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Spore Games For Wii and DS, PC Expansions Due In 2009 50

Supa writes "EA UK has confirmed new Spore games for the Wii, DS and PC, as well as four more Spore expansion packs. From the article: 'Spore fans are finally getting that Wii version of Spore in Spore: Hero. Another new game tie-in will be Spore: Hero Arena for DS, a standalone Spore: Creature Keeper (PC), and four more Spore expansion packs with the first of them titled Spore: Galactic Adventures.' All of them will be arriving in 2009." Kotaku has a more in-depth look at the details of the first expansion, saying, "As with most of what comes from developer Maxis, there's a lot of stuff to soak up whenever they make something new. Adventures is way more than just slapped-on content or a single new feature; you really have to play it to even get a feel of just how much is going on."
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Spore Games For Wii and DS, PC Expansions Due In 2009

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  • Attn: Will Wright (Score:3, Interesting)

    by Majik Sheff ( 930627 ) on Friday January 23, 2009 @02:15AM (#26571101) Journal

    Can you please go back to making quality software toys? Perhaps you need to adopt a pseudonym to publish under so that EA can't claim your soul.

    • Names... (Score:3, Insightful)

      by Chordonblue ( 585047 )

      Is it just me or does it seem that whenever there's a lesser version of some game, it has a longer name.

      First we started off with 'Spore' on the PC.

      Then it's 'Spore:Hero' on the Wii.

      Finally, it's 'Spore: Hero Arena' on the DS.

      Can we expect a 'Spore: Hero Arena - Electric Boogaloo' for the Atari 2600?

    • He makes more money doing things like "The Sims", alas.

  • Wright (Score:3, Interesting)

    by mqduck ( 232646 ) <mqduck@ m q d u c k . n et> on Friday January 23, 2009 @02:16AM (#26571109)

    "...and four more Spore expansion packs with the first of them titled Spore: Galactic Adventures.' All of them will be arriving in 2009."

    Will Wright: Creative genius and big, big fan of money.

    • Re: (Score:3, Funny)

      by Jabbrwokk ( 1015725 )

      Spore 2: The Search for More Money

      Why make a sequel when you can release umpteen expansion packs full of material that couldn't possibly have been shipped in the original game, no.

      • Spore 2 will come out only when they are done with all the expansions for Spore 1.

        It'll be just like 1, but with better graphics, and maybe a *few* tweaks.

        And then they'll release all kind of expansions, startlingly like the ones release for Spore 1...

    • by bonch ( 38532 )

      I don't think he has anything to do with sequels or expansions. He hasn't even been very involved with SimCity or the Sims since their first releases. He seems like the kind of big-name developer who puts an idea out, has a software development team make it, and then gets bored with it and moves onto the next thing while his company makes money off sequels and expansions.

  • What is the value in having a sequel without the base game on the system?

    I would love Spore: Wii.

    I'm not so interested in Spore: Hero tho I might have been if there had been a Spore: Wii.

  • by russlar ( 1122455 ) on Friday January 23, 2009 @02:49AM (#26571299)
    Penis Creatures running on a Wii. It's perfect.
  • New DRM (Score:3, Informative)

    by Thanshin ( 1188877 ) on Friday January 23, 2009 @03:17AM (#26571463)

    And this time, the game box will be accompained by a thug that will follow you to your home and will punch anyone who looks like they're thinking about copying it.

    And you'll have to feed the thug.

    • Do you know where I can apply for one of these thug positions? In this economy free food sounds great.
    • by bonch ( 38532 )

      Maybe if there weren't so many tards pirating everything and inventing goofy reasons to justify it, DRM wouldn't be required to protect artist rights.

