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Mirror's Edge Planned As a Trilogy 33

Ausgamers interviewed Mirror's Edge senior producer Owen O'Brien at the recent Tokyo Games Show. He revealed some interesting information, including the fact that Mirror's Edge is planned as a three-story arc. He also said a level editor may appear in a sequel. The full video interview is also available for viewing. A full list of achievements for the Xbox 360 has been uncovered as well. We discussed the making of Mirror's Edge earlier this month.
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Mirror's Edge Planned As a Trilogy

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  • Geewhodathunkit (Score:4, Insightful)

    by OzPhIsH ( 560038 ) on Wednesday October 15, 2008 @06:37PM (#25391427) Journal
    OMG what a surprise. I mean, aren't we just at the point where we can assume any new hyped up new IP is going to be milked for at least two more games?
  • Why are there so many games coming out these days where publishers insist how they're going to be a trilogy, even before they've released it?

    Gears of War, Bioshock, Mass Effect, and now Mirror's Edge. Granted, Bioshock wasn't announced to be a trilogy before its release, I'm sure that 2K was planning it.

    These bullshit excuses to not add a concrete ending to the story is really annoying. It's just an excuse to have a shitty plot.

    • by Wizworm ( 782799 )
      Yeah they all cant be Half Life 2
    • Re:What the fuck (Score:5, Insightful)

      by teh moges ( 875080 ) on Wednesday October 15, 2008 @06:54PM (#25391713) Homepage
      I would rather they 'plan' a trilogy, as opposed to releasing a game, and then deciding to milk it. Too many great games and movies have sequels that suck because of the post-planned trilogy.

      I do agree with you about the bullshit of not having a concrete ending. I would much rather a story in three distinct parts, or at least the first game 'ends' with the second and third more closely tied together.

      BTW: Your sig taught me about Saori Yoshida. Um, thanks?
      • by Kagura ( 843695 )
        Like Mass Effect? A game that, for all its horrible game design, managed to still reach my all-time favorites list. Morrowind was the same.
      • by kieran ( 20691 )

        Aye, I much prefer a trilogy that was planned from the outset, like the Matrix films.

        Wait, what?

    • Re:What the fuck (Score:4, Insightful)

      by yotto ( 590067 ) on Wednesday October 15, 2008 @08:05PM (#25392581) Homepage

      I didn't play Gears of War or Bioshock, but you can't tell me you were disappointed with Mass Effect's ending, both from the play side and the story side. If they never came out with Mass Effect 2 I'd be totally happy with the complete story of Mass Effect 1.

      Just because they're planning a trilogy doesn't mean they're going to end the first installment with your character hanging from a cliff.

      • Re: (Score:1, Informative)

        by Anonymous Coward

        you can't tell me you were disappointed with Mass Effect's ending, both from the play side and the story side.

        Oh, yes I can. Warning for any unfamiliar readers: massive spoilers ahead.

        For one, it ended on a cliffhanger. All those other reapers and geth out there are just waiting to attack. This is aside from the fact that the big revelation at the end is that the Conduit is just a fancy teleporter that takes you back to your home base. Seriously, you spend the entire game chasing after Saren and trying to figure out what and where the Conduit is before he can get to it, and it's just a teleporter that sends you

        • The conduit was also a way to control the mass relay network, like a remote.
          Saren was the evil adversary from the beginning, and it stayed so till the end.
          You were just disappointed by a small plot twist.
          At least they didn't make any of your bosses betray and backstab you, like they did with Jade Empire :)
          And the reapers out there... I view it not as much of a cliffhanger, but some more work to do...

          Mass Effect was disappointing by the poor strategic combat. Most of the fodder missions were quite the same,

        • I'm pretty sure that the game lets you know when you reach the point of no return. Hmm... It's been about nine months since I played it but I seem to remember something that warns you.

          But I did love the ending.

    • I'd rather they promise us more so that if I like it, I have something to look forward too. The ending of psychonauts was clearly setting up a sequel, even though I knew in advance it didn't sell I was sad to know it would never happen.

      And like others have said, announcing it's going to be a trillogy is much better than trying to turn an individual thing into a trilogy afterward.

      • by mog007 ( 677810 )

        I disagree about Psychonauts. Psychonauts, and Beyond Good and Evil, set up a sequel the proper way, by ending the story, but just leaving a tiny thread that wasn't finished yet.

