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The New Look of Tetris 52

Via a Joystiq post, the British Gaming Blog has videos of Tetris on the DS. The short movies include the standard mode, and the 'push mode' that will be playable over Nintendo's wifi service. From the Joystiq post: "As for the ingenious Donkey Kong-themed Push mode, it seems ideally suited for Wi-Fi multiplayer battles. Each player is relegated to one of the DS screens, with the opponent being mirrored in the bottom screen (i.e. his blocks move upwards). Each player slots Tetrominoes into a cluster of blocks that's initially right in the middle of the two playing fields. Performing well and racking up combos pushes the block cluster away and into your opponent's screen, lessening his maneuvering space and chances of survival. "
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The New Look of Tetris

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  • by eldavojohn ( 898314 ) * <(eldavojohn) (at) (> on Tuesday February 14, 2006 @04:02PM (#14718640) Journal
    For those of you who don't remember what Tetris used to be like, enjoy the Unofficial Homepage [].

    Oh come on, the squeal of joy and flash when you got a full fledged Tetris was clearly an electronic orgasm. And don't get me started on the phallic nature of the only piece that will get you a Tetris ...
  • Each player slots Tetrominoes into a cluster of blocks that's initially right in the middle of the two playing fields. Performing well and racking up combos pushes the block cluster away and into your opponent's screen, lessening his maneuvering space and chances of survival.

    This sounds awfully like Puyo Puyo to me. []

    The object of the game is to beat your opponent in a battle, like, with most other puzzle games, by filling their grid up to the top with garbage. P

    • WTFV. Since the players share the same playing field, interesting stuff happens, particularly when there's a hole in the playing field and players wind up wasting good pieces by sending them all the way through to the other side. This looks like someone finally came up with an interesting twist on the Tetris formula.
    • It wouldn't surprise me. Tetris Attack [] was just a remake of Panel de Pon [] for US markets.

      Now I have a conflict. I have a Gameboy Color and I really love Tetris Attack. I'd like to get Tetris Attack, but it's only available in Black & White. There is, however, a color version available, except that it's Pokemon (*shudder*) Puzzle Challenge. To go for the Black and White and be free (but ugly), or stare at the annoying Pokemon in exchange for color? ARRGGGHH!
    • Re:Puyo Puyo? (Score:2, Informative)

      by wedgewu ( 701989 )
      1) Did you watch the videos?

      2) Have you actually played Puyo Puyo?

      There are alot of other puzzle games that Tetris Push is more similar to (Lumines multiplayer, for example).

      Puyo Puyo isn't one of them. The similarities between the two games end pretty much at the fact that they both have falling pieces and they're both puzzle games.

    • Puyo Puyo's multiplayer mode is similar to the old Tetris multiplayer mode, where elements you remove get added to the other player's stack. The new Tetris multiplayer mode seems to be quite different in that the fields in which the players stack their elements are actually connected at the bottom, if I understand it correctly.

  • pushmode (Score:2, Interesting)

    by Bwerf ( 106435 )
    For those of you that want to try out the pushmode blobtrix [] has been doing that for some time now. I don't know if it's the first, but it's free to try =)
  • by lampiaio ( 848018 ) on Tuesday February 14, 2006 @04:24PM (#14718866)
    I once found this interesting text about Tetris as an analysis of our own lives:

    Apart from being a fine game, Tetris is also a perfect mirror of the human condition. For a while the game is entertaining, and we seem to have mastered it and are having fun. Then, something goes wrong -- a rash mistake, or an unfulfilled wish, and we're fighting to repair the damage, but we've been thrown off-balance, and everything is piling up. Blocks that were once orderly and harmonious are jumbled and filled with holes, and our cup is on the verge of running over. There's always a point at which we stop planning for the future, and realize that we don't have one -- all we can do is cling to the present and concentrate, focus our minds on what it's like to be alive, to play the game, before it's all over.

    You were waiting for a four-by-one block that never came.

    Sometimes we resist to the bitter end, moving blocks left and right without thought or care, just to hang on, and sometimes we accept the inevitable and pull the blocks down to us, smiling inwardly at the great joke. The rest is silence.

    It could easily be defined as a "Tetris-do" of sorts.
  • Slashdotted? (Score:1, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward
  • Not bad! (Score:2, Interesting)

    Looks like they've finally managed to come up with a way to mutate Tetris that actually retains the charm of the original, a task most commercial mutations failed at IMHO. (HatTris, anyone?)
  • The videos are also available at the official page [].
  • As much as I love Tetris, there are only so many ways to skin a dead horse.

    Making a cutesy, semi autonomous version of an NES game playing on one screen while you scramble to make lines on a Tetris board below is really lame, in my opinion.

    I have been wanting to develop a version of Tetris that uses some novel ideas to the game play I haven't yet seen (although Tetris worlds and Tetris Elements have used some of the ideas I have had). I.e. I want to add to the Tetris experience, not just add some gimmicks
    • Did you actually watch the videos, or read the article at all?

      The autonomous character in the top screen was designed as a gimmick its just a bit of graphical fun otherwise that mode is there for its _traditional_ Tetris. From the article 'Normal game of Tetris covering the bottom screen.'

      The other two modes were unlike anything ive ever seen in Tetris before. Even with all of Tetris Worlds variants this is brand new stuff.

      Tetris is my favorite game of all time and I am really looking forward to getting my
    • The videos actually show some rather ingenious gameplay. It seems that whoever designed these modes took the lessons of New Tetris (N64) to heart, that is, it's important to not mess it up too much.

      Tetris 2 and Tetria Attack, the other games with a Tetris name Nintendo made, were okay, but no one these days would mistake them for Tetris. The same goes for many of the other recent updates.
    • The only worthwhile thing about that game was the 4 player mode... and that was god-awful. Tetris 64(or whatever it was called), with square mode, could not be beaten(It also had 4-player). Clearing a gold square with a Tetris... yummmm that's tasty.
  • I prefer the real life version [].
  • We need Tetris The Grand Master 2 right now. Bring on the death mode!
  • The push mode looks like it will be really fun to play. Not sure I quite understand standard mode though... Is it that you're controlling the currently falling piece, and Mario, at the same time? That would be a challenge for us single-minded folks!

    The touch mode also looks neat, since it looks like it's more logic-based than traditional tetris. You're not worrying about pieces as they fall -- and fall faster over time -- but on solving an ever-changing puzzle of already mashed up pieces. Kind of like
  • Screw mirrors and semi-unknown blogs... the videos were originally posted here: Nintendo's own website [].
  • I saw the videos. The best one is that ballon fight mode (the puzzle mode, that is not against time).

    The first video (that dual-screen multiplayer) was confusing. I don't think I would like it or I would be used to play it when the gameplay area keeps going up an down. I might even get seasick.

    On second video... Wtf was that pixelated 8-bit mario with some cheap "3-D" rotating effect? That looks ugly, and looks like they did not have anything better to put there, and it is there just to fill space.

    On both f
  • I always called the buggers "tetrads." Am I the only one?

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