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Guitar Hero: Metallica Setlist Released 82

An anonymous reader writes "Metallica has announced the setlist for their upcoming Guitar Hero game. They have a wide variety of songs from their different albums. There are 28 Metallica songs and 21 from other artists. They have also confirmed the release date of March 29th. The list includes Enter Sandman, The Unforgiven, One, and For Whom the Bell Tolls. Fans who pre-order the game will have an opportunity to get an extra bass drum pedal to keep up with Lars Ulrich's beats."
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Guitar Hero: Metallica Setlist Released

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  • The drum pedal is nice, but does it also come with a ream of printouts?

  • Queen (Score:2, Insightful)

    by Anonymous Coward

    Why couldn't they make a guitar hero with a decent band, like Queen or The Who or The Rolling Stones?

    • Failing Stones Why not Dethklok?
      • by Khyber ( 864651 )

        The only Dethklok song worth playing on GH is Thunderhorse. Everything else is just WAY too simple for any sort of a challenge, even in a GH game. And Thunderhorse has already been done in a GH game, I think.

        *goes back to transcribing Murmaider*

    • GH Queen would be awesome. Having said that, GH Metallica has got to be a lot better than GH Aerosmith..... 'One' is about the only tune i can be bothered with on GH3.
    • While I happen to agree with your musical tastes (and GH Aerosmith isn't that bad) the real problem is that 90% of their pre-packaged content is going to be crap, but it's a _different_ 90% for each customer! It should be ALL downloaded content. Unfortunately, as a Wii owner, I'm stuck with paying $45 for a Guitar Hero or Rock Band disc with only 2 decent songs on it. I own both Guitar Hero and Rock Band for Wii, but if I had it to do over again, I would have bought an Xbox 360 just for these games so I wou
    • Re: (Score:3, Interesting)

      by Enderandrew ( 866215 )

      Rock Band is working on a Beatles game for Christmas, and rumors has it that part of Pearl Jam's huge marketing blitz launching in March will include the re-released Ten as a full album download for Rock Band.

      Personally, I would kill for a full Rock Band/Guitar Hero centered on grunge rock from the 90's with Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots, Temple of the Dog, Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, leading into more modern bands like Foo Fighters, Audioslave, etc.

    • by jonwil ( 467024 )

      Me, I want Guitar Hero AC/DC with all the good AC/DC songs.
      Only then they would need to release a Bagpipes instrument accessory for "Its a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll" :)

      That or a "Keyboard Hero" (with keyboard accessory)

    • Guitar Hero: Aerosmith do it for ya?
      There's an ACDC Rockband game IIRC and I think there was also talk of Guitar Hero: Slayer.

  • by SimonTheSoundMan ( 1012395 ) on Monday January 26, 2009 @04:56AM (#26605251) Homepage

    I'm curious if the sound is not compressed to absolute buggery on Guitar Hero.

    Metallica's last CD album "Death Magnetic" sounded absolutely crap.

    • by no reason to be here ( 218628 ) on Monday January 26, 2009 @05:43AM (#26605423) Homepage

      That was the fault of the engineer on the album. I don't know why Rubin keeps going to him, but he keeps compressing the shit out of everything when they mix the albums. The mastering engineer publicly called them out on it after the album had been released. Quote from wikipedia: " MusicRadar and Rolling Stone attribute a quote to the album's mastering engineer Ted Jensen in which he claims that "mixes were already brick-walled before they arrived" for mastering[70][71] and cite a petition from fans to remix or remaster the album." Oftentimes today "mastering" today is simply over-compressing the hell out of the mix, but apparently, that was done ahead of time on this one.

    • by Foo2rama ( 755806 ) on Monday January 26, 2009 @07:15AM (#26605765) Homepage Journal
      Ironically, the Death Magnetic song pack had higher quality sound then the CD, it was alot less compressed. It was posted on here a few months back.
      • On Rock Band I noticed that the tracks from ...And Justice for All had audible bass.
        • by jZnat ( 793348 ) *

          That seems like a hard feat since the bass part is virtually indistinguishable from the guitar part in most of the songs.

    • Yes, yes it did. You can however, find it avail online at the usual places, as a rip from a game that sounds a lot less crappy. Odd that the store bought version is the crappy one. I typically download all of my tunes and on occasion I grab something that is less than great. I then grab another copy from someone else. I was thinking everyone had a crap copy until I read the news that the actual master was shite. How can a band as large as Metallica make such an amateur mistake? If we want to crank things up
  • All up, there are a lot of tracks likely to be tonnes of fun to play for Metallica fans. Really looking forward to this. (Who do I have to bribe to get GH: Pantera, then FNM, etc!?)