        As far as games that piss me off the most, I think the crowning jewel would be Half Life 2, bar none. It was beautiful, and I got a free copy with my video card, of course I almost upgraded the video card by the time the game actually came out, but I was hyped for it. I played through twenty or so hours, and then...

        Well, everybod

      • by KDR_11k ( 778916 )

        Psychonauts' ending seemed more like the conventional ending for a story like that, just like the ending in The Incredibles. It just shows that the character won't quit being a hero soon and that it's not all peace and daffodils just because one bad guy got beaten. I'm not sure I'd actually want to see a continuation of the story after such an end.

    • Well one, if they made a full story; it would have been released later, they would have no feed back from players of number 1, they would have spent more time for same profit and thus lose net money.

      I'm fine with them making a sequel, one because anything I didn't like in the first will usually be ironed out (I play legendary stick layout, when you run in gears of war it resets it back to default, I beat the game before I noticed that I could turn while running.). Plus us gamers are so freaking demanding n

      • by KDR_11k ( 778916 )

        Well one, if they made a full story; it would have been released later

        Not necessarily, only if they tried to keep the story at a length of 3 games. You can vary the length of a story by adding and removing subplots and filler.

    • Gears of War, Bioshock, Mass Effect, and now Mirror's Edge.

      You forgot StarCraft 2 (and 3, and 4) [].

    • by KDR_11k ( 778916 )

      And let's not forget all the games that aren't as great as the developers thought and consequently fail to sell enough to get funding for even one sequel, never mind the full trilogy that the developer had planned...

    • Not to mention other IPs that were proclaimed as series and have died out... such as Advent Rising (supposed to be a trilogy from the start, was killed after the first) and Xenosaga (supposed to be six games) was killed after the third, which was rushed to get the story summed up.

      IMO, it's just marketing. People expect that great IPs will have sequels and trilogies. So, if the publisher goes ahead and says that it will be a trilogy, the masses will assume that it is a great IP before the first review even

    • I don't play many games, mostly because they do have shitty plots (Assassin's Creed comes to mind), but Bioshock's story hooked me from day 1.

      Plans for a trilogy doesn't preclude good plots. Ever hear of LoTR?
  • by jbacon ( 1327727 ) <> on Wednesday October 15, 2008 @06:55PM (#25391733)
    I rather expected the knee-jerk franchise-milking whining, as this is of course an EA title, but let's step back for a moment. I was nothing short of blown away by the trailers for this game, and if it is even half as good as I'm hoping, I'd wait in goddamned line for Mirror's Edge 2 or 3.

    I mean come on, if Diablo I was going to be released in a month, and Blizzard stated plans for a three-part franchise, I doubt there would be this kind of reaction. Let's just wait and see, mkay?
    • and Blizzard stated plans for a three-part franchise, I doubt there would be this kind of reaction.

      Yeah, we're all glad that Blizzard never does this kind of crap! Never ever!

      I can't wait to play Starcraft 2: Part 1!

    • Blown away? I'd be blown away if this was 1998.

      I will be calling this "Turd's Edge".

      Since you have no idea if you're running on a mirror, rooftop or a blanket of mushy turds.

      You have no point of reference. I believe this will be an awkward attempt at a parkour simulator.

      No likey.

      • Since you have no idea if you're running on a mirror, rooftop or a blanket of mushy turds.... You have no point of reference.

        In other words, no worse than every other first-person game ever, just very different and a lot more interesting.

        I'll agree with GP, I was blown away. But I won't be buying it [], even if EA would like to pretend I'm an insignificant minority [].

      • Re: (Score:2, Insightful)

        by jbacon ( 1327727 )

        Turd's Edge? ... what? I can see you're the Halo type. (Translation: You're an idiot.)

        The guided-sandbox approach this game takes has got some serious potential, plus the fact it's incredibly simple. Few (optional) weapons, no vehicles, no "features" that too often end up as mere gimmicks, no HUD. Just you and the world. It's one of the best game designs I've seen for a very long time.

        • I hate halo. Always have.

          which means that you are an idiot.

          I just want to see my own feet.

          • by jbacon ( 1327727 )

            Pro tip: You see your feet a lot.

            In fact,you can pretty much see everything below your neck.

        • I've looked most of the footage. It just looks like Assassin's Creed in a modern city. I'd rather play Assassin's Creed.

  • The least I can appreciate is knowing it's happening before playing the game, like XIII and Clone... uhhh... Commander or something, the star wars one with the NewZealander voices kicking ass and stuff.

  • Warner Brothers announced today that they are going to keep making Batman movies until the franchise is no longer profitable.

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