I heard it, but supposedly Boll gets to keep making movies because the studios know that he'll produce a loss for them. Why on earth they want a loss is beyond me,
        • I heard that too and apparently its a loophole in German taxes, where you on'y pay tax on gross earnings of your movie, so basically, his investors invest a lot of money in his movie, he guarantees that it doesn't break even, argh, I forget how they still make money though. . . His movies should be done by Bob Barker since they're just a copy of The Price is Right. He has to make as much money without going over the break even point. The interesting thing though, is that The German government ammended tha
    • by Anonymous Coward
      Just because Kojima takes a utilitarian stance on game development and does not consider game developers to be artists doesn't mean that he can't reserve the right to determine whether Boll is competent enough to make a movie from the MGS franchise.

      To modify and extend on Kojima's own car analogy, I don't consider cars to be art either. But that doesn't mean I'd be happy having a high school shop class build a car for me when better alternatives exist.

      In short, there is no discrepancy between his stance on
    • by MilenCent ( 219397 ) < minus painter> on Friday February 03, 2006 @08:28PM (#14639146) Homepage
      That's a non-sequitur. That he doesn't want Boll to direct a MGS movie has nothing to do with art. He doesn't want Boll to direct his movie because Uwe Boll sucks.

      I wouldn't be surprised, actually, if Kojima wouldn't want to direct such a movie himself. Think about it: it would be very, very easy for a know-nothing director to make a Metal Geal Solid game into some sort of crappy, Tom Clancyesque, military-celebrating, mass-market travesty.

      A good Metal Gear Solid movie could never be a generic videogame movie, and that's all Boll makes.
    • He is indeed. Perhaps he's saying this because movies are more often considered to be art? And Uwe Boll is by no stretch of the imagination a respected artist. Perhaps just because, regardless of whether either form is art or not, Uwe Boll makes shit-awful films?

      For what it's worth, as someone who makes games for a living, I don't consider most games to be art, including those I have worked on. I just don't see myself as an artist doing what I do, in much the same way that I don't consider a graphic designe
    • Because Hideo Kojima isn't an idiot. He may not consider movies to be art, but he knows Boll would simply destroy any respect the MGS series has as a very serious story. (I've heard people comparing the MGS(1) storyline to the Godzilla movie storylines.)
    • by Scrameustache ( 459504 ) * on Friday February 03, 2006 @11:44PM (#14639959) Homepage Journal
      who argued that video and computer games could not possibly rise to the level of an art form?
      If so, what does he care who directs a movie based on his game? That's quite an affectation on Kojima-san's part, isn't it?

      1) Not so.

      2) Never EVER again imply that Uwe Boll creates *art*, you! For shame!

      Really, the things people say around here... Uwe Boll... an artist... crazy!
    • I will personally say that Kojima is brilliant. If he says something, you shouldn't just brush through shrug it and say he's an idiot. What he said is that games as a whole are not art, but the stuff in them is.
    • I wouldn't want a person whom has his 3 most recently directed movies on the IMDB Bottom 100 [] to direct any movies for me, either.

      Did I mention that all 3 of those were based on video games? They were BloodRayne [], Alone in the Dark [], and House of the Dead [].

    • You see you have games. These are things that you play and interact with. You install them on a computer or put a disk in a device I like to call a 'games console'.

      You also have movies. These are also things that you play but you just watch them instead of interacting, unless you feel the need to scream at your TV. Thats up to you. Typically youll need a drive that plays DVD's or a 'DVD player' to watch them.

      At first glance they may appear similar, they are both on disks and all. However, on closer examinat
  • []

    from that page - 2.1/10 (6,596 votes). Enough said!

    {i did a little more research. his average rating is under 3! lmao}
  • "Impossible" is a good word. He probably means what he said.

    If, on the other hand, he'd said, "We have no plans," then we'd know to prepare ourselves for yet more Boll-puckey.
  • He directed the James Bond movie "Die Another Day".

    How much worse could he be?
  • ...Kojima's love for the film medium?

    Guys...the only person who is ever going to direct the movie version of a Kojima game is Kojima himself. It is common lore that Kojima went into game development as some strange half cocked plan to land a job in film production. Even if we discount that, Kojima's passion for the film medium can be seen in the often blatant film references he pours into every game title he has ever worked on (along with the long CG sequences he pumps into said titles).

    Boll isn't even

    • As someone who is now playing through MGS:Twin Snakes, and is going on through the next 2 games in succession, I have to agree.

      Twin Snakes is a movie on its own. Even moreso than the original it's remaking. Everything about it is cinematic, except the actual game sequences, and even then they try. The game is frankly secondary, it's the storytelling, and that's mostly done cinematically, though the long codec conversations have a good bit of radio play to them as well. As a game alone, there really isn'
  • Kojima actually studied to filmmaking before he got into games. Or he at least wanted to be one. I forget the exact details, but I know for a fact that he pursued film before game making. The influence can certainly be seen in his games.

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