  • Spore was fine, but seriously not worth the hype. I enjoyed it, but compared to some of the other Will Wright concepts it is seriously lacking. And no, I'm not talking about the DRM. Spore is a good start, but I hope Will has more up his sleave.
    • by LarsWestergren ( 9033 ) on Friday January 23, 2009 @06:36AM (#26572457) Homepage Journal

      I agree. I actually defended Spore here on Slashdot when it was the Great DRM Debate, I thought it was fun. But I got really fed up with it surprisingly quick. Designing creatures remained fun, but the core gameplay was just too...shallow.

      I think it really deserved the "most overhyped game" awards it won.

      • Totally agreed, good game, but nothing like it could have been.
      • Completely agree... I can't say I really enjoyed the GAME at any individual stage, but the creator designer, trying to get new evolutionary parts, making cities, etc was pretty cool.

        I actually never finished the Galactic stage--seemed boring, and I got tired of the controls completely changing between every stage.

    • I personally was hoping for the prophesied Great Merging of the SIM titles (e.g. Sim Earth, Sim Life, Sim City, etc..) . I look at how old those games are, and think to myself, "wow.. if an older, less powerful platform could run just one of the these individual simulations, couldn't our newer, bigger, stonger, faster platforms run them all *together*?" It turns out that, no... no they can't.. because Will Wright is a dream killer...
  • That the Wii version comes with an extra special DRM style handcuff nunchuk. Can't wait.
  • by JimboFBX ( 1097277 ) on Friday January 23, 2009 @04:46AM (#26571927)
    Go to Bob in less than 25 sectrons
    Bob has 3 different things he can say, you can pick 1 of 3 responses to correctly correspond to what he says like the game Simon
    Bob gives you item
    Take item to Sally
    Sally takes item, but only if you a dance combo consisting of 3 different possible dances. Also it must be what she asks for
    Sally gives you 5 yellow spice, use it to trade for some blue spice by taking the yellow spice to Amy
    You already have blue spice in your inventory. Sally gives you 100,000 spore bucks for it
    Finally you must kill some turrets from the pen15 civilization in 45 sectrons. Before you can react though, 7 of your planets are at war and 2 ecodisasters are starting!
  • by Uglypug ( 1309973 )
    Sounds like the very definition of "shovelware" to me.
  • I was pumped to buy the game and was completely disappointed like many I'm sure.

    Does anyone find this game to be fun? Will anyone buy this?

    I really don't think anyone cares.
    • It was fun up until the space stage which was completely disappointing.

      • by Dolohov ( 114209 )

        I'm under the impression that at least one of the expansions is intended specifically to make the space stage more fun.

    • by Nursie ( 632944 )

      Oh, it was fun alright. Fun in the way that four or five flash games put together is fun.

      Not worth the hype or the money or the DRM hassle, IMHO, and now releasing expansions to fix the depth of play problem when the original game ought to have had the features anyway?

      Cheap, lame, money-grubbing buggers.

  • Maybe it's finally the one with the game.

    Quite seriously, does anyone want an addon for this game? Basically it was 5 minigames, none of which I would consider "fun".

    Basically, what bugged me (besides the DRM) was that there was simply nothing really new or exciting. Everything this game did had been done before, and had been done better before. You have five tiny versions of five different games, none of which are too exciting.

    And now I should buy an addon? Maybe containing the content it originally should

  • All of the naysayers here seem to be missing the coolest part about Spore, which is how other people's content gets incorporated into your game. I agree that the gameplay needs work, but this is the first game I've ever played where every time I play, there are new creatures, new spaceships, new things to see. Is that completely worthless to everyone else?

  • Any idea when I can evolve my music-wielding three-armed googly-eyed overlords into the ultimate galaxy-conquering rock band of the ages?

  • I'm disgusted, but sadly not disappointed. I predicted there would be ton of expansions for this incomplete game. And the worst part of it, even when you get all expansions, the game will not be by any means be complete. Hell if I want infinity of minigames, I can go to and play for free.

  • In the game, you witness and take part in evolving your own musical instrument from the small stages of harmonicas all the way to pianos and beyond! During gameplay, you play notes as they come on the screen. Several different difficulty settings.

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