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THQ Acquires Big Huge Games 8

Gamasutra reports that Rise of Nations (and Catan) developer Big Huge Games has been purchased by publisher THQ. Last May we discussed their RPG alliance, and the Gamastura article notes that this 'getting to know you' period was instrumental in the purchase. "We asked THQ's [executive vice president of worldwide studios Jack Sorensen] if, when working with developers to publish a title, they regularly consider bringing those developers in-house. 'We're not unique there," he conceded, "but yeah, every external group that we work with, it's always in the back of our minds. Rather than it being purely financially driven -- although that's a big component -- it's more about [finding] the next group of game developers that can really add a unique take on the studio system, either from a genre or platform perspective, but also fit in well so that we can continue the culture that we built.'" Additional commentary from RPS.
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THQ Acquires Big Huge Games

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