    Here's what's missing from the key albums:

    Blackened ...And Justice For All (Shame. Already released on Rock Band, I think?)
    Eye of the Beholder
    Harvester of Sorrow
    Frayed Ends of Sanity
    To Live is to Die (wish this was in there instead of Dyers Eve)

    Holier Than Thou
    Don't Tread on Me
    Through the Never
    Of Wolf and Man
    The God

    • by KlomDark ( 6370 )

      No Jump in the Fire? WTF?

      • Yea no Jump in the Fire .. oh wait.. Ill just pick up my REAL guitar and play it. Metallica is my favorite band (since i was 6) and always will be .. but i dont play guiatr hero (cuz i can play guitar) so it doesnt bother me.. and although the the engineer might have messed up on the compression of DM ... I still thinkg it was a good ass album (better than load/ reload, st. anger, etc ...)
        • but i dont play guiatr hero (cuz i can play guitar)

          I play GH even though I also play guitar. It's a great game, you should give it a go when you find the time.

          Ever played Speedball even though you can don a 10-kg armor and throw a red hot iron ball around? Ever played Counterstrike even though you have a gun? Ever played Starcraft even though you own a bicyc... I mean Science Vessel?


          • I have played it, its fun, but i dont have time .. any time i do have, id rather play my really guitar, and actually get valuable experience out of it ... on the other hand, I need my attached physics lab to do anything useful ...
            I have heard that alot of guitarists have problems with playing GH ... its too simplified or something .. it is funt hough ,,, specially when you have a few drinks in you ;)
        • by antic ( 29198 )

          For future reference, the lyric is "dub", not "doubt".

          • For future reference, the lyric is "dub", not "doubt".

            Ok, i feel dumb for that one. I know its dub, i was typing to fast ...

        • by KlomDark ( 6370 )

          I play bass and I play GH. I find that while it's no good for training you how to use more than one "string" (They should put 4 to 6 strum switches on it to make it somewhat more realistic...) I have found that I've noticed my timing, finger strength, and left hand dexterity have improved greatly.

          Most guitarists that dislike GH simply haven't put some time in. GH take practice too. If the non-guitar playing dork across the room just kicked your ass in Smoke on the Water, then you need to do more practicing

  • by elrous0 ( 869638 ) * on Monday January 26, 2009 @10:05AM (#26606719)
    Will there be an option to turn off the pussy-era songs?
    • by Tenek ( 738297 )
      Yes, it's called don't play them. Instead, go yell at kids to get off your lawn.
    • Re: (Score:1, Funny)

      by Anonymous Coward

      Does it matter. If you are playing Guitar Hero you might as well admit you're a pussy.

  • What I hope is that they make some of the single songs available for download through the wii shop. I don't want the entire game, but it would be nice to have a couple metallica songs on the set list while playing world tour.
  • If you downloaded the "Death Magnetic" album for Xbox and PS3, those ten songs will play in their entirety in the full game mode. PS2 and Wii versions (coming in the Spring, most likely in early May) will include "Broken Beat & Scarred," "Cyanide" and "My Apocalypse" since they are not compatible with the Death Magnetic downloadable content.

    About fucking time I get to do something else with guitar Hero on the Wii besides frustratingly pull my hair out on One.

  • I didn't expect to see so much hate for Metallica. Yes, the black album was marginal and everything after that pretty lame except for Death Magnetic if you can get past the compression issue. Death Magnetic is fucking awesome and the drum work is simply amazing. I used to know how to play every song on every album through the black album on guitar, so I obviously love Metallica and was pretty disappointed with the last few, but to say that Death Magnetic sucks means you either haven't really listened to

  • Didn't GH3 boast 80 songs? And it got free DLC as well. I don't believe GH:Aerosmith got free DLC, so I don't expect Metallica will either.

    GH:WT also has tons and tons of songs.

    I expect they'll still charge $60 for the game.

  • Isn't this the one where Microsoft's revolutionary Songsmith technology was used for the backing tracks?

    Here's a sample: enjoy! []

  • Metallica is one of the few bands worthy of a solo title, says Luke Plunkett of game news site, "because they're one of the few popular enough â" and with a large enough back catalog â" to make it a worthwhile endeavor. A lot of their biggest songs are built on fast drums, fast guitars and epic solos, which should make them more enjoyable to play."

    Sounds like Rise Against would be better. Pick up The Sufferer and the Witness; and for a little lighter work, Appeal to Reason (Entertainment and The Dirt Whispered are both easier than Injection and Survive!). Bet we don't see it!

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