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John Carmack's QuakeCon Keynote Video 44

Donnie D writes "Video of id Software's John Carmack is available from his address to QuakeCon 2006 last week. It was comparable to his down to earth speech presented last year when he focused on next generation console gaming. This year, he focused on multi-processor support in games. Mentioned in his address are interesting details such as NVIDIA's sponsorship of Armadillo Aerospace for the X-Prize competition, vague details on id's next game, and topics related to his cell phone games. The video includes 1 hour and 20 minutes of Carmack's address."
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John Carmack's QuakeCon Keynote Video

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  • I heard he wasn't feeling too well a while back.. has Carmack's condition [] improved?
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  • The video includes 1 hour and 20 minutes of Carmack's address.

    So, I just got done watching this video, and I had to post this comment on /.
    No, but seriously, since it contains 1hr 20 minute OF his address, does that mean it went even longer? I would never spend that much time listening to what he has to say.
    • "I would never spend that much time listening to what he has to say."

      Interesting, since you state that you DID just watch the video...

      "does that mean it went even longer?" YES... much longer. He always sticks around for an extended question and answer session. This year's session went on for quite a while. There were a lot of good topics (like the Wii which I posted on down below) that came up in the question and answer session.

      I actually didn't stay until the end of the QA session myself... I mean, I w
  • There must be a fair number of slashdot's readers who don't even know who Carmak/Romero etc were.
  • If you have watched or about to watch the video, please make a bit of a transcript and post excerpts so other people can know what you are talking about and can make informed commentary.
  • Mentioned in his address are interesting details such as NVIDIA's sponsorship of Armadillo Aerospace for the X-Prize competition

    Finally a good use for all the heat NVIDIA chipsets create. A four core GPU based rocket engine. Of course, rocket engines are traditionally somewhat quieter than NVIDIA's stock cooling systems so there may be some FAA/EPA regulations to overcome.
  • I was there... (Score:5, Interesting)

    by friedmud ( 512466 ) on Monday August 07, 2006 @09:00PM (#15863003)
    Just thought that since I was there I would give my take on it....

    As a computer scientist that works on large scale parallel code... I found his comments about parallelism to be spot on. I don't think most people understand just how difficult it is to write parallel code... especially for things running in real time.

    It sounds to me like the PS3 is going to be a bitch to write for... the "acceleration engine" philosophy is just too far out there. From what Carmack was saying it seems that Microsoft went in the right direction with 3 identical cores. This gives some amount of parallelism while not being over the top... allowing for a smoother transition from the serial code that most programmers are used to writing. We'll see how this plays out in the market next year.

    I was somewhat dissapointed by his statements about the Wii... basically he just doesn't like Nintendo (because of a prior falling out)... so we probably won't be seing id software games on the Wii anytime soon (which is a bummer... because I know Carmack could do some awesome stuff with the motion sensing technology).

    Finally... I will say that I got to play with some of the cell-phone games that Carmack created... and man they were really cool. Specifically Doom RPG looked really good and played well. They are the first cell-phone games that have ever made me really want to do something on my phone besides use it to talk. He talked about possibly porting them to the Nintendo DS (probably through a third party) which sounds like a great idea.

    Anyway... that's my take!

    • What was the prior falling out? The rejected Mario 3 PC demo? Or was it less of a falling out and more of a clash of ideals (when id made it's fast rise to fame with bloody demonic themed games Nintendo was busy turning Mortal Kombat's blood into sweat for fear of 'the children').
      • He didn't say specifically...

        Just that id had worked on doing a title for a nintendo platform... and the deal kind of went sour and left bad taste in his mouth.

        I have no idea what it was... but it wasn't just an ideological difference...

  • Today Carmack is just another programmer in a sea of much more talented and dedicated programmers.
    • even if so, that doesn't discredit his work.
      • and in FACT he was apart of a revolution in games. What's so revolutionary about most games these days. They depend on hardware to do much of the same thing as older games.

        We still have ...
        first person shooters (been there done that now a days we just have "juicier" games BFD)
        RTS games (same old same old, just "prettier")
        and this goes for MOST if not ALL of the games.

        Nothing really exciting except that fact that we have better graphics, actors doing voices, and movies turned into games.

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