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Deus Ex 3 Announced 138

Gamasutra has the news that Eidos is already hard at work on a Deus Ex 3 . The company announced this project along with a brand-new studio in Montreal, which will be developing the title. "According to [General Manager Stéphane D'Astous], Eidos Montreal currently has two groups -- a Q&A group that is responsible for testing all of the developer's games from anywhere in the world, and an in-house development team that D'Astous says has just passed proof of concept for Deus Ex 3. 'This game was very highly rated at its release in 2000, and we have this great huge mandate to do the third one, and everybody is very excited,' added D'Astous"
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Deus Ex 3 Announced

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  • by roystgnr ( 4015 ) * <roystgnr@ticam.utex a s . e du> on Monday November 26, 2007 @02:57PM (#21482225) Homepage
    Although getting rid of those nasty complicated parts like "complex plot", "skills" and "unique ammo" did make Deus Ex 2 more accessible to console game players, there were still people out there who lacked the higher cognitive functions and opposable thumbs necessary to really immerse themselves in that first sequel. So, some of those innovations will just have to be taken farther:

    Linear plot: Although Deus Ex 2 successfully obliterated the choices that players could make in the first game's ending, mushing them all together into some sort of hybrid plot, some players were confused by the residual choices available in the sequel. Deus Ex 3 will prevent further confusion by standardizing the "auto aim" features and adding "auto move", as well as by replacing the "choose your own adventure" style conversations with a new "we chose your adventure, now shut up and listen" interface.

    Gun: The unified ammunition, one-size-fits-all inventory, and reduced upgradability of weapon skills in Deus Ex 2 really made that game more accessible to the "can't tie their own shoelaces" audience. Deus Ex 3 will build on this success by replacing the varied and confusing weapon selections from the previous games with "Gun", a generic rifle which will shoot shiny graphics effects and will be the only weapon equipped by the player and all NPCs at all times. Gun will never hurt anyone friendly, will automatically correct your aim when shooting at anyone unfriendly, and will expend no ammunition. Gun will therefore double as a convenient way of eliminating from the game confusing questions about which characters are really good guys and which are really bad guys - shoot 'em all and let Gun sort 'em out!

    Box: Because of the wonderful reception that the Deus Ex 2 levels and textures received, we now know that it's just fine to scale back level design for console systems with limited RAM. Accordingly, Deus Ex 3 will be even able to run on all popular handheld game systems, with a few minor plot and setting adjustments to fit the limited level files into available memory. Can you fight your way past the defenders of Square Tunnel and make it to the enemy's hidden Box base?

    Length: Although Deus Ex 2 was significantly shorter than the first, it was still way longer than the average movie, and what kind of person wants to sit in front of a screen that long? What are you, some kind of gamer geek? Deus Ex 3 will be 90 minutes; 95 minutes in the "Directors Cut" version.

    (disclaimer: Deus Ex: Invisible War was actually an okay game; it just really disappointed by comparison with the first)
  • by Kirijini ( 214824 ) <> on Monday November 26, 2007 @04:27PM (#21483437)
    I managed to find a screenshot [] for Deus Ex 3! Based on your description, I mean. Oh, and a release date of 1980.
  • D'oh! (Score:2, Funny)

    by 45mm ( 970995 ) on Monday November 26, 2007 @04:56PM (#21483827)
    Just when I thought I had forgotten all about DX2 ... you all had to remind me!
  • by rishistar ( 662278 ) on Monday November 26, 2007 @07:10PM (#21485527) Homepage
    Well even if this game gets terrible previews and people slating it before it gets released, I reckon the game still has a chance of being brilliant thanks to last minute unforseen intervention. I mean, thats what Deus Ex Machina is for, right?
  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday November 26, 2007 @09:31PM (#21486807)
    Eidos plans to leverage other properties & add Lara Croft to the plot... for dual wielding.

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