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Developers React To Winning E3 Critics Awards 34

This past week the winners of the 2007 E3 critics awards were announced. Newsweek's LevelUp blog had the chance to speak to some of the developers behind the award-winning games. Along with speaking to folks like Alex Ward for Burnout Paradise , Alex Rigopulos for Rock Band , and Herman Hulst for KillZone 2 , N'Gai chatted with the men behind Bioware's Mass Effect , Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzyka. It's an interesting look at what the folks behind the games think when they get public praise of this nature. Says Zeschuk: "Going into the show is always a little daunting as the competition is extremely fierce, but Mass Effect being recognized by the key industry press really gives us a lot of confidence that we're doing things right. We believe that Mass Effect will settle the "are games art?" argument once and for all ..." He also spoke to Eiji Aonuma for Phantom Hourglass , Cevat Yerli for Crysis , and Alex Evans for the innovative LittleBigPlanet .
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Developers React To Winning E3 Critics Awards

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  • The game looked great at E3. How much work is left to be done before launch, and when can we expect to hear some details about multiplayer?

    At E3 we wanted to show that we can live up to the promise of the original trailer. As for the second part of the question, we plan to follow up with more information on the game as additional details become available.

    First off, he did not answer the first past of the question which is pretty damned important since Resistance:FoM lost a lot of the hardcore FPS gamers aft

    • I think the most pathetic thing out of that Q&A, by far, is that they basically admitted that they're basing their entire damn game on that CG movie that they didn't even have a hand in creating!

      It just boggles my mind that the sequel to one of the most mediocre PS2 games ever is getting this much hype that we're even discussing this matter at all.
    • You're right. He dodged the question. If you want to pick up a fun game that is focussed on multiplayer for the PS3, look into Warhawk. Its due out soon and the closed Beta was a lot of fun (32 player team or free-for-all matches, ground, and air based combat, different vehicles, weapons, etc).

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