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First GH III Video Displays Differences 31

Joystiq has up one of the first videos of Guitar Hero III , and links to an IGN article discussing the changes. As they point out, there are quite a few differences. The UI has been overhauled in several ways, which may or may not be to your liking. "The HUD has been completely revamped, with lights replacing the Star Power meter and a new chain counter that tells you how many notes you've hit in a row. According to this IGN feature, the timing has also been changed, which may explain the early Wyld Stallyns-level performance in the videos. It's hard to blame the team from Neversoft if the game's playing a little differently at the moment, as they didn't have access to the code (created by Harmonix) from the original two games. Besides, there's still time for tweaking." The changes don't bother me that much, but the twanging butchery of "My Name is Jonas" made my eyebrow twitch.
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First GH III Video Displays Differences

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  • by dteichman2 ( 841599 ) on Thursday May 31, 2007 @04:02PM (#19342893) Homepage
    But have you tried playing Halo with your guitar yet?

    That's the new direction they need to start moving in.
  • So wait... (Score:3, Funny)

    by Icarus1919 ( 802533 ) on Thursday May 31, 2007 @04:09PM (#19343005)
    This isn't about General Hospital? Ah.... you kids...
  • Difficulty (Score:2, Insightful)

    by minvaren ( 854254 )
    FTA : "Instead, they're aiming for a difficulty level somewhere between the first and second Guitar Hero Games."


    I've basically finished GH1, but I don't even attempt GH2 on expert (anymore).
    • Cowboys from Hell/Bark at the Moon from GH1 is waaaaaaay harder than Hangar 18/Free Bird in GH2.

      Honestly, once you have hammering on/pulling off (and the inherent sweeping) down, GH2 is cake. The only hard song is Psychobilly Freakout.

      Maybe I'm better at GH2 because I play real guitar... ?
      • Re: (Score:3, Funny)

        by minvaren ( 854254 )
        Real guitar isn't a guarantee [dovetail.tv] of GH2 prowess. :D

        You're right on CfH/BatM, though - those are the two killers on GH1. Psychobilly Freakout and Carry Me Home are the two that give me fits on GH2 hard, and I don't have the patience to memorize the intricate solos on expert.
        • If you can read sheet music and play it on an instrument at the same time, you'll have no problems at all figuring out the songs either the first time thru or the second go-round. And if you're good at fast guitar playing, then you most certainly won't have a problem finding those five buttons and the up/down toggle switch, or the whammy bar (which I think sucks, it should dangle so you have to grab it and put it into position before wailing it out, like most other metal guitarists tended to do, e.g. Steve
          • by Khyber ( 864651 )
            SRV isn't metal, BTW, I just used him as another reference to a guitarist that lets the whammy bar hang. Another would be Dimebag.
    • Re: (Score:2, Insightful)

      by DaisuIV ( 1086317 )
      Personally, I feel they should add another difficulty thats even harder then Expert on GH2, I've finished every song, excluding Jordan (I get to 57% EVERY TIME), even some of the "Face Melter" set with 5* (namely 'Hanger 18') on expert. I only really get better at things when they make them harder, so for "self-improvement" purposes, I need it to be harder!
      • by Endymion ( 12816 )
        seriously, screw Buckethead!

        I've beaten everything on both GH games on 5*, no problem, but "Jordan" is insane. You get to the "solo", and it's like solid notes for half the song.

        I think I get to that same 57% spot. It's insane.

        Even all the other songs that gave me trouble for a while like Six and Institutionalized are nothing now, yet Jordan is still insane.

        I think he wrote that solo just to piss of the GH players.
    • Re:Difficulty (Score:4, Insightful)

      by Intellectual Elitist ( 706889 ) on Thursday May 31, 2007 @05:01PM (#19343773)
      The difficulty curve was certainly rougher on GH2 than on GH1, but it wasn't insurmountable -- and I don't see any reason not to continue including challenging material for veteran players.

      After playing GH1 to death, when I got GH2 I blew through Medium and literally got 5 stars on every song on the first try. On Hard I got 4 or 5 stars on the first try on all but a few tracks, and I didn't start running into a real challenge until I got to the upper echelons of Expert. Now I can 5-star almost all of the songs on Expert without much trouble. I even went back and 100%'d all of Medium and most of Hard before I got bored.

      Should I want or need a decrease in difficulty? Isn't it the point of the higher difficulties to provide a greater challenge?

      I guess I just don't understand how amping up the highest difficulty would wind up hurting anyone, aside from bruising their ego. Maybe it would make everyone happy if they introduced a new difficulty beyond Expert and scaled the original difficulties down a bit...? I don't know.
      • Re: (Score:3, Informative)

        Hell. Add a couple of difficulties above expert.

        If you don't want it to scare new players, just have it unlockable. Start with Easy, Normal and Hard and by either completing a couple of Hards or entering a code (for the lazy) it will open up Expert and whatever level which is by all means insane and meant for pros only (like 12-footers in ITG).

        Just like DDR pros who can easily beat songs on a dance pad that I can't even clear on a keyboard (madness [youtube.com] check out 2:20).
        There is a market for extreme difficulty, a
      • The difficulty curve was certainly rougher on GH2 than on GH1, but it wasn't insurmountable -- and I don't see any reason not to continue including challenging material for veteran players.

        As long as they don't miss the overall point of playing along to songs for fun, that's fine by me.

        I've finished both GH games on medium, and can get 4/5 stars on most songs. I've gotten about halfway through GH1 in hard. But even after spending frustrating hours, and going over all parts of the song in practice mode, I
  • The best part is how there's a tattooed, built, guitar player playing EMO.
  • The buttons on the fret board have gone back to the rounded shape first used on the PS2 Guitar Hero controller. They still have the same color layout, but now have a mostly black face to make the controller look less like a toy and more like a real axe

    It looks like the old wired guitar will work with the new game. Phew! I had heard rumors that the button scheme would be different and I would therefore need 2 sets of toy guitars. The profit margin on selling more copies of the game is so much larger that

  • It's hard to blame the team from Neversoft if the game's playing a little differently at the moment, as they didn't have access to the code (created by Harmonix) from the original two games.

    Yes, I can blame Neversoft a great deal. How did that happen? "Yeah, we'll make a sequel. Naw, we don't need the source or anything." Admittedly, there may be perfectly good reasons to start from scratch, but having the original source code at the very least is a good reference point.

    And while they're fiddling wi

    • by xero314 ( 722674 ) on Thursday May 31, 2007 @06:03PM (#19344679)
      This is probably because Harmonix, or now MTV, owns the rights to the original code, where as Red Octane, now Activision, owns the rights to the Guitar Hero name and most likely some of the UI aspects. So Harmonix keeps the code which they can use as the basis for the up coming Rock Band game, and Activision can get Neversoft to start over but use the recognized name of Guitar Hero. This happens in the game industry alot.
      • My wife and I keep hoping Harmonix will come out with a new version of Amplitude / Frequency again ... enjoyed those much more than Guitar Hero, personally.
  • I have a red-octane afterburner pad for my xbox and have been able to A on six footers. I'm not great and haven't practiced too much.

    But - I went to my cousin's and played GH2 and found it pretty easy on medium. Was my first time playing GH at all and I am sure I would have aced the songs even better if I had a little more practice time.

    For those who have done both, which do you find harder/easier? I'm guessing DDR is a harder game to master.

    • DDR is harder. Of course, it also requires being in some kind of shape and have stamina to be able to play the higher songs without passing out halfway through.
  • ...the singer looks more emo.

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